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Joshua 17

The lot of Manasseh.

Joshua 17:1 Forsothe lot felde in to the lynage of Manasse, for he is the firste gendrid sone of Joseph; lot felde to Machir, the firste gendrid sone of Manasses, to the fadir of Galaad, that was a werriour, and he hadde possessioun Galaad and Basan. Joshua 17:2 And lot felde to the othere of the sones of Manasses, bi her meynees; to the sones of Abiezer, and to the sones of Heleth, and to the sones of Hesriel, and to the sones of Sichen, and to the sones of Epher, and to the sones of Semyda; these ben the sones of Manasse, sone of Joseph, the male children, bi her meynees.

Joshua 17:3 Sotheli to Salphaat, the sone of Epher, sone of Galaad, sone of Machir, sone of Manasses, weren not sones, but douytris aloone; of whiche these ben the names, Maala, and Noa, and Eegla, and Melcha, and Thersa. Joshua 17:4 And thei camen in the siyt of Eleazar, preest, and of Josue, sone of Nun, and of the princes, and seiden, The Lord comaundide bi the hond of Moises, that possessioun should be youun to vs in the myddis of oure britheren. And Josue yaf to hem possessioun, bi comaundement of the Lord, in the myddis of the britheren of her fadir. Joshua 17:5 And ten cordis, that is, londis mesurid bi ten cordis, felden to Manasses, without the lond of Galaad and of Basan biyende Jordan; Joshua 17:6 for the douytris of Manasses weldiden eritage in the myddis of the sones of hym. Sotheli the lond of Galaad felde in to the part of the sones of Manasses, that weren residue.

His coast.

Joshua 17:7 And the terme of Manasses was fro Azer Machynathath, that biholdeth Sichem, and goith out to the riyt side, bisidis the dwelleris of the welle Taphue; Joshua 17:8 for the lond of Thaphue, which is bisidis the terme of Manasses, and of the sones of Effraym, felde in the lot of Manasses. Joshua 17:9 And the terme of the valey of place of rehedis goith doun in the south of the stronde of the citees of Effraym, that ben in the myddis of the citees of Manasses. The terme of Manasses is fro the north of the stronde, and the goyng out therof goith to the see; Joshua 17:10 so that the possessioun of Effraym is fro the south, and the possessioun of Manasses fro the north, and the see closith euer either; and tho ben ioyned to hem silf in the linage of Aser fro the north, and in the lynage of Isachar fro the eest. Joshua 17:11 And the eritage of Manasses was in Isachar and in Aser, Bersan, and the townes therof, and Jeblaan, with hise townes, and the dwellers of Dor, with her citees; and the dwelleris of Endor, with her townes, and also the dwelleris of Thanath, with her townes, and the dwelleris of Maiedo, with her townes, and the thridde part of the citee Nophet.

The Canaanites not driven out.

Joshua 17:12 And the sones of Manasses miyten not distrie these citees, but Cananei bigan to dwelle in this lond. Joshua 17:13 Sotheli aftir that the sones of Israel weren stronge, thei maden suget Cananeis, and maden tributaries to hem silf, and killiden not Cananeis.

The children of Joseph obtain another lot.

Joshua 17:14 And the sones of Joseph spaken to Josue, and seiden, Whi hast thou youe to me lond in to possessioun of o lot and part, sithen Y am of so greet multitude, and the Lord hath blesside me, that is, hath alargid me in children? Joshua 17:15 To whiche Josue seide, If thou art myche puple, stie thou into the wode, and kitte doun to thee spaces in the lond of Feresei, and of Raphaym, for the possessioun of the hil of Effraym is streiyt to thee. Joshua 17:16 To whom the sones of Joseph answerden, We moun not stie to the hilli places, sithen Cananeis, that dwellen in the lond of the feeld, vsen ironne charis; in which lond Bersan, with hise townes, and Jesrael, weldynge the myddil valey, ben set. Joshua 17:17 And Josue seide to the hows of Joseph, and of Effraym, and of Manasses, Thou art myche puple, and of greet strengthe; thou schalt not haue o lot, Joshua 17:18 but thou schalt passe to the hil, and thou schalt kitte doun to thee; and thou schalt clense spaces to dwelle. And thou schalt mow go forth ferthere, whanne thou hast distried Cananei, whom thou seist to haue irone charis, and to be moost strong.

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