Wycliffe Bible

Job 9

Job, acknowledging God's justice, sheweth there is no contending with him.

Job 9:1 Joob answeride, and seide, Verili Y woot, that it is so, Job 9:2 and that a man comparisound to God schal not be maad iust. Job 9:3 If he wole stryue with God, he may not answere to God oon for a thousynde. Job 9:4 He is wiys in herte, and strong in myyt; who ayenstood hym, and hadde pees? Job 9:5 Which bar hillis fro o place to anothir, and thei wisten not; whiche he distriede in his strong veniaunce. Job 9:6 Which stirith the erthe fro his place, and the pilers therof schulen be schakun togidere. Job 9:7 Which comaundith to the sunne, and it risith not; and he closith the sterris, as vndur a signet. Job 9:8 Which aloone stretchith forth heuenes, and goith on the wawis of the see. Job 9:9 Which makith Ariture, and Orionas, and Hiadas, that is, seuene sterris, and the innere thingis of the south. Job 9:10 Which makith grete thingis, and that moun not be souyt out, and wondurful thingis, of whiche is noon noumbre. Job 9:11 If he cometh to me, that is, bi his grace, Y schal not se hym; if he goith awey, that is, in withdrawynge his grace, Y schal not vndurstonde. Job 9:12 If he axith sodeynli, who schal answere to hym? ethir who may seie to hym, Whi doist thou so? Job 9:13 God is he, whos wraththe no man may withstonde; and vndur whom thei ben bowid, that beren the world. Job 9:14 Hou greet am Y, that Y answere to hym, and speke bi my wordis with hym? Job 9:15 Which also schal not answere, thouy Y haue ony thing iust; but Y schal biseche my iuge. Job 9:16 And whanne he hath herd me inwardli clepynge, Y bileue not, that he hath herd my vois. Job 9:17 For in a whirlewynd he schal al to-breke me, and he schal multiplie my woundis, yhe, without cause. Job 9:18 He grauntith not, that my spirit haue reste, and he fillith me with bittirnesses. Job 9:19 If strengthe is souyt, he is moost strong; if equyte of doom is souyt, no man dar yelde witnessynge for me. Job 9:20 If Y wole make me iust, my mouth schal dampne me; if Y schal schewe me innocent, he schal preue me a schrewe. Job 9:21 Yhe, thouy Y am symple, my soule schal not knowe this same thing; and it schal anoye me of my lijf.

Man's innocency is not to be condemned by afflictions.

Job 9:22 O thing is, which Y spak, he schal waste bi deth also the innocent and wickid man. Job 9:23 If he betith, sle he onys, and leiye he not of the peynes of innocent men. Job 9:24 The erthe is youun in to the hondis of the wickid; he hilith the face of iugis; that if he is not, who therfor is? Job 9:25 Mi daies weren swiftere than a corour; thei fledden, and sien not good. Job 9:26 Thei passiden as schippis berynge applis, as an egle fleynge to mete. Job 9:27 Whanne Y seie, Y schal not speke so; Y chaunge my face, and Y am turmentid with sorewe. Job 9:28 Y drede alle my werkis, witynge that thou woldist not spare the trespassour. Job 9:29 Sotheli if Y am also thus wickid, whi haue Y trauelid in veyn? Job 9:30 Thouy Y am waischun as with watris of snow, and thouy myn hondis schynen as moost cleene, Job 9:31 netheles thou schalt dippe me in filthis, and my clothis, that is, werkis, schulen holde me abhomynable. Job 9:32 Trewli Y schal not answere a man, which is lijk me; nether that may be herd euenli with me in doom. Job 9:33 Noon is, that may repreue euer eithir, and sette his hond in bothe. Job 9:34 Do he awei his yerde fro me, and his drede make not me aferd. Job 9:35 Y schal speke, and Y schal not drede hym; for Y may not answere dredynge.

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