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Nehemiah 3

The names and order of them that builded the wall.

Nehemiah 3:1 And Eliasiph, the greet preest, roos, and hise britheren, and prestis, and thei bildiden the yate of the floc; thei maden it stidfast; and settiden the yatis therof, and til to the tour of an hundrid cubitis, thei maden it stidfast, til to the tour of Ananehel. Nehemiah 3:2 And bisidis hym the men of Jerico bildiden; and bisidis hem Zaccur, the sone of Amry, bildide. Nehemiah 3:3 Forsothe the sones of Asamaa bildiden the yatis of fischis; thei hiliden it, and settiden the yatis therof, and lockis, and barris. And Marymuth, sone of Vrye, the sone of Accus, bildide bisidis hem. Nehemiah 3:4 And Mosolla, sone of Barachie, the sone of Meseze, bildide bisidis hym. And Sadoch, the sone of Baana, bildide bisidis him. Nehemiah 3:5 And men of Thecue bildiden bisidis hym; but the principal men of hem puttiden not her neckis vndur in the werk of her Lord God. Nehemiah 3:6 And Joiada, the sone of Phasea, and Mosollam, the sone of Besoyda, bildiden the elde yate; thei hiliden it, and settiden the yatis therof, and lockis, and barris. Nehemiah 3:7 And Melchie Gabaonyte, and Jaddon Methonatite, men of Gabaon and of Maspha, bildiden bisidis hem, for the duyk that was in the cuntrei biyende the flood. Nehemiah 3:8 And Eziel, goldsmyyt, the sone of Araie, bildide bisidis hym; and Annany, the sone of a makere of oynement, bildide bisidis him; and thei leften Jerusalem til to the wal of the largere street. Nehemiah 3:9 And Raphaie, the sone of Hahul, prince of a street of Jerusalem, bildide bisidis him. Nehemiah 3:10 And Jeieda, the sone of Aramath, bildide bisidis him ayens his owne hous; and Accus, the sone of Asebonye, bildide bisidis hym. Nehemiah 3:11 Forsothe Melchie, the sone of Herem, and Asub, the sone of Phet Moab, bildiden the half part of the street, and the tour of ouenys. Nehemiah 3:12 Sellum, the sone of Aloes, prince of the half part of a street of Jerusalem, bildide bisidis hym, he and hise sones. Nehemiah 3:13 And Amram, and the dwelleris of Zanoe, bildiden the yate of the valei; thei bildiden it, and settiden the yatis therof, and lockis, and barris therof; and thei bildiden a thousynde cubitis in the wal til to the yate of the dunghil. Nehemiah 3:14 And Melchie, the sone of Rechab, prynce of a street of Bethacarem, bildide the yate of the dunghil; he bildide it, and settide, and hilide the yatis therof, and lockis, and barris. Nehemiah 3:15 And Sellum, the sone of Colozai, prince of a toun Maspha, bildide the yate of the welle; he bildide it, and hilide, and settide the yatis therof, and lockis, and barris; and he bildide the wallis of the cisterne of Ciloe til in to the orchard of the kyng, and til to the greces of the kyng, that comen doun fro the citee of Dauid. Nehemiah 3:16 Nemye, the sone of Azboch, prince of the half part of the street of Bethsury, bildide after hym til ayens the sepulcre of Dauid, and til to the cisterne, which is bildide with greet werk, and til to the hous of stronge men. Nehemiah 3:17 Dekenes bildiden after hym; and Reum, the sone of Beny, bildide aftir hem. Asebie, the prince of half part of the street of Cheile, bildide in his street aftir hym. Nehemiah 3:18 The britheren of hem, Bethyn, the sone of Enadab, prince of the half part of Cheyla, bildiden after hym. Nehemiah 3:19 And Aser, the sone of Josue, prince of Maspha, bildide bisidis hym the secounde mesure ayens the stiyng of the moost stidefast corner. Nehemiah 3:20 Baruch, the sone of Zachay, bildide aftir hym in the hil the secounde mesure fro the corner til to the yate of the hows of Eliasiph, the greet prest. Nehemiah 3:21 Marymuth, the sone of Vrie, sone of Zaccur, bildide after hym the secounde mesure fro the yate of Eliasiph, as fer as the hows of Eliasiph was stretchid forth. Nehemiah 3:22 And prestis, men of the feeldi places of Jordan, bildiden aftir hym. Nehemiah 3:23 Beniamyn and Asub bildiden after hem ayens her hows; and Azarie, the sone of Maasie, sone of Ananye, bildide aftir hym ayens his owne hows. Nehemiah 3:24 Bennuy, the sone of Senadad, bildide after hym the secounde mesure fro the hows of Azarie til to the bowyng and til to the corner. Nehemiah 3:25 Phalel, the sone of Ozi, bildide ayens the bowyng, and the tour that stondith forth, fro the hiy hows of the kyng, that is in the large place of the prisoun; Phadaie, the sone of Pheros, bildide after hym. Nehemiah 3:26 Forsothe Nathynneis dwelliden in Ophel til ayens the yate of watris at the eest, and the tour that apperide. Nehemiah 3:27 Aftir hym men of Thecue bildiden the secounde mesure euene ayens, fro the greet tour and apperynge til to the wal of the temple. Nehemiah 3:28 Forsothe prestis bildiden aboue at the yate of horsis, ech man ayens his hows. Seddo, the sone of Enner, bildide ayens his hows aftir hem. Nehemiah 3:29 And Semeie, the sone of Sechenye, the kepere of the eest yate, bildide after hym. Nehemiah 3:30 Ananye, the sone of Selemye, and Anon, the sixte sone of Selon, bildide aftir hym the secounde mesure. Mosallam, the sone of Barachie, bildide ayenus his tresorie after hym. Nehemiah 3:31 Melchie, the sone of a goldsmiyt, bildide aftir hym til to the hows of Nathynneis, and of men sillynge scheldis ayens the yate of iugis, and til to the soler of the corner. Nehemiah 3:32 And crafti men and marchauntis bildiden with ynne the soler of the corner and the yate of the kyng.

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