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Nehemiah 7

Nehemiah committeth the charge of Jerusalem to Hanani and Hananiah.

Nehemiah 7:1 Forsothe aftir that the wal of Jerusalem was bildid, and Y hadde set yatis, and Y hadde noumbrid porters, and syngeris, Nehemiah 7:2 and dekenys, Y comaundide to Aneny, my brother, and to Ananye, the prince of the hows of Jerusalem; for he semyde a sothefast man, and dredynge God more than othere men diden; Nehemiah 7:3 and Y seide to hem, The yatis of Jerusalem ben not openyd til to the heete of the sunne; and, whanne Y was yit present, the yatis weren closid, and lockid. And Y settide keperis of the dwelleris of Jerusalem, alle men bi her whilis, and ech man ayens his hows. Nehemiah 7:4 Sotheli the citee was ful brood and greet, and litil puple was in myddis therof, and housis weren not bildid.

A register of the genealogy of them which came at the first out of Babylon,

Nehemiah 7:5 Forsothe God yaf in myn herte, and Y gaderide togidere the principal men, and magistratis, and the comyn puple, for to noumbre hem; and Y foond the book of the noumbre of hem, that hadden stied first. And it was foundun writun ther ynne, Nehemiah 7:6 These ben the sones of the prouynce, that stieden fro the caitifte of men passynge ouer, whiche Nabugodonosor, the kyng of Babiloyne, hadde translatid, ether led ouer; Nehemiah 7:7 and thei that weren comun with Zorobabel turneden ayen in to Jerusalem and in to Judee, ech man in to his citee; Josue, Neemye, Azarie, Raanye, Naanum, Mardochee, Bethsar, Mespharath, Beggaay, Naum, Baana. The noumbre of men of the puple of Israel;

of the people,

Nehemiah 7:8 the sones of Pharos, two thousynde an hundrid and two and seuenti; Nehemiah 7:9 the sones of Saphaie, thre hundrid and two and seuenti; Nehemiah 7:10 the sones of Area, sixe hundrid and two and fifti; Nehemiah 7:11 the sones of Phaeth Moab, of the sones of Josue and of Joab, two thousynde eiyte hundrid and eiytene; Nehemiah 7:12 the sones of Helam, a thousynde eiyte hundrid and foure and fifti; Nehemiah 7:13 the sones of Ezecua, eiyte hundrid and fyue and fourti; Nehemiah 7:14 the sones of Zachai, seuene hundrid and sixti; Nehemiah 7:15 the sones of Bennuy, sixe hundrid and eiyte and fourti; Nehemiah 7:16 the sones of Hebahi, sixe hundrid and eiyte and twenti; Nehemiah 7:17 the sones of Degad, two thousynde thre hundrid and two and twenti; Nehemiah 7:18 the sones of Azonicam, sixe hundrid and seuene and sixti; Nehemiah 7:19 the sones of Bagoamy, two thousynde and seuene and sixti; Nehemiah 7:20 the sones of Adyn, sixe hundrid and fiue and fifti; Nehemiah 7:21 the sones of Azer, sone of Ezechie, eiyte and twenti; Nehemiah 7:22 the sones of Asem, thre hundrid and eiyte and twenti; Nehemiah 7:23 the sones of Bethsai, thre hundrid and foure and twenti; Nehemiah 7:24 the sones of Areph, an hundrid and seuene and twenti; Nehemiah 7:25 the sones of Zabaon, fyue and twenti; Nehemiah 7:26 the men of Bethleem and of Necupha, an hundrid foure score and eiyte; Nehemiah 7:27 the men of Anatoth, an hundrid and eiyte and twenti; Nehemiah 7:28 the men of Bethamoth, two and fourti; Nehemiah 7:29 the men of Cariathiarym, of Cephura, and Beroth, seuene hundrid and thre and fourti; Nehemiah 7:30 the men of Rama and of Gabaa, sixe hundrid and oon and twenti; Nehemiah 7:31 the men of Machimas, two hundrid and two and twenti; Nehemiah 7:32 the men of Bethel and of Hay, an hundrid and thre and twenti; Nehemiah 7:33 the men of the tother Nebo, two and fifti; Nehemiah 7:34 the men of the tother Helam, a thousynde two hundrid and foure and fifti; Nehemiah 7:35 the sones of Arem, thre hundrid and twenti; Nehemiah 7:36 the sones of Jerico, thre hundrid and fyue and fourti; Nehemiah 7:37 the sones of Joiadid and Anon, seuene hundrid and oon and twenti; Nehemiah 7:38 the sones of Senaa, thre thousynde nyne hundrid and thritti; preestis,

of the priests,

Nehemiah 7:39 the sones of Idaie, in the hous of Josua, nyne hundrid and foure and seuenti; Nehemiah 7:40 the sones of Emmer, a thousynde and two and fifti; Nehemiah 7:41 the sones of Phassur, a thousynd two hundrid and seuene and fourti; Nehemiah 7:42 the sones of Arem, a thousynde and eiytene;

of the Levites,

Nehemiah 7:43 dekenes, the sones of Josue and of Gadymel, sones of Odyna, foure and seuenti;

Nehemiah 7:44 syngeris, the sones of Asaph, an hundrid and seuene and fourti;

Nehemiah 7:45 porteris, the sones of Sellum, sones of Ater, sones of Thelmon, sones of Accub, sones of Accita, sones of Sobai, an hundrid and eiyte and thretti;

of the Nethinims,

Nehemiah 7:46 Nathynneis, sones of Soa, sones of Aspha, sones of Thebaoth, Nehemiah 7:47 sones of Cheros, sones of Sicca, sones of Phado, Nehemiah 7:48 sones of Lebana, sones of Agaba, sones of Selmon, Nehemiah 7:49 sones of Anan, sones of Geddel, sones of Gaer, Nehemiah 7:50 sones of Raaie, sones of Rasym, sones of Necuda, Nehemiah 7:51 sones of Jezem, sones of Asa, sones of Phascha, Nehemiah 7:52 sones of Besai, sones of Mynum, sones of Nephusym, Nehemiah 7:53 sones of Bechue, sones of Acupha, sones of Assur, Nehemiah 7:54 sones of Belloth, sones of Meida, sones of Arsa, Nehemiah 7:55 sones of Berchos, sones of Sisara, sones of Thema, Nehemiah 7:56 sones of Nesia, sones of Atipha,

of Solomon's servants,

Nehemiah 7:57 sones of the seruauntis of Salomon, sones of Sothai, sones of Sophoreth, sones of Pherida, Nehemiah 7:58 sones of Jacala, sones of Dalcon, sones of Geddel, Nehemiah 7:59 sones of Saphatie, sones of Atthal, the sones of Phetereth, that was borun of Abaim, sone of Amon; Nehemiah 7:60 alle Natynneis, and the sones of the seruauntis of Salomon, weren thre hundrid and two and twenti. Nehemiah 7:61 Forsothe these it ben that stieden, Dethemel, Mela, Thelarsa, Cherub, Addo, and Emmer, and myyten not schewe the hows of her fadris, and her seed, whether thei weren of Israel; the sones of Dalaie, Nehemiah 7:62 the sones of Tobie, the sones of Nethoda, sixe hundrid and two and fourti;

and of the priests which could not find their pedigree.

Nehemiah 7:63 and of prestis, the sones of Abia, the sones of Achos, the sones of Berzellai, that took a wijf of the douytris of Berzellai of Galaad, and was clepid bi the name of hem; Nehemiah 7:64 these souyten the scripture of her genelogie, and founden not, and weren cast out of presthod. Nehemiah 7:65 And Athersata seide to hem, that thei schulden not eete of the hooli thingis of hooli men, til a wijs prest and lerud roos.

The whole number of them, with their substance.

Nehemiah 7:66 Al the multitude as o man, two and fourti thousynde sixe hundrid and sixti, Nehemiah 7:67 outakun the seruauntis and handmaidis of hem, that weren seuene thousynde thre hundrid and seuene and thretti; and among the syngeris and syngeressis, sixe hundrid and fyue and fourti. Nehemiah 7:68 The horsis of hem, sixe hundrid and sixe and thritti; the mulis of hem, two hundrid and fyue and fourti; Nehemiah 7:69 the camels of hem, foure hundrid and fyue and thritti; the assis of hem, sixe thousynde eiyte hundrid and thritti.

Their obligations.

Nehemiah 7:70 Forsothe summe of the princes of meynees yauen costis in to the werk of God; Athersata yaf in to the tresour, a thousynde dragmes of gold, fifti viols, fyue hundrid and thritti cootis of prestis. Nehemiah 7:71 And of the prynces of meynees thei yauen in to the tresour of the werk, twenti thousynde dragmes of gold, and two thousynde and two hundrid besauntis of siluer. Nehemiah 7:72 And that that the residue puple yaf, twenti thousynde dragmes of gold, and two thousynde besauntis of siluer, and seuene and sixti cootis of prestis. Nehemiah 7:73 Sotheli prestis, and dekenes, and porteris, and syngeris, and the residue puple, and Natynneis, and al Israel dwelliden in her citees.

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