Wycliffe Bible

Job 41

Of God's great power in the leviathan.

Job 41:1 Whether thou schalt mowe drawe out leuyathan with an hook, and schalt bynde with a roop his tunge? Job 41:2 Whethir thou schalt putte a ryng in hise nosethirlis, ethir schalt perse hyse cheke with an hook? Job 41:3 Whether he schal multiplie preieris to thee, ether schal speke softe thingis to thee? Job 41:4 Whether he schal make couenaunt with thee, and thou schalt take him a seruaunt euerlastinge? Job 41:5 Whether thou schalt scorne hym as a brid, ethir schalt bynde hym to thin handmaidis? Job 41:6 Schulen frendis kerue hym, schulen marchauntis departe hym? Job 41:7 Whether thou schalt fille nettis with his skyn, and a leep of fischis with his heed? Job 41:8 Schalt thou putte thin hond on hym? haue thou mynde of the batel, and adde no more to speke. Job 41:9 Lo! his hope schal disseyue hym; and in the siyt of alle men he schal be cast doun. Job 41:10 I not as cruel schal reise hym; for who may ayenstonde my face? Job 41:11 And who yaf to me bifore, that Y yelde to hym? Alle thingis, that ben vndur heuene, ben myne. Job 41:12 Y schal not spare hym for myyti wordis, and maad faire to biseche. Job 41:13 Who schal schewe the face of his clothing, and who schal entre in to the myddis of his mouth? Job 41:14 Who schal opene the yatis of his cheer? ferdfulnesse is bi the cumpas of hise teeth. Job 41:15 His bodi is as yotun scheldys of bras, and ioyned togidere with scalis ouerleiynge hem silf. Job 41:16 Oon is ioyned to another; and sotheli brething goith not thorouy tho. Job 41:17 Oon schal cleue to anothir, and tho holdynge hem silf schulen not be departid. Job 41:18 His fnesynge is as schynynge of fier, and hise iyen ben as iyelidis of the morewtid. Job 41:19 Laumpis comen forth of his mouth, as trees of fier, that ben kyndlid. Job 41:20 Smoke cometh forth of hise nosethirlis, as of a pot set on the fier and boilynge. Job 41:21 His breeth makith colis to brenne, and flawme goith out of his mouth. Job 41:22 Strengthe schal dwelle in his necke, and nedynesse schal go bifor his face. Job 41:23 The membris of hise fleischis ben cleuynge togidere to hem silf; God schal sende floodis ayens hym, and tho schulen not be borun to an other place. Job 41:24 His herte schal be maad hard as a stoon; and it schal be streyned togidere as the anefeld of a smith. Job 41:25 Whanne he schal be takun awei, aungels schulen drede; and thei aferd schulen be purgid. Job 41:26 Whanne swerd takith hym, it may not stonde, nethir spere, nether haburioun. Job 41:27 For he schal arette irun as chaffis, and bras as rotun tre. Job 41:28 A man archere schal not dryue hym awei; stoonys of a slynge ben turned in to stobil to hym. Job 41:29 He schal arette an hamer as stobil; and he schal scorne a florischynge spere. Job 41:30 The beemys of the sunne schulen be vndur hym; and he schal strewe to hym silf gold as cley. Job 41:31 He schal make the depe se to buyle as a pot; and he schal putte, as whanne oynementis buylen. Job 41:32 A path schal schyne aftir hym; he schal gesse the greet occian as wexynge eld. Job 41:33 No power is on erthe, that schal be comparisound to hym; which is maad, that he schulde drede noon. Job 41:34 He seeth al hiy thing; he is kyng ouer alle the sones of pride.

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