Wycliffe Bible

Genesis 34

Dinah is ravished by Shechem.

Genesis 34:1 Forsothe Dyna, the douytir of Lya, yede out to se the wymmen of that cuntrey. Genesis 34:2 And whanne Sichem, the sone of Emor Euey, the prince of that lond, hadde seyn hir, he louede hir, and rauyschide, and sclepte with hir, and oppresside the virgyn bi violence. Genesis 34:3 And his soule was boundun faste with hir, and he pleside hir sory with flateringis.

He sueth to marry her.

Genesis 34:4 And he yede to Emor, his fadir, and seide, Take to me this damysel a wijf. Genesis 34:5 And whanne Jacob hadde herd this thing, while the sones weren absent, and ocupied in the fedyng of scheep, he was stille, til thei camen ayen.

Genesis 34:6 Sotheli whanne Emor, the fadir of Sichem, was gon out, that he schulde speke to Jacob, lo! Genesis 34:7 hise sones camen fro the feeld. And whanne this thing that bifelde was herd, thei weren wroothe greetli; for he wrouyte a foul thing in Israel, and he hadde do a thing vnleueful in the defoulyng of the douyter of Jacob. Genesis 34:8 And so Emor spak to hem, The soule of my sone Sichem cleuyde to youre douytir, yeue ye hir a wijf to hym, Genesis 34:9 and ioyne we weddyngis to gidere; yyue ye youre douytris to vs, Genesis 34:10 and take ye oure douytris, and dwelle ye with vs; the lond is in youre power, tile ye, make ye marchaundise, and welde ye it. Genesis 34:11 But also Sichem seide to the fadir and britheren of hir, Fynde Y grace bifor you, and what euer thingis ye ordeynen Y schal yyue; Genesis 34:12 encreesse ye the dower, and axe ye yiftis, Y schal yyue wilfull that that ye axen; oonli yyue ye this damysele a wijf to me.

The sons of Jacob offer their condition of circumcision to the Shechemites.

Genesis 34:13 The sones of Jacob answeriden in gile to Sichem and his fadir, and weren feerse for the defoulyng of maidenhod of the sistir, Genesis 34:14 We moun not do this that ye axen, nether we moun yyue oure sistir to a man vncircumcidid, which thing is vnleueful and abhomynable anentis vs. Genesis 34:15 But in this we schulen mowe be boundun in pees, if ye wole be lijk vs, and ech of male kynde be circumcidid in you, Genesis 34:16 thanne we schulen yyue and take togidre oure douytris and youre; and we schulen dwelle with you, and we schulen be o puple. Genesis 34:17 Forsothe if ye nylen be circumcidid, we schulen take oure douytir, and schulen go a wei. Genesis 34:18 The profryng of hem pleside Emor and Sichem, his sone, Genesis 34:19 and the yong wexynge man dilaiede not, that ne he fillide anoon that that was axid, for he louede the damysele greetli, and he was noble in al the hous of his fadir.

Hamor and Shechem persuade them to accept it.

Genesis 34:20 And thei entriden in to the yate of the citee, and spaken to the puple, Genesis 34:21 These men ben pesible, and wolen dwelle with vs; make thei marchaundie in the loond, and tile thei it, which is large and brood, and hath nede to tileris; we schulen take her douytris to wyues, and we schulen yyue oure douytris to hem. Genesis 34:22 O thing is, for which so greet good is dilaied; if we circumciden oure malis, and suen the custom of the folc, Genesis 34:23 bothe her substaunce, and scheep, and alle thingis which thei welden, schulen be oure; oneli assente we in this, that we dwelle to gidere, and make o puple. Genesis 34:24 And alle men assentiden, and alle malis weren circumcidid.

The sons of Jacob upon that advantage slay them,

Genesis 34:25 And lo! in the thridde day, whanne the sorewe of woundis was moost greuous, twei sones of acob, Symeon and Leuy, britheren of Dyna, token swerdis, and entriden in to the citee booldeli; and whanne alle malis weren slayn, Genesis 34:26 thei killiden Emor and Sichem togidere, and token Dyna, her sistir, fro the hous of Sichem.

and spoil their city.

Genesis 34:27 And whanne thei weren goon out, othere sones of Jacob felden in on the slayn men, and rifeliden the citee for the veniaunce of defoulyng of a virgyn. Genesis 34:28 And thei wastiden the scheep of tho men, and droues of oxun, and assis, and alle thingis that weren in howsis and feeldis, Genesis 34:29 and ledden prisoneris the litle children, and wyues of tho men.

Jacob reproveth Simeon and Levi.

Genesis 34:30 And whanne these thingis weren don hardili, Jacob seide to Symeon and Leuy, Ye han troblid me, and han maad me hateful to Cananeis and Fereseis, dwellers of this lond; we ben fewe, thei schulen be gaderid to gidere and schulen sle me, and Y schal be don a wey and myn hous. Genesis 34:31 Symeon and Leuy answeriden, Whether thei ouyten mysuse oure sistir as an hoore?

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