Wycliffe Bible

Psalms 119

Sundry prayers, praises, and professions of obedience.

Psalms 119:1 {The titil of the hundrid and eiytenthe salm. Alleluia.} Blessid ben men with out wem in the weie; that gon in the lawe of the Lord. Psalms 119:2 Blessid ben thei, that seken hise witnessingis; seken him in al the herte. Psalms 119:3 For thei that worchen wickidnesse; yeden not in hise weies. Psalms 119:4 Thou hast comaundid; that thin heestis be kept greetly. Psalms 119:5 I wolde that my weies be dressid; to kepe thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:6 Thanne Y schal not be schent; whanne Y schal biholde perfitli in alle thin heestis. Psalms 119:7 I schal knouleche to thee in the dressing of herte; in that that Y lernyde the domes of thi riytfulnesse. Psalms 119:8 I schal kepe thi iustifiyngis; forsake thou not me on ech side. Psalms 119:9 In what thing amendith a yong waxinge man his weie? in keping thi wordis. Psalms 119:10 In al myn herte Y souyte thee; putte thou me not awei fro thin heestis. Psalms 119:11 In myn herte Y hidde thi spechis; that Y do not synne ayens thee. Psalms 119:12 Lord, thou art blessid; teche thou me thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:13 In my lippis Y haue pronounsid; alle the domes of thi mouth. Psalms 119:14 I delitide in the weie of thi witnessingis; as in alle richessis. Psalms 119:15 I schal be ocupied in thin heestis; and Y schal biholde thi weies. Psalms 119:16 I schal bithenke in thi iustifiyngis; Y schal not foryete thi wordis. Psalms 119:17 Yelde to thi seruaunt; quiken thou me, and Y schal kepe thi wordis. Psalms 119:18 Liytne thou myn iyen; and Y schal biholde the merueils of thi lawe. Psalms 119:19 I am a comeling in erthe; hide thou not thin heestis fro me. Psalms 119:20 Mi soule coueitide to desire thi iustifiyngis; in al tyme. Psalms 119:21 Thou blamedist the proude; thei ben cursid, that bowen awei fro thin heestis. Psalms 119:22 Do thou awei fro me schenschipe and dispising; for Y souyte thi witnessingis. Psalms 119:23 For whi princis saten, and spaken ayens me; but thi seruaunt was exercisid in thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:24 For whi and thi witnessyngis is my thenkyng; and my counsel is thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:25 Mi soule cleuede to the pawment; quykine thou me bi thi word. Psalms 119:26 I telde out my weies, and thou herdist me; teche thou me thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:27 Lerne thou me the weie of thi iustifiyngis; and Y schal be exercisid in thi merueils. Psalms 119:28 Mi soule nappide for anoye; conferme thou me in thi wordis. Psalms 119:29 Remoue thou fro me the weie of wickidnesse; and in thi lawe haue thou merci on me. Psalms 119:30 I chees the weie of treuthe; Y foryat not thi domes. Psalms 119:31 Lord, Y cleuede to thi witnessyngis; nyle thou schende me. Psalms 119:32 I ran the weie of thi comaundementis; whanne thou alargidist myn herte. Psalms 119:33 Lord, sette thou to me a lawe, the weie of thi iustifiyngis; and Y schal seke it euere. Psalms 119:34 Yyue thou vndurstonding to me, and Y schal seke thi lawe; and Y schal kepe it in al myn herte. Psalms 119:35 Lede me forth in the path of thin heestis; for Y wolde it. Psalms 119:36 Bowe thou myn herte in to thi witnessingus; and not in to aueryce. Psalms 119:37 Turne thou awei myn iyen, that tho seen not vanyte; quykene thou me in thi weie. Psalms 119:38 Ordeyne thi speche to thi seruaunt; in thi drede. Psalms 119:39 Kitte awey my schenschip, which Y supposide; for thi domes ben myrie. Psalms 119:40 Lo! Y coueitide thi comaundementis; quikene thou me in thin equite. Psalms 119:41 And, Lord, thi merci come on me; thin heelthe come bi thi speche. Psalms 119:42 And Y schal answere a word to men seiynge schenschipe to me; for Y hopide in thi wordis. Psalms 119:43 And take thou not awei fro my mouth the word of treuthe outerli; for Y hopide aboue in thi domes. Psalms 119:44 And Y schal kepe thi lawe euere; in to the world, and in to the world of world. Psalms 119:45 And Y yede in largenesse; for Y souyte thi comaundementis. Psalms 119:46 And Y spak of thi witnessyngis in the siyt of kingis; and Y was not schent. Psalms 119:47 And Y bithouyte in thin heestis; whiche Y louede. Psalms 119:48 And Y reiside myn hondis to thi comaundementis, whiche Y louede; and Y schal be excercisid in thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:49 Lord, haue thou mynde on thi word to thi seruaunt; in which word thou hast youe hope to me. Psalms 119:50 This coumfortide me in my lownesse; for thi word quikenede me. Psalms 119:51 Proude men diden wickidli bi alle thingis; but Y bowide not awei fro thi lawe. Psalms 119:52 Lord, Y was myndeful on thi domes fro the world; and Y was coumfortid. Psalms 119:53 Failing helde me; for synneris forsakinge thi lawe. Psalms 119:54 Thi iustifiyngis weren delitable to me to be sungun; in the place of my pilgrimage. Psalms 119:55 Lord, Y hadde mynde of thi name bi niyt; and Y kepte thi lawe. Psalms 119:56 This thing was maad to me; for Y souyte thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:57 Lord, my part; Y seide to kepe thi lawe. Psalms 119:58 I bisouyte thi face in al myn herte; haue thou merci on me bi thi speche. Psalms 119:59 I bithouyte my weies; and Y turnede my feet in to thi witnessyngis. Psalms 119:60 I am redi, and Y am not disturblid; to kepe thi comaundementis. Psalms 119:61 The coordis of synneris han biclippid me; and Y haue not foryete thi lawe. Psalms 119:62 At mydnyyt Y roos to knouleche to thee; on the domes of thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:63 I am parcener of alle that dreden thee; and kepen thin heestis. Psalms 119:64 Lord, the erthe is ful of thi merci; teche thou me thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:65 Lord, thou hast do goodnesse with thi seruaunt; bi thi word. Psalms 119:66 Teche thou me goodnesse, and loore, and kunnyng; for Y bileuede to thin heestis. Psalms 119:67 Bifor that Y was maad meke, Y trespasside; therfor Y kepte thi speche. Psalms 119:68 Thou art good; and in thi goodnesse teche thou me thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:69 The wickidnesse of hem that ben proude, is multiplied on me; but in al myn herte Y schal seke thin heestis. Psalms 119:70 The herte of hem is cruddid as mylk; but Y bithouyte thi lawe. Psalms 119:71 It is good to me, that thou hast maad me meke; that Y lerne thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:72 The lawe of thi mouth is betere to me; than thousyndis of gold and of siluer. Psalms 119:73 Thin hondis maden me, and fourmeden me; yyue thou vndurstondyng to me, that Y lerne thin heestis. Psalms 119:74 Thei that dreden thee schulen se me, and schulen be glad; for Y hopide more on thi wordis. Psalms 119:75 Lord, Y knewe, that thi domes ben equite; and in thi treuth thou hast maad me meke. Psalms 119:76 Thi merci be maad, that it coumforte me; bi thi speche to thi seruaunt. Psalms 119:77 Thi merciful doyngis come to me, and Y schal lyue; for thi lawe is my thenkyng. Psalms 119:78 Thei that ben proude be schent, for vniustli thei diden wickidnesse ayens me; but Y schal be exercisid in thin heestis. Psalms 119:79 Thei that dreden thee be turned to me; and thei that knowen thi witnessyngis. Psalms 119:80 Myn herte be maad vnwemmed in thi iustifiyngis; that Y be not schent. Psalms 119:81 Mi soule failide in to thin helthe; and Y hopide more on thi word. Psalms 119:82 Myn iyen failiden in to thi speche; seiynge, Whanne schalt thou coumforte me? Psalms 119:83 For Y am maad as a bowge in frost; Y haue not foryete thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:84 Hou many ben the daies of thi seruaunt; whanne thou schalt make doom of hem that pursuen me? Psalms 119:85 Wickid men telden to me ianglyngis; but not as thi lawe. Psalms 119:86 Alle thi comaundementis ben treuthe; wickid men han pursued me, helpe thou me. Psalms 119:87 Almeest thei endiden me in erthe; but I forsook not thi comaundementis. Psalms 119:88 Bi thi mersi quikene thou me; and Y schal kepe the witnessingis of thi mouth. Psalms 119:89 Lord, thi word dwellith in heuene; with outen ende. Psalms 119:90 Thi treuthe dwellith in generacioun, and in to generacioun; thou hast foundid the erthe, and it dwellith. Psalms 119:91 The dai lastith contynueli bi thi ordynaunce; for alle thingis seruen to thee. Psalms 119:92 No but that thi lawe was my thenking; thanne perauenture Y hadde perischid in my lownesse. Psalms 119:93 With outen ende Y schal not foryete thi iustifiyngis; for in tho thou hast quikened me. Psalms 119:94 I am thin, make thou me saaf; for Y haue souyt thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:95 Synneris aboden me, for to leese me; Y vndurstood thi witnessingis. Psalms 119:96 I siy the ende of al ende; thi comaundement is ful large. Psalms 119:97 Lord, hou louede Y thi lawe; al dai it is my thenking. Psalms 119:98 Aboue myn enemyes thou madist me prudent bi thi comaundement; for it is to me with outen ende. Psalms 119:99 I vndurstood aboue alle men techinge me; for thi witnessingis is my thenking. Psalms 119:100 I vndirstood aboue eelde men; for Y souyte thi comaundementis. Psalms 119:101 I forbeed my feet fro al euel weie; that Y kepe thi wordis. Psalms 119:102 I bowide not fro thi domes; for thou hast set lawe to me. Psalms 119:103 Thi spechis ben ful swete to my cheekis; aboue hony to my mouth. Psalms 119:104 I vnderstood of thin heestis; therfor Y hatide al the weie of wickidnesse. Psalms 119:105 Thi word is a lanterne to my feet; and liyt to my pathis. Psalms 119:106 I swoor, and purposide stidefastli; to kepe the domes of thi riytfulnesse. Psalms 119:107 I am maad low bi alle thingis; Lord, quykene thou me bi thi word. Psalms 119:108 Lord, make thou wel plesinge the wilful thingis of my mouth; and teche thou me thi domes. Psalms 119:109 Mi soule is euere in myn hondis; and Y foryat not thi lawe. Psalms 119:110 Synneris settiden a snare to me; and Y erride not fro thi comaundementis. Psalms 119:111 I purchasside thi witnessyngis bi eritage with outen ende; for tho ben the ful ioiyng of myn herte. Psalms 119:112 I bowide myn herte to do thi iustifiyngis with outen ende; for reward. Psalms 119:113 I hatide wickid men; and Y louede thi lawe. Psalms 119:114 Thou art myn helpere, and my taker vp; and Y hopide more on thi word. Psalms 119:115 Ye wickide men, bowe awei fro me; and Y schal seke the comaundementis of my God. Psalms 119:116 Vp take thou me bi thi word, and Y schal lyue; and schende thou not me fro myn abydyng. Psalms 119:117 Helpe thou me, and Y schal be saaf; and Y schal bithenke euere in thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:118 Thou hast forsake alle men goynge awey fro thi domes; for the thouyt of hem is vniust. Psalms 119:119 I arettide alle the synneris of erthe brekeris of the lawe; therfor Y louede thi witnessyngis. Psalms 119:120 Naile thou my fleischis with thi drede; for Y dredde of thi domes. Psalms 119:121 I dide doom and riytwisnesse; bitake thou not me to hem that falsli chalengen me. Psalms 119:122 Take vp thi seruaunt in to goodnesse; thei that ben proude chalenge not me. Psalms 119:123 Myn iyen failiden in to thin helthe; and in to the speche of thi riytfulnesse. Psalms 119:124 Do thou with thi seruaunt bi thi merci; and teche thou me thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:125 I am thi seruaunt, yyue thou vndurstondyng to me; that Y kunne thi witnessingis. Psalms 119:126 Lord, it is tyme to do; thei han distried thi lawe. Psalms 119:127 Therfor Y louede thi comaundementis; more than gold and topazion. Psalms 119:128 Therfor Y was dressid to alle thin heestis; Y hatide al wickid weie. Psalms 119:129 Lord, thi witnessingis ben wondirful; therfor my soule souyte tho. Psalms 119:130 Declaring of thi wordis liytneth; and yyueth vnderstonding to meke men. Psalms 119:131 I openede my mouth, and drouy the spirit; for Y desiride thi comaundementis. Psalms 119:132 Biholde thou on me, and haue merci on me; bi the dom of hem that louen thi name. Psalms 119:133 Dresse thou my goyingis bi thi speche; that al vnriytfulnesse haue not lordschip on me. Psalms 119:134 Ayeyn bie thou me fro the false chalengis of men; that Y kepe thin heestis. Psalms 119:135 Liytne thi face on thi seruaunt; and teche thou me thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:136 Myn iyen ledden forth the outgoynges of watris; for thei kepten not thi lawe. Psalms 119:137 Lord, thou art iust; and thi dom is riytful. Psalms 119:138 Thou hast comaundid riytfulnesse, thi witnessingis; and thi treuthe greetli to be kept. Psalms 119:139 Mi feruent loue made me to be meltid; for myn enemys foryaten thi wordis. Psalms 119:140 Thi speche is greetli enflawmed; and thi seruaunt louede it. Psalms 119:141 I am yong, and dispisid; Y foryat not thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:142 Lord, thi riytfulnesse is riytfulnesse with outen ende; and thi lawe is treuthe. Psalms 119:143 Tribulacioun and angwische founden me; thin heestis is my thenking. Psalms 119:144 Thi witnessyngis is equite with outen ende; yyue thou vndirstondyng to me, and Y schal lyue. Psalms 119:145 I criede in al myn herte, Lord, here thou me; and Y schal seke thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:146 I criede to thee, make thou me saaf; that Y kepe thi comaundementis. Psalms 119:147 I bifor cam in ripenesse, and Y criede; Y hopide aboue on thi wordis. Psalms 119:148 Myn iyen bifor camen to thee ful eerli; that Y schulde bithenke thi speches. Psalms 119:149 Lord, here thou my vois bi thi merci; and quykene thou me bi thi doom. Psalms 119:150 Thei that pursuen me neiyden to wickidnesse; forsothe thei ben maad fer fro thi lawe. Psalms 119:151 Lord, thou art nyy; and alle thi weies ben treuthe. Psalms 119:152 In the bigynnyng Y knewe of thi witnessingis; for thou hast foundid tho with outen ende. Psalms 119:153 Se thou my mekenesse, and delyuere thou me; for Y foryat not thi lawe. Psalms 119:154 Deme thou my dom, and ayenbie thou me; quikene thou me for thi speche. Psalms 119:155 Heelthe is fer fro synners; for thei souyten not thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:156 Lord, thi mercies ben manye; quykene thou me bi thi dom. Psalms 119:157 Thei ben manye that pursuen me, and doen tribulacioun to me; Y bowide not awei fro thi witnessingis. Psalms 119:158 I siy brekers of the lawe, and Y was meltid; for thei kepten not thi spechis. Psalms 119:159 Lord, se thou, for Y louede thi comaundementis; quikene thou me in thi merci. Psalms 119:160 The bigynnyng of thi wordis is treuthe; alle the domes of thi riytwisnesse ben withouten ende. Psalms 119:161 Princes pursueden me with outen cause; and my herte dredde of thi wordis. Psalms 119:162 I schal be glad on thi spechis; as he that fyndith many spuylis. Psalms 119:163 I hatide and wlatide wickidnesse; forsothe Y louede thi lawe. Psalms 119:164 I seide heriyngis to thee seuene sithis in the dai; on the domes of thi riytfulnesse. Psalms 119:165 Miche pees is to hem that louen thi lawe; and no sclaundir is to hem. Psalms 119:166 Lord, Y abood thin heelthe; and Y louede thin heestis. Psalms 119:167 Mi soule kepte thi witnessyngis; and louede tho greetli. Psalms 119:168 I kepte thi comaundementis, and thi witnessingis; for alle my weies ben in thi siyt. Psalms 119:169 Lord, my biseching come niy in thi siyt; bi thi speche yyue thou vndurstonding to me. Psalms 119:170 Myn axing entre in thi siyt; bi thi speche delyuere thou me. Psalms 119:171 Mi lippis schulen telle out an ympne; whanne thou hast tauyte me thi iustifiyngis. Psalms 119:172 Mi tunge schal pronounce thi speche; for whi alle thi comaundementis ben equite. Psalms 119:173 Thin hond be maad, that it saue me; for Y haue chose thin heestis. Psalms 119:174 Lord, Y coueitide thin heelthe; and thi lawe is my thenking. Psalms 119:175 Mi soule schal lyue, and schal herie thee; and thi domes schulen helpe me. Psalms 119:176 I erride as a scheep that perischide; Lord, seke thi seruaunt, for Y foryat not thi comaundementis.

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