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Nehemiah 12

The priests,

Nehemiah 12:1 Sotheli these weren prestis and dekenes, that stieden with Zorobabel, the sone of Salatiel, and with Josue; Saraie, Jeremye, Esdras, Nehemiah 12:2 Amarie, Melluch, Accus, Nehemiah 12:3 Sechenye, Reum, Merymucth, Nehemiah 12:4 Addo, Jethon, Myomyn, Nehemiah 12:5 Abia, Meldaa, Belga, Nehemiah 12:6 Semeie, and Joarib, Adaie, Nehemiah 12:7 Sellum, Amoe, Elceia, and Jadie; these weren the princes of prestis and her britheren, in the daies of Josue.

and the Levites, which came up with Zerubbabel.

Nehemiah 12:8 Certis dekenes; Jesua, Bennuy, Cedynyel, Serabie, Juda, Mathanye, weren ouer the ympnes, thei and her britheren; Nehemiah 12:9 and Bezechie, and Ezanny, and the britheren of hem, ech man in his office.

The succession of high priests.

Nehemiah 12:10 Sotheli Josue gendride Joachym, and Joachym gendride Eliasib, and Eliasib gendride Joiada, Nehemiah 12:11 and Joiada gendride Jonathan, and Jonathan gendride Jeddaia. Nehemiah 12:12 Forsothe in the daies of Joachym weren prestis, and princis of meynees of prestis, Saraie, Amarie, Jeremye, Ananye, Nehemiah 12:13 Esdre, Mosollam, Amarie, Johannam, Nehemiah 12:14 Mylico, Jonathan, Sebenye, Joseph, Nehemiah 12:15 Aram, Edua, Maraioth, Elchie, Nehemiah 12:16 Addaie, Zacharie, Genthon, Mosollam, Nehemiah 12:17 Abie, Zecherie, Myamyn, and Moadie, Phelti, Nehemiah 12:18 Belge, Sannya, Semeie, Jonathan, Nehemiah 12:19 Joarib, Mathanye, Jodaie, Azi, Nehemiah 12:20 Sellaye, Mochebor, Helchie, Nehemiah 12:21 Asebie, Idaie, Nathanael.

Certain chief Levites.

Nehemiah 12:22 Dekenes in the daies of Eliasib, and of Joiada, and of Jonam, and of Jedda, weren writun princes of meynees, and prestis in the rewme of Darius of Persis. Nehemiah 12:23 The sones of Leuy, princes of meynees, weren writun in the book of wordis of daies, and til to the daies of Jonathan, sone of Eliasib. Nehemiah 12:24 And the princes of dekenes weren Asebie, Serebie, and Jesue, the sone of Cedynyel; and the britheren of hem bi her whiles, that thei schulden herie and knowleche bi the comaundement of kyng Dauid, the man of God, and thei schulden kepe euenli bi ordre. Nehemiah 12:25 Mathanye, and Bethbecie, and Obedie, Mosollam, Thelmon, Accub, weren keperis of the yatis, and of the porchis bifor the yatis. Nehemiah 12:26 These weren in the daies of Joachym, sone of Josue, sone of Josedech, and in the daies of Neemye, duyk, and of Esdras, the prest and writere.

The solemnity of the dedication of the walls.

Nehemiah 12:27 Forsothe in the halewyng of the wal of Jerusalem thei souyten dekenes of alle her places, to bryng hem in to Jerusalem, and to make the halewyng in gladnesse, in the doyng of thankyngis, and in song, and in cymbalis, and in sautrees, and in harpis. Nehemiah 12:28 Sotheli the sones of syngeris weren gaderid bothe fro the feeldi places aboute Jerusalem, and fro the townes of Nethophati, Nehemiah 12:29 and fro the hows of Galgal, and fro the cuntreis of Gebez, and of Amanech; for syngeris hadden bildid townes to hem silf in the cumpas of Jerusalem. Nehemiah 12:30 And prestis and dekenes weren clensid, and thei clensiden the puple, and the yatis, and the wal. Nehemiah 12:31 Forsothe Y made the princes of Juda to stie on the wal, and Y ordeynede twei greete queris of men heriynge; and thei yeden to the riyt side on the wal, to the yate of the dunghil. Nehemiah 12:32 And Osaie yede aftir hem, and the half part of prynces of Juda, Nehemiah 12:33 and Azarie, Esdras, and Mosollam, Nehemiah 12:34 Juda, and Beniamyn, and Semeye, and Jeremye yeden aftir hem. Nehemiah 12:35 And of the sones of prestis syngynge in trumpis; Zacharie, the sone of Jonathan, the sone of Semeie, the sone of Mathanye, the sone of Machaie, the sone of Zeccur, the sone of Asaph. Nehemiah 12:36 And hise britheren; Semeie, and Azarel, Malalai, Galalai, Maai, Nathanael, and Juda, and Amany, in the instrumentis of song of Dauid, the man of God; and Esdras, the wrytere, bifor hem, in the yate of the welle. Nehemiah 12:37 And thei stieden ayens hem in the greis of the citee of Dauid, in the stiyng of the wal, on the hows of Dauid, and til to the yate of watris at the eest. Nehemiah 12:38 And the secounde queer of men tellynge thankyngis yede euene ayens, and Y aftir hym; and the half part of the puple was on the wal, and on the tour of ouenys, and til to the broddeste wal; Nehemiah 12:39 and on the yate of Effraym, and on the elde yate, and on the yate of fischis, and on the toure of Ananeel, and on the tour of Emath, and thei camen til to the yate of the floc; Nehemiah 12:40 and thei stoden in the yate of kepyng. And twei queeris of men heriynge stoden in the hows of God, and Y and the half part of magistratis with me. Nehemiah 12:41 And the prestis, Eliachym, Maasie, Myamyn, Mychea, Helioneai, Zacharie, Ananye, in trumpis; Nehemiah 12:42 and Maasie, and Senea, and Eleazar, and Azi, and Johannan, and Melchia, and Elam, and Ezer; and the syngeris sungen clereli, and Jezraie, the souereyn. Nehemiah 12:43 And thei offriden in that dai grete sacrifices, and weren glad; for God hadde maad hem glad with grete gladnesse. But also her wyues and lawful childre weren ioiful, and the gladnesse of Jerusalem was herd fer.

The offices of priests and Levites appointed in the Temple.

Nehemiah 12:44 Also thei noumbriden in that dai men ouer the keping places of tresour, to moiste sacrifices, and to the firste fruytis, and to tithis, that the princes of the citee schulden brynge in bi hem, in the fairenesse of doyng of thankyngis, prestis and dekenes; for Juda was glad in prestis and dekenes present. Nehemiah 12:45 And thei kepten the kepyng of her God, the kepyng of clensyng; and syngeris, and porteris, bi the comaundement of Dauid and of Salomon, his sone; Nehemiah 12:46 for in the daies of Dauid and of Asaph fro the bigynnyng princes of syngeris weren ordeyned, heriyng in song, and knoulechynge to God. Nehemiah 12:47 And al Israel, in the daies of Zorobabel, and in the daies of Neemye, yauen partis to syngeris and to porteris bi alle the daies; and thei halewiden dekenes, and the dekenes halewiden the sones of Aaron.

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