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Jeremiah 6

The enemies, sent against Judah,

Jeremiah 6:1 Sones of Beniamyn, be ye coumfortid in the myddil of Jerusalem, and make ye noise with a clarioun in Thecua, and reise ye a baner on Bethecarem; for whi yuel and greet sorewe is seyn fro the north. Jeremiah 6:2 Y haue licned the douytir of Sion to a fair womman and delicat. Jeremiah 6:3 Scheepherdis and her flockis schulen come to it; thei han piyt tentis in it in cumpas; ech man schal feede hem, that ben vndur his hond.

encourage themselves.

Jeremiah 6:4 Halewe ye batel on it. Rise ye togidire, and stie we in myddai. Wo to vs, for the dai is bowid doun, for shadewis ben maad lengere in the euentid. Jeremiah 6:5 Rise ye, and stie we in the niyt, and distry we the housis therof.

God setteth them on work because of their sins.

Jeremiah 6:6 For the Lord of oostis seith these thingis, Kitte ye doun the tre therof, and schede ye erthe aboute Jerusalem; this is the citee of visitacioun; al fals caleng is in the myddis therof. Jeremiah 6:7 As a cisterne makith his water coold, so it made his malice coold; wickidnesse and distriyng schal euer be herd ther ynne bifore me, sikenesse and wounde. Jeremiah 6:8 Jerusalem, be thou tauyt, lest perauenture my soule go awei fro thee; lest perauenture Y sette thee forsakun, a loond vnhabitable.

The prophet lamenteth the judgments of God because of their sins.

Jeremiah 6:9 The Lord of oostis seith these thingis, Thei schulen gadere til to a racyn, thei schulen gadere the remenauntis of Israel as in a vyner; turne thin hond, as a gaderer of grapis to the bascat. Jeremiah 6:10 To whom schal Y speke, and to whom schal Y seie witnessing, that he here? Lo! the eeris of hem ben vncircumcidid, and thei moun not here; lo! the word of the Lord is maad to hem in to dispit, and thei schulen not resseiue it. Jeremiah 6:11 Therfor Y am ful of the strong veniaunce of the Lord, and Y trauelide suffrynge. Schede thou out on a litil child with outforth, and on the counsel of yonge men togidere; for a man with his wijf schal be takun, and an eeld man with him that is ful of daies. Jeremiah 6:12 And the housis of hem, the feeldis and wyues togidere, schulen go to othere men; for Y schal stretche forth myn hond on the dwelleris of the lond, seith the Lord. Jeremiah 6:13 For fro the lesse til to the grettere, alle studien to auerise; and alle doon gile, fro the profete til to the preest. Jeremiah 6:14 And thei heeliden the sorewe of the douyter of my puple with yuel fame, seiynge, Pees, pees, and no pees was. Jeremiah 6:15 Thei ben schent, that diden abhomynacioun; yhe, rathere thei weren not schent bi confusioun, and thei kouden not be aschamed. Wherfor thei schulen falle doun among hem that schulen falle doun; thei schulen falle doun in the tyme of her visitacioun, seith the Lord. Jeremiah 6:16 The Lord seith these thingis, Stonde ye on weies, and se ye, and axe ye of elde pathis, which is the good weie; and go ye ther ynne, and ye schulen fynde refreischyng to youre soulis. And thei seiden, We schulen not go. Jeremiah 6:17 And Y ordeynede aspieris on you, and Y seide, Here ye the vois of a trumpe. And thei seiden, We schulen not here.

He proclaimeth God's wrath.

Jeremiah 6:18 Therfor, hethene men, here ye, and, thou congregacioun, knowe, hou grete thingis Y schal do to hem. Jeremiah 6:19 Thou erthe, here, lo! Y schal brynge yuels on this puple, the fruit of her thouytis; for thei herden not my wordis, and castiden awei my lawe. Jeremiah 6:20 Wherto bryngen ye to me encense fro Saba, and a tre of spicerie smellynge swetli fro a fer lond? Youre brent sacrifices ben not acceptid, and youre slayn sacrifices plesiden not me. Jeremiah 6:21 Therfor the Lord God seith these thingis, Lo! Y schal yyue fallyngis in to this puple, and fadris and sones togidere, a neiybore and kynesman, schulen falle in hem, and schulen perische. Jeremiah 6:22 The Lord God seith these thingis, Lo! a puple cometh fro the lond of the north, and a greet folk schal rise togidere fro the endis of erthe. Jeremiah 6:23 It schal take an arowe and scheld; it is cruel, and schal not haue merci; the vois therof schal sowne as the see, and thei maad redi as a man to batel schulen stie on horsis ayens thee, thou douyter of Sion. Jeremiah 6:24 We herden the fame therof, oure hondis ben a clumsid; tribulacioun hath take vs, sorewis han take vs as a womman trauelinge of child. Jeremiah 6:25 Nyle ye go out to the feeldis, and go ye not in the weie, for the swerd of the enemye, drede in cumpas.

He calleth the people to mourn for the judgment on their sins.

Jeremiah 6:26 The douytir of my puple, be thou gird with heire, and be thou spreynt togidere with aische; make to thee mourenyng of oon aloone gendrid sone, a bitter weilyng, for whi a wastere schal come sodenli on you. Jeremiah 6:27 I yaf thee a strong preuere in my puple, and thou schalt knowe, and preue the weie of hem. Jeremiah 6:28 Alle these princis bowynge awei, goynge gilefuli, ben metal and irun; alle ben corrupt. Jeremiah 6:29 The belu failide, leed is waastid in the fier, the wellere wellide in veyn; for the malices of hem ben not wastid. Jeremiah 6:30 Clepe ye hem repreuable siluer, for the Lord hath cast hem awei.

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