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Jeremiah 49

The judgment of the Ammonites.

Jeremiah 49:1 Go ye to the sones of Amon. The Lord seith these thingis. Whether no sones ben of Israel, ether an eir is not to it? whi therfor weldide Melchon the eritage of Gad, and the puple therof dwellide in the citees of Gad? Jeremiah 49:2 Lo! daies comen, seith the Lord, and Y schal make the gnaisting of batel herd on Rabath of the sones of Amon; and it schal be distried in to noise, and the vilagis therof schulen be brent with fier, and Israel schal welde hise welderis, seith the Lord. Jeremiah 49:3 Yelle ye, Esebon, for Hay is distried; crie, ye douytris of Rabath, girde you with heiris, weile ye, and cumpasse bi heggis; for whi Melchon schal be lad in to passyng ouer, the prestis therof and princes therof togidere. Jeremiah 49:4 What hast thou glorie in valeis? Thi valeis fleet awei, thou delicat douyter, that haddist trist in thi tresours, and seidist, Who schal come to me? Jeremiah 49:5 Lo! Y schal bringe in drede on thee, seith the Lord God of oostis, God of Israel, of alle men that ben in thi cumpasse; and ye schulen be scaterid, ech bi hym silf, fro youre siyt, and noon schal be, that gadere hem that fleen.

Their restoration.

Jeremiah 49:6 And after these thingis Y schal make the fleeris and prisoneris of the sones of Amon to turne ayen, seith the Lord.

The judgment of Edom,

Jeremiah 49:7 To Ydumee the Lord God of oostis seith these thingis. Whether wisdom is no more in Theman? Councel perischide fro sones, the wisdom of hem is maad vnprofitable. Jeremiah 49:8 Fle ye, and turne ye backis; go doun in to a swolowe, ye dwelleris of Dedan, for Y haue brouyt the perdicioun of Esau on hym, the tyme of his visitacioun. Jeremiah 49:9 If gadereris of grapis hadden come on thee, thei schulden haue left a clustre; if theues in the niyt, thei schulden haue rauyschid that that suffiside to hem. Jeremiah 49:10 Forsothe Y haue vnhilid Esau, and Y haue schewid the hid thingis of hym, and he mai not mow be hid; his seed is distried, and hise britheren, and hise neiyboris, and it schal not be. Jeremiah 49:11 Forsake thi fadirles children, and Y schal make hem to lyue, and thi widewis schulen hope in me. Jeremiah 49:12 For the Lord seith these thingis, Lo! thei drynkynge schulen drynke, to whiche was no doom, that thei schulden drynke the cuppe. And schalt thou be left as innocent? thou schalt not be innocent, but thou drynkynge schalt drynke. Jeremiah 49:13 For Y swoor bi my silf, seith the Lord, that Bosra schal be in to wildirnesse, and in to schenschipe, and in to forsakyng, and in to cursyng; and alle the citees therof schulen be in to euerlastynge wildirnessis. Jeremiah 49:14 I herde an heryng of the Lord, and Y am sent a messanger to hethene men; be ye gaderid togidere, and come ye ayens it, and rise we togidere in to batel. Jeremiah 49:15 For lo! Y haue youe thee a litil oon among hethene men, despisable among men. Jeremiah 49:16 Thi boost, and the pride of thin herte, hath disseyued thee, that dwellist in the caues of stoon, and enforsist to take the hiynesse of a litil hil; whanne thou as an egle hast reisid thi nest, fro thennus Y schal drawe thee doun, seith the Lord. Jeremiah 49:17 And Ydumee schal be forsakun; ech man that schal passe bi it, schal wondre, and schal hisse on alle the woundis therof; Jeremiah 49:18 as Sodom and Gommor is distried, and the niy citees therof, seith the Lord. A man schal not dwelle there, and the sone of man schal not enhabite it. Jeremiah 49:19 Lo! as a lioun he schal stie, fro the pride of Jordan to the strong fairnesse; for Y schal make hym renne sudenli to it; and who schal be the chosun man, whom Y schal sette bifore hym? For who is lijk to me, and who schal suffre me? and who is this scheepherde, that schal ayenstonde my cheer? Jeremiah 49:20 Therfor here ye the councel of the Lord, which he took of Edom, and his thouytis, whiche he thouyte of the dwelleris of Theman. If the litle of the floc caste not hem doun, if thei distrien not with hem the dwellyng of hem, ellis no man yyue credence to me. Jeremiah 49:21 The erthe was mouyd of the vois of fallyng of hem; the cry of vois therof was herd in the reed see. Jeremiah 49:22 Lo! as an egle he schal stie, and fle out, and he schal sprede abrood hise wynges on Bosra; and the herte of the strong men of Idumee schal be in that dai, as the herte of a womman trauelynge of child.

of Damascus,

Jeremiah 49:23 To Damask. Emath is schent, and Arphath, for thei herden a ful wickid heryng; thei weren disturblid in the see, for angwisch thei miyten not haue reste. Jeremiah 49:24 Damask was discoumfortid, it was turned in to fliyt; tremblyng took it, angwischis and sorewis helden it, as a womman trauelynge of child. Jeremiah 49:25 How forsoken thei a preisable citee, the citee of gladnesse? Jeremiah 49:26 Therfor the yonge men therof schulen falle in the stretis therof, and alle men of batel schulen be stille in that dai, seith the Lord of oostis. Jeremiah 49:27 And Y schal kyndle fier in the wal of Damask, and it schal deuoure the bildyngis of Benadab.

of Kedar,

Jeremiah 49:28 To Cedar, and to the rewme of Azor, which Nabugodonosor, kyng of Babiloyne, smoot, the Lord seith these thingis. Rise ye, and stie to Cedar, and distrie ye the sones of the eest. Jeremiah 49:29 Thei schulen take the tabernaclis of hem, and the flockis of hem; thei schulen take to hem the skynnes of hem, and alle the vessels of hem, and the camels of hem; and thei schulen clepe on hem inward drede in cumpas.

of Hazor,

Jeremiah 49:30 Fle ye, go ye awei greetli, ye that dwellen in Asor, sitte in swolewis, seith the Lord. For whi Nabugodonosor, kyng of Babiloyne, hath take councel ayens you, and he thouyte thouytis ayens you. Jeremiah 49:31 Rise ye togidere, and stie ye to a pesible folk, and dwellinge tristili, seith the Lord; not doris nether barris ben to it, thei dwellen aloone. Jeremiah 49:32 And the camels of hem schulen be in to rauyschyng, and the multitude of her beestis in to prey; and Y schal schatere hem in to ech wynd, that ben biclippid on the long heer, and bi ech coost of hem Y schal brynge perischyng on hem, seith the Lord. Jeremiah 49:33 And Asor schal be in to a dwellyng place of dragouns; it schal be forsakun til in to withouten ende; a man schal not dwelle there, nether the sone of man schal enhabite it.

and of Elam.

Jeremiah 49:34 The word of the Lord that was maad to Jeremye, the profete, ayens Elam, in the bigynnyng of the rewme of Sedechie, Jeremiah 49:35 kyng of Juda, and seide, The Lord of oostis, God of Israel, seith these thingis, Lo! Y schal breke the bowe of Elam, and Y schal take the strengthe of hem. Jeremiah 49:36 And I schal bringe on Elam foure wyndis; fro foure coostis of heuene, and Y schal wyndewe hem in to alle these wyndis, and no folc schal be, to which the fleeris of Elam schulen not come. Jeremiah 49:37 And Y schal make Elam for to drede bifore her enemyes, and in the siyt of men sekynge the lijf of hem; and Y schal brynge on hem yuel, the wraththe of my strong veniaunce, seith the Lord; and Y schal sende after hem a swerd, til Y waste hem. Jeremiah 49:38 And Y schal sette my kyngis seete in Elam, and Y schal leese therof kyngis, and princes, seith the Lord.

The restoration of Elam.

Jeremiah 49:39 But in the laste daies Y schal make the prisoneris of Elam to turne ayen, seith the Lord.

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