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Leviticus 27

He that maketh a singular vow must be the LORD's.

Leviticus 27:1 And the Lord spak to Moises and seide, Speke thou to the sones of Israel, Leviticus 27:2 and thou schalt seye to hem, A man that makith avow, and bihetith his soule to God, schal yyue the priys vndur valu, ether preisyng.

The estimation of the person.

Leviticus 27:3 If it is a male, fro the twentithe yeer til to the sixtithe yeer, he schal yyue fifti siclis of siluer, at the mesure of seyntuarie, Leviticus 27:4 if it is a womman, sche schal yyue thretti siclis; Leviticus 27:5 forsothe fro the fifthe yeer til to the twentithe yeer, a male schal yyue twenti cyclis, a womman schal yyue ten ciclis; Leviticus 27:6 fro o monethe til to the fifthe yeer, fyue ciclis schulen be youun for a male, thre ciclis for a womman; Leviticus 27:7 a male of sixti yeer and ouer schal yyue fiftene ciclis, a womman schal yyue ten cyclis. Leviticus 27:8 If it is a pore man, and may not yelde the valu, he schal stonde bifor the preest, and as myche as the preest preisith, and seeth that the pore man may yelde, so myche he schal yyue.

Of a beast given by vow.

Leviticus 27:9 Forsothe if ony man avowith a beeste, that may be offrid to the Lord, it schal be hooli, Leviticus 27:10 and schal not mow be chaungid, that is, nethir a betere for an yuel, nether a worse for a good; and if he chaungith it, bothe that, that is chaungid, and that, for which it is chaungid, schal be halewid to the Lord. Leviticus 27:11 Sotheli if ony man avowith an vncleene beeste, that may not be offrid to the Lord, it schal be brouyt bifor the preest, Leviticus 27:12 and the preest schal deme whether it is good ether yuel, and schal sette the prijs; Leviticus 27:13 which prijs if he that offrith wole yyue, he schal adde the fifthe part ouer the valu.

Of a house.

Leviticus 27:14 If a man avowith his hows, and halewith it to the Lord, the preest schal biholde, whether it is good ether yuel, and bi the prijs, which is ordeyned of hym, it schal be seld; Leviticus 27:15 sotheli if he that avowide wole ayen-bie it, he schal yyue the fifthe part of the valu aboue, and he schal haue the hows.

Of a field, and the redemption thereof.

Leviticus 27:16 That if he avowith the feeld of his possessioun, and halewith to the Lord, the prijs schal be demed bi the mesure of seed; if the feeld is sowun with thritti buyschels of barli, it schal be seeld for fifti siclys of siluer. Leviticus 27:17 If he auowith the feeld anoon for the yeer of the iubilee bigynnynge, as myche as it may be worth, bi so myche it schal be preisid; Leviticus 27:18 but if it be after sum part of tyme, the preest schal rykene the money bi the noumbre of yeeris that ben residue til to the iubilee, and it schal be withdrawun of the prijs. Leviticus 27:19 That if he that avowide wole ayenbie the feeld, he schal adde the fyuethe part of the money preisid, and he schal welde it; Leviticus 27:20 but if he nyle ayenbie, but it is seeld to ony othir man, he that avowide schal no more mowe ayenbie it; Leviticus 27:21 for whanne the dai of iubilee cometh, it schal be halewid to the Lord, and the possessioun halewid perteyneth to the riyt of preestis. Leviticus 27:22 If the feeld is bouyt, and is not of the possessioun of grettere men, Leviticus 27:23 and is halewid to the Lord, the preest schal determyne the prijs bi the noumbre of yeeris til to the iubilee, and he that avowide the feeld schal yyue the prijs to the Lord; Leviticus 27:24 forsothe in the iubilee it schal turne ayen to the formere lord that seelde it, and haue he in to the eritage of his possessioun. Leviticus 27:25 Ech preisyng schal be peisid bi the sicle of seyntuarie; a sicle hath twenti halpens.

Leviticus 27:26 No man may halewe and avowe the firste gendrid thingis that perteynen to the Lord, whether it is oxe, whether scheep, tho ben the Lordis part. Leviticus 27:27 That if the beeste is vncleene, he that offride schal ayenbie by his valu, and he schal adde the fyuethe part of prijs; if he nyle ayenbie, it schal be seeld to another man, as myche euer as it is set at valu.

No devoted thing may be redeemed.

Leviticus 27:28 Al thing which is halewid to the Lord, whether it is man, whether beeste, whether feeld, it schal not be seeld, nether it schal mow be ayenbouyt; whateuer thing is halewid onys, it schal be hooli of the noumbre of hooli thingis to the Lord, Leviticus 27:29 and ech halewyng which is offrid of man, schal not be ayenbouyt, but it schal die bi deeth. Leviticus 27:30 Alle the tithis of erthe, whether of fruytis, whether of applis of trees, ben the Lordis part, and ben halewid to hym; Leviticus 27:31 sotheli if ony man wole ayenbie hise tithis, he schal adde the fyuethe part of tho; of alle tithis,

The tithe may not be changed.

Leviticus 27:32 of scheep, and of oxen, and of geet, that passen vndur the yerde of scheepherde, whateuer thing cometh to the tenthe part, it schal be halewid to the Lord; Leviticus 27:33 it schal not be chosun, nether good, nether yuel; nethir it schal be chaungid for another; if ony man chaungith, bothe that, that is chaungid, and that, for which it is chaungid, schal be halewid to the Lord, and it schal not be ayenbouyt. Leviticus 27:34 These ben the comaundementis whiche the Lord comaundide to Moises, and to the sones of Israel, in the hil of Synay.

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