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Ezekiel 28

God's judgment upon the prince of Tyrus for his sacrilegious pride.

Ezekiel 28:1 And the word of the Lord was maad to me, and he seide, Ezekiel 28:2 Sone of man, seie thou to the prince of Tire, The Lord God seith these thingis, For thin herte was reisid, and thou seidist, Y am God, and Y sat in the chaier of God, in the herte of the see, sithen thou art man and not God, and thou yauest thin herte as the herte of God; lo! Ezekiel 28:3 thou art wisere than Danyel, ech priuetee is not hid fro thee; Ezekiel 28:4 in thi wisdom and prudence thou madist to thee strengthe, and thou gatist to thee gold and siluer in thi tresouris; Ezekiel 28:5 in the multitude of thi wisdom, and in thi marchaundie thou multipliedist to thee strengthe, and thin herte was reisid in thi strengthe; Ezekiel 28:6 therfor the Lord God seith these thingis, For thin herte was reisid as the herte of God, therfor lo! Ezekiel 28:7 Y schal brynge on thee aliens, the strongeste of hethene. And thei schulen make nakid her swerdis on the fairnesse of thi wisdom, and thei schulen defoule thi fairnesse. Ezekiel 28:8 Thei schulen sle, and drawe doun thee; and thou schalt die bi the deth of vncircumcidid men, in the herte of the see. Ezekiel 28:9 Whether thou schalt seie, and speke, Y am God, bifore hem that sleen thee; sithen thou art a man, and not God? Ezekiel 28:10 In the hond of hem that sleen thee, bi deth of vncircumcidid men, thou schalt die in the hond of aliens; for Y the Lord spak, seith the Lord God.

A lamentation of his great glory corrupted by sin.

Ezekiel 28:11 And the word of the Lord was maad to me, and he seide, Thou, sone of man, reise thou weilyng on the kyng of Tire; Ezekiel 28:12 and thou schalt seie to hym, The Lord God seith these thingis, Thou a preente of licnesse, ful of wisdom, perfit in fairnesse, Ezekiel 28:13 were in delicis of paradijs of God. Ech preciouse stoon was thin hilyng, sardius, topacius, and iaspis, crisolitus, and onix, and birille, safire, and carbuncle, and smaragde; also gold was the werk of thi fairnesse, and thin hoolis weren maad redi, in the dai in which thou were maad. Ezekiel 28:14 Thou were cherub holdun forth, and hilynge; and Y settide thee in the hooli hil of God. In the myddis of stoonus set a fier thou yedist, Ezekiel 28:15 perfit in thi weies fro the dai of thi makyng, til wickidnesse was foundun in thee. Ezekiel 28:16 In the multitude of thi marchaundie thin ynnere thingis weren fillid of wickidnesse, and thou didist synne; and Y castide thee out of the hil of God, and, thou cherub hilynge fer, Y loste thee fro the myddis of stoonys set a fier. Ezekiel 28:17 And thin herte was reisid in thi fairnesse, thou lostist thi wisdom in thi fairnesse. Y castide thee doun in to erthe, Y yaf thee bifore the face of kingis, that thei schulden se thee. Ezekiel 28:18 In the multitude of thi wickidnessis, and in wickidnesse of thi marchaundie thou defoulidist thin halewyng; therfor Y schal brynge forth fier of the myddis of thee, that schal ete thee; and Y schal yyue thee in to aische on erthe, in the siyt of alle men seynge thee. Ezekiel 28:19 Alle men that schulen se thee among hethene men, schulen be astonyed on thee; thou art maad nouyt, and thou schalt not be with outen ende.

The judgment of Zidon.

Ezekiel 28:20 And the word of the Lord was maad to me, and he seide, Ezekiel 28:21 Thou, sone of man, sette thi face ayens Sidon, and thou schalt profesie of it; Ezekiel 28:22 and schalt seie, The Lord God seith these thingis, Lo! Y to thee, Sidon, and Y schal be glorified in the myddis of thee; and thei schulen wite, that Y am the Lord, whanne Y schal do domes in it, and Y schal be halewid ther ynne. Ezekiel 28:23 And Y schal sende pestilence in to it, and blood in the stretis therof, and slayn men bi swerd schulen falle doun in the myddis therof bi cumpas; and thei schulen wite, that Y am the Lord God.

The restoration of Israel.

Ezekiel 28:24 And there schal no more be an hirtyng of bitternesse to the hous of Israel, and a thorn bryngynge in sorewe on ech side bi the cumpas of hem that ben aduersaries to hem; and thei schulen wite, that Y am the Lord God. Ezekiel 28:25 The Lord God seith these thingis, Whanne Y schal gadere togidere the hous of Israel fro puplis, among whiche thei ben scaterid, Y schal be halewid in hem bifor hethene men. And thei schulen dwelle in her lond, which Y yaf to my seruaunt Jacob. Ezekiel 28:26 And thei schulen dwelle sikir ther ynne, and thei schulen bilde housis, and thei schulen plaunte vynes, and thei schulen dwelle tristili, whanne Y schal make domes in alle men that ben aduersaries to hem bi cumpas; and thei schulen wite, that Y am the Lord God of hem.

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