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Job 38

God challengeth Job to answer.

Job 38:1 Forsothe the Lord answeride fro the whirlewynd to Joob, and seide, Job 38:2 Who is this man, wlappynge sentences with vnwise wordis? Job 38:3 Girde thou as a man thi leendis; Y schal axe thee, and answere thou to me.

God, by his mighty works, convinceth Job of ignorance,

Job 38:4 Where were thou, whanne Y settide the foundementis of erthe? schewe thou to me, if thou hast vndurstondyng. Job 38:5 Who settide mesures therof, if thou knowist? ethir who stretchide forth a lyne theronne? Job 38:6 On what thing ben the foundementis therof maad fast? ether who sente doun the corner stoon therof, Job 38:7 whanne the morew sterris herieden me togidere, and alle the sones of God sungun ioyfuli? Job 38:8 Who closide togidere the see with doris, whanne it brak out comynge forth as of the wombe? Job 38:9 Whanne Y settide a cloude the hilyng therof, and Y wlappide it with derknesse, as with clothis of yong childhed. Job 38:10 Y cumpasside it with my termes, and Y settide a barre, and doris; Job 38:11 and Y seide, Til hidur thou schalt come, and thou schalt not go forth ferthere; and here thou schalt breke togidere thi bolnynge wawis. Job 38:12 Whethir aftir thi birthe thou comaundist to the bigynnyng of dai, and schewidist to the morewtid his place? Job 38:13 Whethir thou heldist schakynge togidere the laste partis of erthe, and schakedist awei wickid men therfro? Job 38:14 A seeling schal be restorid as cley, and it schal stonde as a cloth. Job 38:15 The liyt of wickid men schal be takun awey fro hem, and an hiy arm schal be brokun. Job 38:16 Whethir thou entridist in to the depthe of the see, and walkidist in the laste partis of the occian? Job 38:17 Whether the yatis of deeth ben openyd to thee, and siest thou the derk doris? Job 38:18 Whethir thou hast biholde the brede of erthe? Schewe thou to me, if thou knowist alle thingis, Job 38:19 in what weie the liyt dwellith, and which is the place of derknesse; Job 38:20 that thou lede ech thing to hise termes, and thou vndurstonde the weies of his hows. Job 38:21 Wistist thou thanne, that thou schuldist be borun, and knew thou the noumbre of thi daies? Job 38:22 Whethir thou entridist in to the tresours of snow, ether biheldist thou the tresours of hail? Job 38:23 whiche thingis Y made redy in to the tyme of an enemy, in to the dai of fiytyng and of batel. Job 38:24 Bi what weie is the liyt spred abrood, heete is departid on erthe? Job 38:25 Who yaf cours to the strongeste reyn, and weie of the thundur sownynge? Job 38:26 That it schulde reyne on the erthe with out man in desert, where noon of deedli men dwellith? Job 38:27 That it schulde fille a lond with out weie and desolat, and schulde brynge forth greene eerbis? Job 38:28 Who is fadir of reyn, ether who gendride the dropis of deew? Job 38:29 Of whos wombe yede out iys, and who gendride frost fro heuene? Job 38:30 Watris ben maad hard in the licnesse of stoon, and the ouer part of occian is streyned togidere.

and of imbecility.

Job 38:31 Whether thou schalt mowe ioyne togidere schynynge sterris Pliades, ethir thou schalt mowe distrie the cumpas of Arturis? Job 38:32 Whether thou bryngist forth Lucifer, that is, dai sterre, in his tyme, and makist euene sterre to rise on the sones of erthe? Job 38:33 Whether thou knowist the ordre of heuene, and schalt sette the resoun therof in erthe? Job 38:34 Whethir thou schalt reise thi vois in to a cloude, and the fersnesse of watris schal hile thee? Job 38:35 Whethir thou schalt sende leitis, and tho schulen go, and tho schulen turne ayen, and schulen seie to thee, We ben present? Job 38:36 Who puttide wisdoom in the entrailis of man, ethir who yaf vndurstondyng to the cok? Job 38:37 Who schal telle out the resoun of heuenes, and who schal make acordyng of heuene to sleep? Job 38:38 Whanne dust was foundid in the erthe, and clottis weren ioyned togidere? Job 38:39 Whether thou schalt take prey to the lionesse, and schalt fille the soulis of hir whelpis, Job 38:40 whanne tho liggen in caues, and aspien in dennes? Job 38:41 Who makith redi for the crowe his mete, whanne hise briddis crien to God, and wandren aboute, for tho han not meetis?

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