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Numbers 19

The water of separation made of ashes of a red heifer.

Numbers 19:1 And the Lord spak to Moises and to Aaron, and seide, Numbers 19:2 This is the religioun of sacrifice, which the Lord ordeynede. Comaunde thou to the sones of Israel, that thei brynge to thee a reed cow of hool age, in which is no wem, nether sche hath bore yok. Numbers 19:3 And ye schulen bitake hir to Eleazar, preest, which schal offre the cow, led out of the tentis, in the siyt of alle men. Numbers 19:4 And he schal dippe his fyngur in the blood therof, and schal sprynge seuene sithis ayens the yatis of the tabernacle. Numbers 19:5 And he schal brenne that cow, while alle men sien; and he schal yyue as wel the skyn and fleischis therof as the blood and dung to flawme. Numbers 19:6 Also the preest schal sende a tre of cedre, and ysope, and reed threed died twies, into the flawme that deuourith the cow. Numbers 19:7 And thanne at the laste, whanne hise clothis and bodi ben waischun, he schal entre in to the tentis, and he schal be defoulid til to euentid. Numbers 19:8 But also he that brente the cow, schal waische hise clothis, and bodi, and he schal be vncleene til to euentid. Numbers 19:9 Forsothe a cleene man schal gadere the aischis of the cow, and schal schede out tho with out the tentis, in a place moost cleene, that tho be to the multitude of the sones of Israel in to keping, and in to watir of spryngyng; for the cow is brent for synne. Numbers 19:10 And whanne he that bar the aischis of the cow, hath waische hise clothis, he schal be vncleene til to euentid. And the sones of Israel, and comelyngis that dwellen among hem, schulen haue this hooli bi euerlastynge lawe.

The law for the use of it in purification of the unclean.

Numbers 19:11 He that touchith a deed bodi of man, and is vncleene for this bi seuene daies, Numbers 19:12 schal be spreynt of this watir in the thridde, and in the seuenthe dai; and so he schal be clensid. If he is not spreynt in the thridde dai, he schal not mow be clensid in the seuenthe dai. Numbers 19:13 Ech that touchith the deed bodi bi it silf of mannus soule, and is not spreynt with this medlyng, defoulith the tabernacle of the Lord, and he schal perische fro Israel; for he is not spreynt with the wateris of clensyng, he schal be vncleene, and his filthe schal dwelle on hym. Numbers 19:14 This is the lawe of a man that dieth in the tabernacle; alle that entren in to his tente, and alle vessels that ben there, schulen be defoulid bi seuene daies. Numbers 19:15 A vessel that hath not an hilyng, nethir a byndyng aboue, schal be vncleene. Numbers 19:16 If ony man touchith the deed bodi of man slayn in the feeld, ether deed bi hym silf, ether a boon, ether the sepulcre of hym, he schal be vncleene bi seuene daies. Numbers 19:17 And thei schulen take of the aischis of the brennyng, and of the synne, and thei schulen sende quyk watris in to a vessel on tho aischis; Numbers 19:18 in whiche whanne a cleene man hath dippid ysope, he schal spreynge therof the tente, and al the purtenaunce of howshold, and men defoulid bi sich defoulyng. Numbers 19:19 And in this maner a cleene man schal clense an vncleene, in the thridde and in the seuenthe dai; and he schal be clensid in the seuenthe dai. And he schal waische hym silf, and hise clothis, and he schal be vncleene til to euentid. Numbers 19:20 If ony man is not clensid bi this custom, the soule of hym schal perische fro the myddis of the chirche; for he defoulith the seyntuarie of the Lord, and is not spreynt with the watir of clensyng. Numbers 19:21 This comaundement schal be a lawful thing euerlastynge. Also he that schal sprenge the watris schal waische his clothis; ech man that touchith the watris of clensyng, schal be vncleene til to euentid. Numbers 19:22 What euer thing an vncleene man touchith, he schal make it vncleene; and a soule that touchith ony of these thingis defoulid so, schal be vncleene til to euentid.

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