Wycliffe Bible

Numbers 9

The Passover is commanded again.

Numbers 9:1 And the Lord spak to Moises, in the deseert of Synay, in the secounde yeer aftir that thei yeden out of the lond of Egipt, in the firste moneth, and seide, Numbers 9:2 The sones of Israel make pask in his tyme, Numbers 9:3 in the fourtenthe day of this monethe, at the euentid, bi alle the cerymonyes and iustifiyngis therof. Numbers 9:4 And Moises comaundide to the sones of Israel, that thei schulden make pask; Numbers 9:5 whiche maden in his tyme, in the fourtenthe dai of the monethe, at euentid, in the hil of Synai; bi alle thingis whiche the Lord comaundide to Moises, the sones of Israel diden.

A second Passover allowed for them that were unclean or absent.

Numbers 9:6 Lo! forsothe summen vncleene on the soule of man, that myyten not make pask in that dai, neiyiden to Moises and Aaron, Numbers 9:7 and seiden to hem, We ben vncleene on the soule of man; whi ben we defraudid, that we moun not offre an offryng to the Lord in his tyme, among the sones of Israel? Numbers 9:8 To whiche Moises answeride, Stonde ye, that Y take counseil, what the Lord comaundith of you.

Numbers 9:9 And the Lord spak to Moises, and seide, Numbers 9:10 Speke thou to the sones of Israel, A man of youre folk which is vncleene on the soule, ether in the weie fer, make he pask to the Lord in the secounde monethe, Numbers 9:11 in the fourtenthe dai of the monethe, at euentid; with therf looues and letusis of the feeld he schal ete it. Numbers 9:12 Thei schulen not leeue ony thing therof til the morewtid, and thei schulen not breke a boon therof; thei schulen kepe al the custom of pask. Numbers 9:13 Forsothe if ony man is bothe cleene, and is not in the weie, and netheles made not pask, thilke man schal be distried fro hise puplis, for he offeride not sacrifice to the Lord in his tyme; he schal bere his synne. Numbers 9:14 Also if a pilgrym and comelyng is anentis you, make he pask to the Lord, bi the cerymonyes and iustifiyngis therof; the same comaundement schal be anentis you, as wel to a comelyng as to a man borun in the loond.

The cloud guideth the removings and encampings of the Israelites.

Numbers 9:15 Therfore in the dai in which the tabernacle was reisid, a cloude hilide it; sotheli as the licnesse of fier was on the tente fro euentid til the morewtid. Numbers 9:16 Thus it was don continueli, a cloude hilide it bi dai, and as the licnesse of fier bi nyyt. Numbers 9:17 And whanne the cloude that hilide the tabernacle was takun awei, thanne the sones of Israel yeden forth, and in the place where the cloude stood, there thei settiden tentis. Numbers 9:18 At the comaundement of the Lord thei yeden forth, and at his comaundement thei settiden the tabernacle. In alle daies in whiche the cloude stood on the tabernacle, thei dwelliden in the same place. Numbers 9:19 And if it bifelde that it dwellide in myche tyme on the tabernacle, the sones of Israel weren in the watchis of the Lord, and thei yeden not forth, Numbers 9:20 in hou many euer daies the cloude was on the tabernacle. At the comaundement of the Lord thei reisiden tentis, and at his comaundement thei diden doun. Numbers 9:21 If the cloude was fro euentid til to the morewtid, and anoon in the morewtid hadde left, thei yeden forth; and if aftir a dai and nyyt it hadde go awei, thei scateriden, ether diden doun, tentis. Numbers 9:22 Whether in two monethis, ether in o monethe, ether in lengere tyme, the cloude hadde be on the tabernacle, the sones of Israel dwelliden in the same place, and yeden not forth; but anoon as it hadde go awey, thei moueden tentis. Numbers 9:23 Bi the word of the Lord thei settiden tentis, and bi his word thei wenten forth; and thei weren in the watchis of the Lord, bi his comaundement, bi the hond of Moyses.

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