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Psalms 78

An exhortation both to learn and to preach the Law of God.

Psalms 78:1 {The title of the seuene and seuentithe salm. The lernyng of Asaph.} Mi puple, perseyue ye my lawe; bowe youre eere in to the wordis of my mouth. Psalms 78:2 I schal opene my mouth in parablis; Y schal speke perfite resouns fro the bigynnyng. Psalms 78:3 Hou grete thingis han we herd, aud we han knowe tho; and oure fadris. telden to vs. Psalms 78:4 Tho ben not hid fro the sones of hem; in anothir generacioun. And thei telden the heriyngis of the Lord, and the vertues of hym; and hise merueilis, whyche he dide. Psalms 78:5 And he reiside witnessyng in Jacob; and he settide lawe in Israel. Hou grete thingis comaundide he to oure fadris, to make tho knowun to her sones; Psalms 78:6 that another generacioun knowe. Sones, that schulen be born, and schulen rise vp; schulen telle out to her sones. Psalms 78:7 That thei sette her hope in God, and foryete not the werkis of God; and that thei seke hise comaundementis. Psalms 78:8 Lest thei be maad a schrewid generacioun; and terrynge to wraththe, as the fadris of hem. A generacioun that dresside not his herte; and his spirit was not bileued with God.

The story of God's wrath against the incredulous and disobedient.

Psalms 78:9 The sones of Effraym, bendinge a bouwe and sendynge arowis; weren turned in the dai of batel. Psalms 78:10 Thei kepten not the testament of God; and thei nolden go in his lawe. Psalms 78:11 And thei foryaten hise benefices; and hise merueils, whiche he schewide to hem. Psalms 78:12 He dide merueils bifore the fadris of hem in the loond of Egipt; in the feeld of Taphneos. Psalms 78:13 He brak the see, and ledde hem thorou; and he ordeynede the watris as in a bouge. Psalms 78:14 And he ledde hem forth in a cloude of the dai; and al niyt in the liytnyng of fier. Psalms 78:15 He brak a stoon in deseert; and he yaf watir to hem as in a myche depthe. Psalms 78:16 And he ledde watir out of the stoon; and he ledde forth watris as floodis. Psalms 78:17 And thei leiden to yit to do synne ayens hym; thei excitiden hiye God in to ire, in a place with out water. Psalms 78:18 And thei temptiden God in her hertis; that thei axiden meetis to her lyues. Psalms 78:19 And thei spaken yuel of God; thei seiden, Whether God may make redi a bord in desert? Psalms 78:20 For he smoot a stoon, and watris flowiden; and streemys yeden out in aboundaunce. Whether also he may yyue breed; ether make redi a bord to his puple? Psalms 78:21 Therfor the Lord herde, and delaiede; and fier was kindelid in Jacob, and the ire of God stiede on Israel. Psalms 78:22 For thei bileueden not in God; nether hopiden in his heelthe. Psalms 78:23 And he comaundide to the cloudis aboue; and he openyde the yatis of heuene. Psalms 78:24 And he reynede to hem manna for to eete; and he yaf to hem breed of heuene. Psalms 78:25 Man eet the breed of aungels; he sent to hem meetis in aboundance. Psalms 78:26 He turnede ouere the south wynde fro heuene; and he brouyte in bi his vertu the weste wynde. Psalms 78:27 And he reynede fleischis as dust on hem; and he reinede volatils fethered, as the grauel of the see. Psalms 78:28 And tho felden doun in the myddis of her castels; aboute the tabernaclis of hem. Psalms 78:29 And thei eeten, and weren fillid greetli, and he brouyte her desire to hem; Psalms 78:30 thei weren not defraudid of her desier. Yit her metis weren in her mouth; Psalms 78:31 and the ire of God stiede on hem. And he killide the fatte men of hem; and he lettide the chosene men of Israel. Psalms 78:32 In alle these thingis thei synneden yit; and bileuede not in the merueils of God. Psalms 78:33 And the daies of hem failiden in vanytee; and the yeeris of hem faileden with haste. Psalms 78:34 Whanne he killide hem, thei souyten hym; and turneden ayen, and eerli thei camen to hym. Psalms 78:35 And thei bithouyten, that God is the helper of hem; and the hiy God is the ayenbier of hem. Psalms 78:36 And thei loueden hym in her mouth; and with her tunge thei lieden to hym. Psalms 78:37 Forsothe the herte of hem was not riytful with hym; nethir thei weren had feithful in his testament. Psalms 78:38 But he is merciful, and he schal be maad merciful to the synnes of hem; and he schal not destrie hem. And he dide greetli, to turne awei his yre; and he kyndelide not al his ire. Psalms 78:39 And he bithouyte, that thei ben fleische; a spirit goynge, and not turnynge ayen. Psalms 78:40 Hou oft maden thei hym wrooth in desert; thei stireden hym in to ire in a place with out watir. Psalms 78:41 And thei weren turned, and temptiden God; and thei wraththiden the hooli of Israel. Psalms 78:42 Thei bithouyten not on his hond; in the dai in the which he ayen bouyte hem fro the hond of the trobler. Psalms 78:43 As he settide hise signes in Egipt; and hise grete wondris in the feeld of Taphneos. Psalms 78:44 And he turnede the flodis of hem and the reynes of hem in to blood; that thei schulden not drynke. Psalms 78:45 He sente a fleisch flie in to hem, and it eet hem; and he sente a paddok, and it loste hem. Psalms 78:46 And he yaf the fruytis of hem to rust; and he yaf the trauels of hem to locustis. Psalms 78:47 And he killide the vynes of hem bi hail; and the moore trees of hem bi a frost. Psalms 78:48 And he bitook the beestis of hem to hail; and the possessioun of hem to fier. Psalms 78:49 He sente in to hem the ire of his indignacioun; indignacioun, and ire, and tribulacioun, sendingis in bi iuel aungels. Psalms 78:50 He made weie to the path of his ire, and he sparide not fro the deth of her lyues; and he closide togidere in deth the beestis of hem. Psalms 78:51 And he smoot al the first gendrid thing in the lond of Egipt; the first fruytis of alle the trauel of hem in the tabernaclis of Cham. Psalms 78:52 And he took awei his puple as scheep; and he ledde hem forth as a flok in desert. Psalms 78:53 And he ledde hem forth in hope, and thei dredden not; and the see hilide the enemyes of hem. Psalms 78:54 And he brouyte hem in to the hil of his halewyng; in to the hil which his riythond gat. And he castide out hethene men fro the face of hem; and bi lot he departide to hem the lond in a cord of delyng. Psalms 78:55 And he made the lynagis of Israel to dwelle in the tabernaclis of hem. Psalms 78:56 And thei temptiden, and wraththiden heiy God; and thei kepten not hise witnessyngis. Psalms 78:57 And thei turneden awei hem silf, and thei kepten not couenaunt; as her fadris weren turned in to a schrewid bouwe. Psalms 78:58 Thei stiriden him in to ire in her litle hillis; and thei terriden hym to indignacioun of her grauen ymagis. Psalms 78:59 God herde, and forsook; and brouyte to nouyt Israel greetli. Psalms 78:60 And he puttide awei the tabernacle of Sylo; his tabernacle where he dwellide among men. Psalms 78:61 And he bitook the vertu of hem in to caitiftee; and the fairnesse of hem in to the hondis of the enemye. Psalms 78:62 And he closide togidere his puple in swerd; and he dispiside his erytage. Psalms 78:63 Fier eet the yonge men of hem; and the virgyns of hem weren not biweilid. Psalms 78:64 The prestis of hem fellen doun bi swerd; and the widewis of hem weren not biwept. Psalms 78:65 And the Lord was reisid, as slepynge; as miyti greetli fillid of wiyn. Psalms 78:66 And he smoot hise enemyes on the hynderere partis; he yaf to hem euerlastyng schenschipe.

The Israelites being rejected, God chose Judah, Zion, and David.

Psalms 78:67 And he puttide awei the tabernacle of Joseph; and he chees not the lynage of Effraym. Psalms 78:68 But he chees the lynage of Juda; he chees the hil of Syon, which he louede. Psalms 78:69 And he as an vnicorn bildide his hooli place; in the lond, which he foundide in to worldis. Psalms 78:70 And he chees Dauid his seruaunt, and took hym vp fro the flockis of scheep; he took hym fro bihynde scheep with lambren. Psalms 78:71 To feed Jacob his seruaunt; and Israel his eritage. Psalms 78:72 And he fedde hem in the innocens of his herte; and he ledde hem forth in the vndurstondyngis of his hondis.

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