Wycliffe Bible

John 3

Christ teacheth Nicodemus the necessity of regeneration.

John 3:1 And there was a man of the Farisees, Nychodeme bi name, a prince of the Jewis. John 3:2 And he cam to Jhesu bi niyt, and seide to hym, Rabi, we witen, that thou art comun fro God maister; for no man may do these signes, that thou doist, but God be with hym. John 3:3 Jhesus answerde, and seide to hym, Treuli, treuli, Y seie to thee, but a man be borun ayen, he may not se the kyngdom of God. John 3:4 Nychodeme seide to hym, Hou may a man be borun, whanne he is eeld? whether he may entre ayen in to his modris wombe, and be borun ayen? John 3:5 Jhesus answeride, Treuli, treuli, Y seie to thee, but a man be borun ayen of watir, and of the Hooli Goost, he may not entre in to the kyngdom of God. John 3:6 That that is borun of the fleisch, is fleisch; and that that is borun of spirit, is spirit. John 3:7 Wondre thou not, for Y seide to thee, It bihoueth you to be borun ayen. John 3:8 The spirit brethith where he wole, and thou herist his vois, but thou wost not, fro whennus he cometh, ne whidir he goith; so is ech man that is borun of the spirit. John 3:9 Nychodeme answeride, and seide to hym, Hou moun these thingis be don? John 3:10 Jhesus answeride, and seide to hym, Thou art a maister in Israel, and knowist not these thingis? John 3:11 Treuli, treuli, Y seie to thee, for we speken that that we witen, and we witnessen that that we han seyn, and ye taken not oure witnessyng. John 3:12 If Y haue seid to you ertheli thingis, and ye bileuen not, hou if Y seie to you heueneli thingis, schulen ye bileue? John 3:13 And no man stieth in to heuene, but he that cam doun fro heuene, mannys sone that is in heuene.

Of faith in his death.

John 3:14 And as Moises areride a serpent in desert, so it bihoueth mannys sone to be reisid, John 3:15 that ech man that bileueth in hym, perische not, but haue euerlastynge lijf.

The great love of God towards the world.

John 3:16 For God louede so the world, that he yaf his oon bigetun sone, that ech man that bileueth in him perische not, but haue euerlastynge lijf. John 3:17 For God sente not his sone in to the world, that he iuge the world, but that the world be saued bi him.

Condemnation for unbelief.

John 3:18 He that bileueth in hym, is not demed; but he that bileueth not, is now demed, for he bileueth not in the name of the oon bigetun sone of God. John 3:19 And this is the dom, for liyt cam in to the world, and men loueden more derknessis than liyt; for her werkes weren yuele. John 3:20 For ech man that doith yuele, hatith the liyt; and he cometh not to the liyt, that hise werkis be not repreued. John 3:21 But he that doith treuthe, cometh to the liyt, that hise werkis be schewid, that thei ben don in God.

John 3:22 Aftir these thingis Jhesus cam, and hise disciplis, in to the loond of Judee, and there he dwellide with hem, and baptiside.

The baptism, witness, and doctrine of John concerning Christ.

John 3:23 And Joon was baptisinge in Ennon, bisidis Salym, for many watris weren there; and thei camen, and weren baptisid. John 3:24 And Joon was not yit sent in to prisoun.

John 3:25 Therfor a questioun was maad of Jonys disciplis with the Jewis, of the purificacioun. John 3:26 And thei camen to Joon, and seiden to hym, Maister, he that was with thee biyonde Jordan, to whom thou hast borun witnessyng, lo! he baptisith, and alle men comen to hym. John 3:27 Joon answerde, and seide, A man may not take ony thing, but it be youun to hym fro heuene. John 3:28 Ye you silf beren witnessyng to me, that Y seide, Y am not Crist, but that Y am sent bifore hym. John 3:29 He that hath a wijf, is the hosebonde; but the freend of the spouse that stondith, and herith hym, ioieth with ioye, for the vois of the spouse. Therfor in this thing my ioye is fulfillid. John 3:30 It bihoueth hym to wexe, but me to be maad lesse. John 3:31 He that cam from aboue, is aboue alle; he that is of the erthe, spekith of the erthe; he that cometh from heuene, is aboue alle. John 3:32 And he witnessith that thing that he hath seie, and herde, and no man takith his witnessing. John 3:33 But he that takith his witnessyng, hath confermyd that God is sothefast. John 3:34 But he whom God hath sent, spekith the wordis of God; for not to mesure God yyueth the spirit. John 3:35 The fadir loueth the sone, and he hath youun alle thingis in his hoond. John 3:36 He that bileueth in the sone, hath euerlastynge lijf; but he that is vnbileueful to the sone, schal not se euerlastynge lijf, but the wraththe of God dwellith on hym.

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