Wycliffe Bible

Genesis 42

Jacob sendeth his ten sons to buy corn in Egypt.

Genesis 42:1 Forsothe Jacob herde that foodis weren seeld in Egipt, and he seide to hise sones, Whi ben ye necgligent? Genesis 42:2 Y herde that wheete is seeld in Egipt, go ye doun, and bie ye necessaries to vs, that we moun lyue, and be not wastid bi nedynesse.

Genesis 42:3 Therfor ten britheren of Joseph yeden doun to bie wheete in Egipt, Genesis 42:4 and Beniamyn was withholdun of Jacob at hoome, that seide to hise britheren, Lest perauenture in the weie he suffre ony yuel. Genesis 42:5 Sotheli thei entriden in to the lond of Egipt, with othere men that yeden to bie; forsothe hungur was in the lond of Canaan. Genesis 42:6 And Joseph was prince of Egipt, and at his wille whetis weren seeld to puplis. And whanne hise britheren hadden worschipid hym, Genesis 42:7 and he hadde knowe hem, he spak hardere as to aliens, and axide hem, Fro whennus camen ye? Whiche answeriden, Fro the lond of Canaan, that we bie necessaries to lyiflode. Genesis 42:8 And netheles he knewe the britheren, and he was not knowun of hem, Genesis 42:9 and he bithouyte on the dremys whiche he seiy sumtyme. And he seide to hem, Ye ben aspieris, ye camen to se the feblere thingis of the lond. Genesis 42:10 Whiche seiden, Lord, it is not so, but thi seruauntis camen to bie metis; Genesis 42:11 alle we ben the sones of o man, we comen pesible, and thi seruauntis ymaginen not ony yuel. Genesis 42:12 To whiche he answeride, It is in other maner, ye camen to se the feble thingis of the lond. Genesis 42:13 And thei seiden, We twelue britheren, thi seruauntis, ben sones of o man in the lond of Canaan; the leeste is with oure fadir, an other is not on erthe. Genesis 42:14 This it is, he seide, that Y spak to you, ye ben aspieris, Genesis 42:15 riyt now Y schal take experience of you, bi the helthe of Farao ye schulen not go fro hennus, til youre leeste brother come; sende ye oon of you,

They are imprisoned by Joseph for spies.

Genesis 42:16 that he brynge hym, forsothe ye schulen be in boondis, til tho thingis that ye seiden ben preued, whether tho ben false ether trewe; ellis, bi the helthe of Farao, ye ben aspieris. Genesis 42:17 Therfor he bitook hem to kepyng thre daies; sotheli in the thridde dai,

They are set at liberty, on condition to bring Benjamin.

Genesis 42:18 whanne thei weren led out of prisoun, he seide, Do ye that that Y seide, and ye schulen lyue, for Y drede God; Genesis 42:19 if ye ben pesible, o brother of you be boundun in prisoun; forsothe go ye, and bere wheetis, whiche ye bouyten, Genesis 42:20 in to youre housis, and brynge ye youre leeste brother to me, that Y may preue youre wordis, and ye die not. Thei diden as he seide,

They have remorse for Joseph.

Genesis 42:21 and thei spaken togidere, Skilfuli we suffren these thingis, for we synneden ayens oure brother, and we seiyen the anguysch of his soule, while he preiede vs, and we herden not; herfore this tribulacioun cometh on vs. Genesis 42:22 Of which oon, Ruben, seide, Whether Y seide not to yow, Nyle ye do synne ayens the child, and ye herden not me? lo! his blood is souyt. Genesis 42:23 Sotheli thei wisten not that Joseph vndirstood, for he spak to hem by interpretour.

Simeon is kept for a pledge.

Genesis 42:24 And he turnede awei hym silf a litil and wepte; and he turnede ayen, and spak to hem.

They return with corn, and their money.

Genesis 42:25 And he took Symeon, and boond hym, while thei weren present; and he comaundide the mynystris, that thei schulden fille her sackis with wheete, and that thei schulden putte the money of alle in her baggis, and ouer this yyue metis in the weie; whiche diden so. Genesis 42:26 And thei baren wetis on her assis, and yeden forth, Genesis 42:27 and whanne the sak of oon was opened that he schulde yyue meete to the werk beeste in the yn, he bihelde the money in the mouth of the bagge, Genesis 42:28 and seide to his britheren, My monei is yoldun to me, lo! it is had in the bagge; and thei weren astonyed, and troblid, and seiden togidere, What thing is this that God hath doon to us.

Their relation to Jacob.

Genesis 42:29 And thei camen to Jacob, her fadir, in the loond of Canaan, and telden to hym alle thingis that bifelden to hem, and seiden, Genesis 42:30 The lord of the lond spak harde to vs, and gesside that we weren aspieris of the prouynce; Genesis 42:31 to whom we answeriden, We ben pesible, nether we purposen ony tresouns; Genesis 42:32 we ben twelue britheren, gendrid of o fadir, oon is not on erthe, the leeste dwellith with the fadir in the lond of Canaan. Genesis 42:33 And he seide to vs, Thus Y schal preue that ye ben pesible; leeffe ye o brother of you with me, and take ye metis nedeful to youre housis, and go ye, and brynge ye to me youre leeste brother, Genesis 42:34 that Y wite that ye ben not aspieris, and that ye moun resseyue this brother which is holdun in boondis, and that fro thennus forth ye haue licence to bie what thingis ye wolen.

Genesis 42:35 While these thingis weren seide, whanne alle schedden out wheetis, thei founden money boundun in the mouth of sackis. And whanne alle togidere weren aferd,

Jacob refuseth to send Benjamin.

Genesis 42:36 the fadir Jacob seide, Ye han maad me to be with out children; Joseph is not alyue, Symeon is holdun in bondis, ye schulen take a wey fro me Beniamyn; alle these yuels felden in me. Genesis 42:37 To whom Ruben answeride, Sle thou my twei sones, if Y shal not brynge hym ayen to thee; take thou hym in myn hond, and Y schal restore hym to thee. Genesis 42:38 And Jacob seide, My sone schal not go doun with you; his brother is deed, he aloone is left; if ony aduersite schal bifalle to hym in the lond to which ye schulen go, ye schulen lede forth myn hoore heeris with sorewe to hellis.

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