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Esther 1

Ahasuerus maketh royal feasts.

Esther 1:1 In the daies of kyng Assuerus, that regnede fro Ynde til to Ethiopie, on an hundrid and seuene and twenti prouynces, Esther 1:2 whanne he sat in the seete of his rewme, the citee Susa was the bigynnyng of his rewme. Esther 1:3 Therfor in the thridde yeer of his empire he made a greet feeste to alle hise princes and children, the strongeste men of Persis, and to the noble men of Medeis, and to the prefectis of prouynces, bifor him silf, Esther 1:4 to schewe the richessis of the glorie of his rewme, and the gretnesse, and boost of his power in myche tyme, that is, an hundrid and foure scoor daies. Esther 1:5 And whanne the daies of the feeste weren fillid, he clepide to feeste al the puple that was foundun in Susa, fro the moost til to the leeste; and he comaundide the feeste to be maad redi bi seuene daies in the porche of the orcherd and wode, that was set with the kyngis ournement and hond. Esther 1:6 And tentis of the colour of the eir, and of gold, and of iacynct, susteyned with coordis of bijs, and of purpur, hangiden on ech side, whiche weren set in cerclis of yuer, and weren vndur set with pilers of marble; also seetis at the maner of beddis of gold and of siluer weren disposid on the pawment arayede with smaragde and dyuerse stoon; which pawment peynture made fair bi wondurful dyuersite. Esther 1:7 Sotheli thei, that weren clepid to meet, drunkun in goldun cuppis, and metes weren borun in with othere and othere vessels; also plenteuouse wiyn, and the best was set, as it was worthi to the greet doyng of the kyng. Esther 1:8 And noon was that constreynede men not willynge to drynke; but so the kyng hadde ordeyned, makynge souereyns of hise princes to alle boordis, that ech man schulde take that, that he wolde. Esther 1:9 Also Vasthi, the queen, made a feeste of wymmen in the paleis, where kyng Assuerus was wont to dwelle.

Vashti, sent for, refuseth to come.

Esther 1:10 Therfor in the seuenthe dai, whanne the kyng was gladdere, and was hoot of wiyn aftir ful myche drinkyng, he comaundide Nauman, and Baracha, and Arbana, and Gabatha, and Zarath, and Abgatha, and Charchas, seuene oneste and chast seruauntis, that mynistriden in his siyt, Esther 1:11 that thei schulden brynge in bifor the kyng the queen Vasti, with a diademe set on hir heed, to schewe hir fairnesse to alle the puplis and prynces; for sche was ful fair. Esther 1:12 And sche forsook, and dispiside to come at the comaundement of the kyng, which he hadde sent bi the oneste and chast seruauntes. Wherfor the kyng was wrooth, and kyndlid bi fulgreet woodnesse; and he axide the wise men,

Ahasuerus, by the counsel of Memucan, maketh the decree of man's sovereignty.

Esther 1:13 whiche bi the kyngis custom weren euere with hym, and he dide alle thingis bi the counsel of hem, kunnynge the lawis and ritis of grettere men; Esther 1:14 forsothe the firste and the nexte weren Carsena, and Sechaaba, Admatha, and Tharsis, and Mares, and Marsana, and Manucha, seuene duykis of Persis and of Medeis, that sien the face of the kyng, and weren wont to sitte the firste aftir hym; Esther 1:15 the kyng axide hem, to what sentence the queen Vasthi schulde be suget, that nolde do the comaundement of kyng Assuerus, which he hadde sent bi the onest and chast seruauntis. Esther 1:16 And Manucha answeride, in audience of the kyng and of the pryncis, The queen Vasthi hath not oneli dispisid the kyng, but alle the pryncis and puplis, that ben in alle prouynces of kyng Assuerus. Esther 1:17 For the word of the queen schal go out to alle wymmen, that thei dispise her hosebondis, and seie, Kyng Assuerus comaundide, that the queen Vasthi schulde entre to hym, and sche nolde. Esther 1:18 And bi this saumple alle the wyues of prynces of Persis and of Medeis schulen dispise the comaundementis of hosebondis; wherfor the indignacioun of the kyng is iust. Esther 1:19 If it plesith to thee, a comaundement go out fro thi face, and be writun bi the lawe of Persis and of Medeis, which it is vnleueful to be passid, that Vasthi entre no more to the kyng, but anothir womman, which is betere than sche, take the rewme of hir. Esther 1:20 And be this puplischid in to al the empire of thi prouynces, which is ful large, that alle wyues, both of grettere men and of lesse, yyue onour to her hosebondis. Esther 1:21 His counsel pleside the kyng and the prynces, and the kyng dide bi the counsel of Manucha; Esther 1:22 and he sente pistlis bi alle the prouyncis of his rewme, as ech folk myyte here and rede, in dyuerse langagis and lettris, that hosebondis ben prynces and the grettere in her housis; and he sente, that this be pupplischid bi alle puplis.

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