Wycliffe Bible

Job 12

Job maintaineth himself against his friends that reprove him.

Job 12:1 Sotheli Joob answeride, and seide, Job 12:2 Therfor ben ye men aloone, that wisdom dwelle with you? Job 12:3 And to me is an herte, as and to you, and Y am not lowere than ye; for who knowith not these thingis, whiche ye knowen? Job 12:4 He that is scorned of his frend, as Y am, schal inwardli clepe God, and God schal here hym; for the symplenesse of a iust man is scorned. Job 12:5 A laumpe is dispisid at the thouytis of riche men, and the laumpe is maad redi to a tyme ordeyned. Job 12:6 The tabernaclis of robberis ben plenteuouse, ether ful of goodis; and boldli thei terren God to wraththe, whanne he hath youe alle thingis in to her hondis.

He acknowledgeth the general doctrine of God's omnipotency.

Job 12:7 No wondur, ax thou beestis, and tho schulen teche thee; and axe thou volatilis of the eir, and tho schulen schewe to thee. Job 12:8 Speke thou to the erthe, and it schal answere thee; and the fischis of the see schulen telle tho thingis. Job 12:9 Who knowith not that the hond of the Lord made alle these thingis? Job 12:10 In whos hond the soule is of ech lyuynge thing, and the spirit, that is, resonable soule, of ech fleisch of man. Job 12:11 Whether the eere demeth not wordis, and the chekis of the etere demen sauour? Job 12:12 Wisdom is in elde men, and prudence is in myche tyme. Job 12:13 Wisdom and strengthe is at God; he hath counsel and vndurstondyng. Job 12:14 If he distrieth, no man is that bildith; if he schittith in a man, noon is that openith. Job 12:15 If he holdith togidere watris, alle thingis schulen be maad drie; if he sendith out tho watris, tho schulen distrie the erthe. Job 12:16 Strengthe and wisdom is at God; he knowith bothe hym that disseyueth and hym that is disseyued. Job 12:17 And he bryngith conselours in to a fonned eende, and iugis in to wondryng, ethir astonying. Job 12:18 He vnbindith the girdil of kyngis, and girdith her reynes with a coorde. Job 12:19 He ledith her prestis with out glorie, and he disseyueth the principal men, ethir counselours; Job 12:20 and he chaungith the lippis of sothefast men, and takith awei the doctrine of elde men. Job 12:21 He schedith out dispisyng on princes, and releeueth hem, that weren oppressid. Job 12:22 Which schewith depe thingis fro derknessis; and bryngith forth in to liyt the schadewe of deeth. Job 12:23 Which multiplieth folkis, and leesith hem, and restorith hem destried in to the hool. Job 12:24 Which chaungith the herte of princes of the puple of erthe; and disseyueth hem, that thei go in veyn out of the weie. Job 12:25 Thei schulen grope, as in derknessis, and not in liyt; and he schal make hem to erre as drunken men.

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