Wycliffe Bible

Ezekiel 34

A reproof of the shepherds.

Ezekiel 34:1 And the word of the Lord was maad to me, and he seide, Ezekiel 34:2 Sone of man, profesie thou of the schepherdis of Israel, profesie thou; and thou schalt seie to the schepherdis, The Lord God seith these thingis, Wo to the schepherdis of Israel, that fedden hym silf; whether flockis ben not fed of schepherdis? Ezekiel 34:3 Ye eeten mylk, and weren hilid with wollis, and ye killiden that that was fat; but ye fedden not my floc. Ezekiel 34:4 Ye maden not sad that that was vnstidfast, and ye maden not hool that that was sijk; ye bounden not that that was brokun, and ye brouyten not ayen that that was cast awei, and ye souyten not that that perischide; but ye comaundiden to hem with sturnenesse, and with power. Ezekiel 34:5 And my scheep weren scaterid, for no sheepherde was; and thei weren maad in to deuouryng of alle beestis of the feeld, and thei weren scaterid. Ezekiel 34:6 My flockis erriden in alle mounteyns, and in ech hiy hil, and my flockis weren scaterid on al the face of erthe, and noon was that souyte.

God's judgment against them.

Ezekiel 34:7 Therfor, scheepherdis, here ye the word of the Lord; Ezekiel 34:8 Y lyue, seith the Lord God, for whi for that that my flockis ben maad in to raueyn, and my scheep in to deuouryng of alle beestis of the feeld, for that that no scheepherde was, for the scheepherdis souyten not my floc, but the scheepherdis fedden hem silf, and fedden not my flockis; Ezekiel 34:9 therfor, scheepherdis, here ye the word of the Lord, Ezekiel 34:10 The Lord God seith these thingis, Lo! Y my silf am ouer scheepherdis; Y schal seke my floc of the hond of hem, and Y schal make hem to ceesse, that thei fede no more my flok, and that the scheepherdis feede no more hem silf. And Y schal delyuere my floc fro the mouth of hem, and it schal no more be in to mete to hem.

His providence for his flock.

Ezekiel 34:11 For the Lord God seith these thingis, Lo! Y my silf schal seke my scheep, and Y schal visite hem. Ezekiel 34:12 As a scheepherde visitith his floc, in the dai whanne he is in the myddis of hise scheep that ben scaterid, so Y schal visite my scheep; and Y schal delyuere hem fro alle places in whiche thei weren scaterid, in the dai of cloude, and of derknesse. Ezekiel 34:13 And Y schal leede hem out of puplis, and Y schal gadere hem fro londis, and Y schal brynge hem in to her lond, and Y schal feede hem in the hillis of Israel, in ryueris, and in alle seetis of erthe. Ezekiel 34:14 Y schal feede hem in moost plenteouse pasturis, and the lesewis of hem schulen be in the hiy hillis of Israel; there thei schulen reste in greene eerbis, and in fatte lesewis thei schulen be fed on the hillis of Israel. Ezekiel 34:15 Y schal fede my scheep, and Y schal make hem to ligge, seith the Lord God. Ezekiel 34:16 I schal seke that that perischide, and Y schal brynge ayen that that was cast awei; and Y schal bynde that that was brokun, and Y schal make sad that that was sijk; and Y schal kepe that that was fat and strong; and Y schal feede hem in doom; Ezekiel 34:17 forsothe ye ben my flockis. The Lord God seith these thingis, Lo! Y deme bitwixe beeste and beeste, and a wethir and a buc of geet. Ezekiel 34:18 Whether it was not enowy to you to deuoure good pasturis? Ferthermore and ye defouliden with youre feet the remenauntis of youre lesewis, and whanne ye drunken clereste watir, ye disturbliden the residue with youre feet. Ezekiel 34:19 And my scheep weren fed with tho thingis that weren defoulid with youre feet; and thei drunken these thingis, that youre feet hadden troblid.

The Kingdom of Christ.

Ezekiel 34:20 Therfor the Lord God seith these thingis to you, Lo! Y my silf deme bitwixe a fat beeste and a leene beeste. Ezekiel 34:21 For that that ye hurliden with sidis, and schuldris, and wyndewiden with youre hornes alle sike beestis, til tho weren scaterid withoutforth, I schal saue my floc, Ezekiel 34:22 and it schal no more be in to raueyn. And Y schal deme bitwixe beeste and beeste; Ezekiel 34:23 and Y schal reise on tho o sheepherde, my seruaunt Dauid, that schal fede tho; he schal fede tho, and he schal be in to a sheepherde to hem. Ezekiel 34:24 Forsothe Y the Lord schal be in to God to hem, and my seruaunt Dauid schal be prince in the myddis of hem; Y the Lord spak. Ezekiel 34:25 And Y schal make with hem a couenaunt of pees, and Y schal make worste beestis to ceesse fro erthe; and thei that dwellen in desert, schulen slepe sikur in forestis. Ezekiel 34:26 And Y schal sette hem blessyng in the cumpas of my litle hil, and Y schal lede doun reyn in his tyme. And reynes of blessyng schulen be, Ezekiel 34:27 and the tre of the feeld schal yyue his fruyt, and the erthe schal yyue his seed. And thei schulen be in her lond with out drede; and thei schulen wite, that Y am the Lord, whanne Y schal al to-breke the chaynes of her yok, and schal delyuere hem fro the hond of hem that comaunden to hem. Ezekiel 34:28 And thei schulen no more be in to raueyn in to hethene men, nether the beestis of erthe schulen deuoure hem, but thei schulen dwelle tristili with outen ony drede. Ezekiel 34:29 And Y schal reise to hem a iust buriownyng named; and thei schulen no more be maad lesse for hunger in erthe, and thei schulen no more bere the schenschipis of hethene men. Ezekiel 34:30 And thei schulen wite, that Y am her Lord God with hem, and thei ben my puple, the hous of Israel, seith the Lord God. Ezekiel 34:31 Forsothe ye my flockis ben men, the flockis of my lesewe; and Y am youre Lord God, seith the Lord God.

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