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John 18

Judas betrayeth Jesus.

John 18:1 Whanne Jhesus hadde seid these thingis, he wente out with hise disciplis ouer the strond of Cedron, where was a yerd, in to which he entride, and hise disciplis. John 18:2 And Judas, that bitrayede hym, knew the place, for ofte Jhesus cam thidur with hise disciplis. John 18:3 Therfor whanne Judas hadde takun a cumpany of knyytis, and mynystris of the bischopis and of the Fariseis, he cam thidur with lanternys, and brondis, and armeris. John 18:4 And so Jhesus witynge alle thingis that weren to come on hym, wente forth, and seide to hem, Whom seken ye? John 18:5 Thei answeriden to hym, Jhesu of Nazareth. Jhesus seith to hem, Y am. And Judas that bitraiede hym, stood with hem.

The officers fall to the ground.

John 18:6 And whanne he seide to hem, Y am, thei wenten abak, and fellen doun on the erthe. John 18:7 And eft he axide hem, Whom seken ye? And thei seiden, Jhesu of Nazareth. John 18:8 He answeride to hem, Y seide to you, that Y am; therfor if ye seken me, suffre ye these to go awei. John 18:9 That the word which he seide schulde be fulfillid, For Y loste not ony of hem, whiche thou hast youun to me.

Peter smiteth off Malchus' ear.

John 18:10 Therfor Symount Petre hadde a swerd, and drow it out, and smoot the seruaunt of the bischop, and kittide of his riyt eer. And the name of the seruaunt was Malcus. John 18:11 Therfor Jhesus seide to Petre, Putte thou thi swerd in to thi schethe; wolt thou not, that Y drynke the cuppe, that my fadir yaf to me?

Jesus is taken, and led unto Annas and Caiaphas.

John 18:12 Therfor the cumpenye of knyytis, and the tribune, and the mynystris of the Jewis, token Jhesu, and bounden hym, John 18:13 and ledden hym first to Annas; for he was fadir of Caifas wijf, that was bischop of that yeer. John 18:14 And it was Caifas, that yaf counsel to the Jewis, that it spedith, that o man die for the puple.

Peter's denial.

John 18:15 But Symount Petre suede Jhesu, and another disciple; and thilke disciple was knowun to the bischop. And he entride with Jhesu, in to the halle of the bischop; John 18:16 but Petre stood at the dore with outforth. Therfor the tother disciple, that was knowun to the bischop, wente out, and seide to the womman that kepte the dore, and brouyte in Petre. John 18:17 And the damysel, kepere of the dore, seide to Petre, Whether thou art also of this mannys disciplis? He seide, Y am not. John 18:18 And the seruantis and mynystris stooden at the coolis, for it was coold, and thei warmyden hem; and Petre was with hem, stondynge and warmynge hym.

Jesus examined before Pilate.

John 18:19 And the bischop axide Jhesu of hise disciplis, and of his techyng. John 18:20 Jhesus answerde to hym, Y haue spokun opynli to the world; Y tauyte euermore in the synagoge, and in the temple, whider alle the Jewis camen togidere, and in hiddlis Y spak no thing. John 18:21 What axist thou me? axe hem that herden, what Y haue spokun to hem; lo! thei witen, what thingis Y haue seid. John 18:22 Whanne he hadde seid these thingis, oon of the mynystris stondynge niy, yaf a buffat to Jhesu, and seide, Answerist thou so to the bischop? John 18:23 Jhesus answeride to hym, If Y haue spokun yuel, bere thou witnessyng of yuel; but if Y seide wel, whi smytist thou me? John 18:24 And Annas sente hym boundun to Caifas, the bischop. John 18:25 And Symount Petre stood, and warmyde him; and thei seiden to hym, Whether also thou art his disciple? He denyede, and seide, Y am not. John 18:26 Oon of the bischops seruantis, cosyn of hym, whos eere Petre kitte of, seide, Say Y thee not in the yerd with hym? John 18:27 And Petre eftsoone denyede, and anoon the cok crew.

John 18:28 Thanne thei ledden Jhesu to Cayfas, in to the moot halle; and it was eerli, and thei entriden not in to the moot halle, that thei schulden not be defoulid, but that thei schulden ete pask. John 18:29 Therfor Pilat wente out with outforth to hem, and seide, What accusyng brynge ye ayens this man? John 18:30 Thei answeriden, and seiden to hym, If this were not a mysdoere, we hadden not bitakun hym to thee. John 18:31 Thanne Pilat seith to hem, Take ye hym, and deme ye him, after youre lawe. And the Jewis seiden to hym, It is not leueful to vs to sle ony man; John 18:32 that the word of Jhesu schulde be fulfillid, whiche he seide, signifiynge bi what deth he schulde die. John 18:33 Therfor eftsoone Pilat entride in to the moot halle, and clepide Jhesu, and seide to hym, Art thou kyng of Jewis? John 18:34 Jhesus answerde, and seide to hym, Seist thou this thing of thi silf, ether othere han seid to thee of me? John 18:35 Pilat answeride, Whether Y am a Jewe? Thi folc and bischops bitoken thee to me; what hast thou don?

His Kingdom.

John 18:36 Jhesus answeride, My kingdom is not of this world; if my kingdom were of this world, my mynystris schulden stryue, that Y schulde not be takun to the Jewis; but now my kingdom is not here. John 18:37 And so Pilat seide to hym, Thanne thou art a king. Jhesus answeride, Thou seist, that Y am a king. To this thing Y am borun, and to this Y am comun in to the world, to bere witnessing to treuthe. Eche that is of treuthe, herith my vois. John 18:38 Pilat seith to hym, What is treuthe? And whanne he hadde seid this thing, eft he wente out to the Jewis, and seide to hem, Y fynde no cause in hym. John 18:39 But it is a custom to you, that Y delyuere oon to you in pask; therfor wole ye that Y delyuere to you the kyng of Jewis?

The Jews ask Barabbas to be let loose.

John 18:40 Alle crieden eftsoone, and seiden, Not this, but Baraban. And Barabas was a theef.

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