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Exodus 16

The Israelites come to Sin.

Exodus 16:1 And thei yeden forth fro Helym, and al the multitude of the sones of Israel cam in to deseert of Syn, which is bitwixe Helym and Synai, in the fiftenethe dai of the secunde monethe aftir that thei yeden out of the lond of Egipt.

They murmur for want of bread.

Exodus 16:2 And al the congregacioun of the sones of Israel grutchide ayens Moises, and ayens Aaron, in the wildirnesse. Exodus 16:3 And the sones of Israel seiden to hem, We wolden that we hadden be deed bi the hoond of the Lord in the lond of Egipt, whanne we saten on the pottis of fleisch, and eeten looues in plentee; whi leden ye vs in to this deseert, that ye schulden sle al the multitude with hungur?

God promiseth them bread from heaven.

Exodus 16:4 Forsothe the Lord seide to Moises, Lo! Y schal reyne to you looues fro heuene; the puple go out, that it gadere tho thingis that sufficen bi ech day; that Y asaie the puple, whethir it goith in my lawe, ether nai. Exodus 16:5 Sotheli in the sixte dai make thei redi that that thei schulen bere yn, and be it double ouer that thei weren wont to gadere bi ech dai. Exodus 16:6 And Moises and Aaron seiden to alle the sones of Israel, At euentid ye schulen wite that the Lord ledde you out of the lond of Egipt; Exodus 16:7 and in the morewetid ye schulen se the glorie of the Lord; for Y herde youre grutchyng ayens the Lord; sotheli what ben we, for ye grutchen ayens us? Exodus 16:8 And Moises seide, The Lord schal yyue to you at euentid fleischis to ete, and looues in the morewetid in plentee, for he herde youre grutchyngis, bi which ye grutchiden ayens hym; for whi, what ben we? youre grutchyng is not ayens vs but ayens the Lord.

Exodus 16:9 And Moises seide to Aaron, Seie thou to al the congregacioun of the sones of Israel, Neiye ye bifore the Lord, for he herde youre grutchyng. Exodus 16:10 And whanne Aaron spak to al the cumpeny of the sones of Israel, thei bihelden to the wildirnesse, and lo! the glorie of the Lord apperide in a cloude.

Quails are sent,

Exodus 16:11 Forsothe the Lord spak to Moises, and seide, Exodus 16:12 Y herde the grutchyngis of the sones of Israel; spek thou to hem, At euentid ye schulen ete fleischis, and in the morewtid ye schulen be fillid with looues, and ye schulen wite that Y am youre Lord God. Exodus 16:13 Therfor euentid was maad, and curlewes stieden and hiliden the castels; and in the morewtid deew cam bi the face of the castels.

and manna.

Exodus 16:14 And whanne it hadde hilid the erthe, a litil thing, and as powned with a pestel, in the licnesse of an hoorfrost on erthe, apperide in the wildirnesse. Exodus 16:15 And whanne the sones of Israel hadden seyn that, thei seiden to gidere, Man hu? which signyfieth, what is this? for thei wisten not what it was. To whiche Moises seide, This is the breed, which the Lord hath youe to you to ete.

The ordering of manna.

Exodus 16:16 This is the word which the Lord comaundide, Ech man gadere therof as myche as suffisith to be etun, gomor bi ech heed, bi the noumbre of youre soulis that dwellen in the tabernacle, so ye schulen take. Exodus 16:17 And the sones of Israel diden so, and thei gaderiden oon more, another lesse; Exodus 16:18 and thei metiden at the mesure gomor; nethir he that gaderide more had more, nethir he that made redi lesse fond lesse, but alle gaderiden bi that that thei myyten ete. Exodus 16:19 And Moises seide to hem, Noon leeue therof in to the morewtid; whiche herden not him, Exodus 16:20 but summe of hem leften til to the morewtid, and it bigan to buyle with wormes, and it was rotun; and Moises was wrooth ayens hem. Exodus 16:21 Forsothe alle gaderiden in the morewtid as myche as miyte suffice to be eten; and whanne the sunne was hoot, it was moltun.

Exodus 16:22 Sotheli in the sixte dai thei gaderiden double metis, that is, twei gomor by ech man. Forsothe alle the princis of the multitude camen, and telden to Moises, which seide to hem, Exodus 16:23 This it is that the Lord spak, The reste of the sabot is halewid to the Lord, do ye what euer thing schal be wrouyt to morewe, and sethe ye tho thingis that schulen be sodun; sotheli what euer thing is residue, kepe ye til in to the morewe. Exodus 16:24 And thei diden so as Moises comaundide, and it was not rotun, nether a worm was foundun ther ynne.

It was not to be found on the Sabbath.

Exodus 16:25 And Moises seide, Ete ye that in this dai, for it is the sabat of the Lord, it schal not be foundun to dai in the feeld; gadere ye in sixe daies, Exodus 16:26 forsothe the sabat of the Lord is in the seuenthe dai, therfor it schal not be foundun.

Exodus 16:27 The seuenthe dai cam, and summe of the puple yeden out to gadire, and thei founden not. Exodus 16:28 Forsothe the Lord seide to Moises, Hou long nylen ye kepe my comaundementis, and my lawe? Exodus 16:29 Se ye that the Lord yaf to you the sabat, and for this he yaf to you in the sixte dai double meetis; ech man dwelle at him silf, noon go out of his place in the seuenthe dai. Exodus 16:30 And the puple kepte sabat in the seuenthe dai. Exodus 16:31 And the hous of Israel clepide the name therof man, which was whijt as the seed of coriandre, and the taast therof was as of flour with hony.

An omer of it is preserved.

Exodus 16:32 Forsothe Moises seide, This is the word which the Lord comaundide, Fille thou a gomor therof, and be it kept in to generaciouns to comynge aftirward, that thei knowe the breed bi which Y fedde you in the wildirnesse, whanne ye weren led out of the lond of Egipt. Exodus 16:33 And Moises seide to Aaron, Take thou o vessel, and putte therinne man, as myche as gomor mai take, and putte bifore the Lord, to be kept in to youre generaciouns, Exodus 16:34 as the Lord comaundide to Moises; and Aaron puttide that to be kept in the tabernacle. Exodus 16:35 Forsothe the sones of Israel eeten manna in fourti yeer, til thei camen in to the lond abitable; thei weren fed with this mete til thei touchiden the endis of the lond of Canaan. Exodus 16:36 Forsothe gomor is the tenthe part of efy.

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