Wycliffe Bible

Genesis 41

Pharaoh's two dreams.

Genesis 41:1 Aftir twei yeer Farao seiy a dreem; he gesside that he stood on a flood, Genesis 41:2 fro which seuene faire kiyn and ful fatte stieden, and weren fed in the places of mareis; Genesis 41:3 and othere seuene, foule and leene, camen out of the flood, and weren fed in thilk brenke of the watir, in grene places; Genesis 41:4 and tho deuoureden thilke kien of whiche the fairnesse and comelynesse of bodies was wondurful. Genesis 41:5 Farao wakide, and slepte eft, and seiy another dreem; seuen eeris of corn ful and faire camen forth in o stalke, Genesis 41:6 and othere as many eeris of corn, thinne and smytun with corrupcioun of brennynge wynd, Genesis 41:7 camen forth, deuourynge al the fairenesse of the firste. Farao wakide aftir reste, Genesis 41:8 and whanne morewtid was maad, he was aferd bi inward drede, and he sente to alle the expowneris of Egipt, and to alle wise men; and whanne thei weren clepid, he telde the dreem, and noon was that expownede.

Genesis 41:9 Thanne at the laste the maistir of boteleris bithouyte, and seide, Y knowleche my synne; Genesis 41:10 the kyng was wrooth to hise seruauntis, and comaundide me and the maister of bakeris to be cast doun in to the prisoun of the prince of knyytis, Genesis 41:11 where we bothe saien a dreem in o nyyt, biforeschewynge of thingis to comynge. Genesis 41:12 An Ebrew child, seruaunt of the same duk of knyytis was there, to whom we telden the dremes, Genesis 41:13 and herden what euer thing the bifallyng of thing preuede afterward; for Y am restorid to myn office, and he was hangid in a cros.

Genesis 41:14 Anoon at the comaundement of the kyng thei polliden Joseph led out of prisoun, and whanne the clooth was chaungid, thei brouyten Joseph to the kyng. Genesis 41:15 To whom the kyng seide, Y seiye dremes, and noon is that expowneth tho thingis that Y seiy, I haue herd that thou expownest moost prudentli. Genesis 41:16 Joseph answerde, With out me, God schal answere prosperitees to Farao. Genesis 41:17 Therfor Farao telde that that he seiy; Y gesside that Y stood on the brenke of the flood, Genesis 41:18 and seuene kiyn, ful faire and with fleischis able to etyng, stieden fro the watir, whiche kiyn gaderiden grene seggis in the pasture of the marreis; Genesis 41:19 and lo! seuene othere kiyn, so foule and leene, sueden these, that Y seiy neuere siche in the lond of Egipt; Genesis 41:20 and whanne the formere kien weren deuourid and wastid, tho secounde yauen no steppe of fulnesse, Genesis 41:21 but weren slowe bi lijk leenesse and palenesse. I wakide, and eft Y was oppressid bi sleep, and Y seiy a dreem; Genesis 41:22 seuene eeris of corn, ful and faireste, camen forth in o stalke, Genesis 41:23 and othere seuene, thinne and smytun with corrupcioun of brennynge wynd, camen forth of the stobil, Genesis 41:24 whiche deuouriden the fairenesse of the formere;

Joseph interpreteth them.

Genesis 41:25 Y telde the dreem to expowneris, and no man is that expowneth. Joseph answerde, The dreem of the king is oon; God schewide to Farao what thingis he schal do. Genesis 41:26 Seuene faire kiyn, and seuene ful eeris of corn, ben seuene yeeris of plentee, and tho comprehenden the same strengthe of dreem; Genesis 41:27 and seuene kiyn thinne and leene, that stieden aftir tho, and seuene thinne eeris of corn and smytun with brennynge wynd, ben seuene yeer of hungur to comynge, Genesis 41:28 whiche schulen be fillid bi this ordre. Genesis 41:29 Lo! seuene yeer of greet plentee in al the lond of Egipt schulen come, Genesis 41:30 and seuene othre yeer of so greet bareynesse schulen sue tho, that al the abundaunce bifore be youun to foryetyng; for the hungur schal waste al the lond, Genesis 41:31 and the greetnesse of pouert schal leese the greetnesse of plentee. Genesis 41:32 Forsothe this that thou siyest the secunde tyme a dreem, perteynynge to the same thing, is a schewyng of sadnesse, for the word of God schal be doon, and schal be fillid ful swiftli.

He giveth Pharaoh counsel.

Genesis 41:33 Now therfor puruey the kyng a wijs man and a redi, and make the kyng hym souereyn to the lond of Egipt, Genesis 41:34 which man ordeyne gouernouris bi alle cuntreis, and gadere he in to bernys the fyuethe part of fruytis bi seuene yeer of plentee, Genesis 41:35 that schulen come now; and al the wheete be kept vndur the power of Farao, and be it kept in citees, Genesis 41:36 and be it maad redi to the hungur to comynge of seuene yeer that schal oppresse Egipt, and the lond be not wastid bi pouert.

Genesis 41:37 The counsel pleside Farao, and alle his mynystris,

Joseph is advanced.

Genesis 41:38 and he spak to hem, Wher we moun fynde sich a man which is ful of Goddis spirit? Genesis 41:39 Therfor Farao seide to Joseph, For God hath schewid to thee alle thingis whiche thou hast spoke, wher Y mai fynde a wisere man and lijk thee? Genesis 41:40 Therfor thou schalt be ouer myn hous, and al the puple schal obeie to the comaundement of thi mouth; Y schal passe thee onely by o trone of the rewme. Genesis 41:41 And eft Farao seide to Joseph, Lo! Y haue ordeyned thee on al the lond of Egipt. Genesis 41:42 And Farao took the ryng fro his hond, and yaf it in the hond of Joseph, and he clothide Joseph with a stoole of bijs, and puttide a goldun wrethe aboute the necke; Genesis 41:43 and Farao made Joseph to stie on his secounde chare, while a bidele criede, that alle men schulden knele bifore hym, and schulden knowe that he was souereyn of al the lond of Egipt. Genesis 41:44 And the kyng seide to Joseph, Y am Farao, without thi comaundement no man shal stire hond ether foot in al the lond of Egipt. Genesis 41:45 And he turnede the name of Joseph, and clepide him bi Egipcian langage, the sauyour of the world; and he yaf to Joseph a wijf, Asenech, the douyter of Potifar, preest of Heliopoleos. And so Joseph yede out to the lond of Egipt.

Genesis 41:46 Forsothe Joseph was of thretti yeer, whanne he stood in the siyt of kyng Farao, and cumpasside alle the cuntreis of Egipt. Genesis 41:47 And the plente of seuene yeer cam, and ripe corn weren bounden into handfuls, and weren gaderid into the bernys of Egipt, Genesis 41:48 also al the aboundaunce of cornes weren kept in alle citeis, Genesis 41:49 and so greet aboundaunce was of wheete, that it was maad euene to the grauel of the see, and the plente passide mesure.

He begetteth Manasseh and Ephraim.

Genesis 41:50 Sotheli twei sones were born to Joseph bifor that the hungur came, whiche Asenech, douytir of Putifar, preest of Heliopoleos, childide to hym. Genesis 41:51 And he clepide the name of the firste gendrid sone, Manasses, and seide, God hath maad me to foryete alle my traueilis, and the hous of my fadir; Genesis 41:52 and he clepide the name of the secunde sone Effraym, and seide, God hath maad me to encreesse in the lond of my pouert.

The famine beginneth.

Genesis 41:53 Therfor whanne seuene yeer of plentee that weren in Egipt weren passid, Genesis 41:54 seuene yeer of pouert bigunnen to come, whiche Joseph bifore seide, and hungur hadde the maistri in al the world; also hungur was in al the lond of Egipt; Genesis 41:55 and whanne that lond hungride, the puple criede to Farao, and axide metis; to whiche he answeride, Go ye to Joseph, and do ye what euer thing he seith to you. Genesis 41:56 Forsothe hungur encreesside ech dai in al the lond, and Joseph openyde alle the bernys, and seelde to Egipcians, for also hungur oppresside hem; Genesis 41:57 and alle prouynces camen in to Egipt to bie metis, and to abate the yuel of nedynesse.

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