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Genesis 36

Esau's three wives.

Genesis 36:1 Forsothe these ben the generaciouns of Esau; he is Edom. Genesis 36:2 Esau took wyues of the douytris of Canaan, Ada, the douytir of Elom Ethey, and Oolibama, the douyter of Ana, sone of Sebeon Euey; Genesis 36:3 also Bathsemath, the douytir of Ismael, the sistir of Nabioth. Genesis 36:4 Forsothe Ada childide Elifath; Batsemath childide Rahuel; Oolibama childide Hieus, Genesis 36:5 and Hielon, and Chore. These weren the sones of Esau, that weren borun to hym in the lond of Canaan.

His removing to mount Seir.

Genesis 36:6 Sotheli Esau took hise wyues, and sones, and douytris, and ech soule of his hows, and catel, and scheep, and alle thingis whiche he myyte haue in the lond of Canaan, and yede into anothir cuntrey, and departide fro his brother Jacob; for thei weren ful riche, Genesis 36:7 and thei miyten not dwelle to gidere, and the erthe of her pilgrymage susteynede not hem, for the multitude of flockis. Genesis 36:8 And Esau dwellide in the hil of Seir; he is Edom.

His sons.

Genesis 36:9 Forsothe these weren the generaciouns of Esau, fader of Edom, Genesis 36:10 in the hil of Seir, and these weren the names of hise sones. Elifath, sone of Ada, wijf of Esau; also Rahuel sone of Bathsemath, wijf of hym. Genesis 36:11 And the sones of Elifath weren, Theman, Emath, Sephu, and Gathan, and Ceneth, and Chore. Genesis 36:12 Forsothe Tanna was the secundarie wijf of Elifath, sone of Esau, whiche Tanna childide to hym Amalech. These weren the sones of Ada, wijf of Esau. Genesis 36:13 Forsothe the sones of Rahuel weren, Naath, and Zara, and Semna, and Meza. These weren the sones of Bathsemath, wijf of Esau.

Genesis 36:14 And these weren the sones of Oolibama, douyter of Ana, sone of Sebeon, wijf of Esau, whiche sche childide to hym; Hieus, and Hielon, and Chore.

The dukes which descended of his sons.

Genesis 36:15 These weren the dukis of the sones of Esau; the sones of Elifath first gendrid of Esau, duk Theman, duyk Omar, Genesis 36:16 duk Sephua, duyk Ceneth, duyk Chore, duyk Dathan, duyk Amalech. These weren the sones of Eliphat, in the lond of Edom, and these weren the sones of Ada.

Genesis 36:17 Also these weren the sones of Rahuel, sone of Esau, duyk Naath, duyk Zara, duyk Senna, duyk Meza; forsothe these duykis weren of Rahuel in the lond of Edom. These weren the sones of Bathsamath, wijf of Esau.

Genesis 36:18 Forsothe these weren the sones of Oolibama, wijf of Esau; duyk Hieus, duyk Hielon, duyk Chore; these weren duykis of Oolibama, douytir of Ana, wijf of Esau. Genesis 36:19 These weren the sones of Esau, and thei weren duykis of hem; he is Edom.

The sons and dukes of Seir.

Genesis 36:20 These weren the sones of Seir Horrei, enhabiteris of the lond; Jothan, and Sobal, and Sebeon, Genesis 36:21 and Anam, and Dison, and Eser, and Disan; these duikis weren of Horrey, sone of Seir, in the lond of Edom. Genesis 36:22 Forsothe the sones of Jothan weren maad, Horrey, and Theman; sotheli the sistir of Jothan was Tanna. Genesis 36:23 And these weren the sones of Sobal; Aluan, and Maneeth, and Ebal, Sephi, and Onam.

Anah findeth mules.

Genesis 36:24 And these weren the sones of Sebeon; Achaia, and Ana; this is Ana that foonde hoote watris in wildirnesse, whanne he kepte the assis of Sebeon, his fadir; Genesis 36:25 and he hadde a sone Disan, and a douytir Oolibama. Genesis 36:26 And these weren the sones of Disan; Amadan, and Jesban, and Jethran, and Charan. Genesis 36:27 Also these weren the sones of Heser; Baalan, and Zeuan, and Acham. Genesis 36:28 And Disan hadde sones, Hus, and Haran. Genesis 36:29 These weren the duykis of Horreis; duyk Jothan, duyk Sobal, duyk Sebeon, duyk Ana, duyk Dison, duyk Heser, duik Disan; Genesis 36:30 these weren the duykis of Horreis, that weren lordis in the lond of Seir.

The kings of Edom.

Genesis 36:31 Forsothe kyngis that regneden in the lond of Edom, bifore that the sones of Israel hadden a kyng, weren these; Genesis 36:32 Balach, the sone of Beor, and the name of his citee was Deneba. Genesis 36:33 Forsothe Balach diede, and Jobab, sone of Sara of Bosra, regnede for hym. Genesis 36:34 And whanne Jobab was deed, Husam of the lond of Themayns regnede for hym. Genesis 36:35 And whanne he was deed, Adad, the sone of Badadi, that smoot Madian in the lond of Moab, and the name of his citee was Abyuth, regnede for him. Genesis 36:36 And whanne Adad was deed, Semla of Maseracha regnede for hym. Genesis 36:37 And whanne he was deed, Saul of the flood Robooth ragnede for hym. Genesis 36:38 And whanne he was deed, Balanam, the sone of Achobor, was successour in to the rewme. Genesis 36:39 And whanne this was deed, Adad regnede for hym, and the name of the citee of Adad was Phau, and the name of his wijf was clepid Meezabel, the douyter of Mathrect, douyter of Mesaab.

The dukes that descended of Esau.

Genesis 36:40 Therfor these weren the names of duykis of Esau, in her kynredis, and places, and names; duyk Thanna, duyk Alua, duyk Jetech, Genesis 36:41 duyk Oolibama, duyk Ela, duyk Phinon, Genesis 36:42 duyk Ceneth, duik Theman, duyk Mabsar, Genesis 36:43 duyk Madiel, duyk Iram; these weren the duykis of Edom, dwelleris in the lond of hys lordschip; he was Esau, the fadir of Ydumeis.

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