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Deuteronomy 12

Monuments of idolatry are to be destroyed.

Deuteronomy 12:1 These ben the heestis and domes, whiche ye owen to do, in the lond which the Lord God of thi fadrys schal yyue to thee, that thou welde it, in alle daies in whiche thou schalt go on erthe. Deuteronomy 12:2 Distrie ye alle the places wherynne hethen men whiche ye schulen welde, worschipiden her goddis, on hiy mounteyns, and litle hillis, and vndur ech tre ful of bowis. Deuteronomy 12:3 Distrie ye the auteris of hem, and breke ye the ymagis; brenne ye the wodis with fier, and al to breke ye the idolis; destrie ye the names of hem fro the places. Deuteronomy 12:4 Ye schulen not do so to youre Lord God;

The place of God's service is to be kept.

Deuteronomy 12:5 but ye schulen come to the place which youre Lord God chees of alle youre lynagis, that he putte his name there, and dwelle therynne; Deuteronomy 12:6 and ye schulen come, and schulen offre in that place youre brent sacrifices, and slayn sacrifices, the dymes, and firste fruytis of youre hondis, and avowis and yiftis, the firste gendrid thingis of oxun, and of scheep. Deuteronomy 12:7 And ye and youre housis schulen ete there in the siyt of youre Lord God; and ye schulen be glad in alle thingis to whiche ye putten hond, in whiche youre Lord God blesside you. Deuteronomy 12:8 Ye schulen not do there tho thingis whiche we don here to dai, ech man that semeth riytful to hym silf. Deuteronomy 12:9 For til in to present tyme ye camen not to reste and possessioun, which the Lord God schal yyue to you. Deuteronomy 12:10 Ye schulen passe Jordan, and ye schulen dwelle in the lond which youre Lord God schal yyue to you, that ye reste fro alle enemyes bi cumpas, and dwelle without ony drede. Deuteronomy 12:11 In the place which youre Lord God chees that his name be therynne. Thidur ye schulen bere alle thingis, whiche Y comaunde, brent sacrifices, and sacrifices, and the dymes, and firste fruytis of youre hondis, and what euere is the beste in yiftis, whiche ye auowiden to the Lord. Deuteronomy 12:12 Ther ye schulen ete bifor youre Lord God, ye, and youre sones and douytris, youre seruauntis, and seruauntessis, and the dekenes, that dwellen in youre citees; for thei han not other part and possessioun among you. Deuteronomy 12:13 Be thou war lest thou offre thi brent sacrifices in ech place which thou seest, Deuteronomy 12:14 but in that place which the Lord chees in oon of thi lynagis thou schalt offre sacrifices, and schalt do what euer thingis Y comaunde to thee. Deuteronomy 12:15 Forsothe if thou wolt ete, and the etyng of fleischis delitith thee, sle thou, and ete, bi the blessyng of thi Lord God, which he yaf to thee in thi citees, whether it is vnclene, that is, spottid ether wemmed and feble, ether clene, that is, hool in membris and with out wem, which is leueful to be offrid, thou schalt ete as a capret and hert;

Blood is forbidden.

Deuteronomy 12:16 oneli without etyng of blood, which thou schalt schede out as watir on the erthe.

Holy things must be eaten in the holy place.

Deuteronomy 12:17 Thou schalt not mowe ete in thi citees the tithis of thi wheete, wyn, and oile, the firste gendrid thingis of droues, and of scheep, and alle thingis whiche thou hast avowid and wolt offre bi fre wille, and the firste fruytis of thin hondis; Deuteronomy 12:18 but thou schalt ete tho bifor thi Lord God, in the place which thi Lord God chees, thou, and thi sone, and douyter, seruaunt, and seruauntesse, and the dekene that dwellith in thi citees; and thou schalt be glad, and schalt be fillid bifor thi Lord God in alle thingis to whiche thou holdist forth thin hond.

The Levite is not to be forsaken.

Deuteronomy 12:19 Be thou war lest thou forsake the dekene in al tyme, in which thou lyuest in erthe.

Holy things must be eaten in the holy place.

Deuteronomy 12:20 Whanne thi Lord God hath alargid thi termes, as he spak to thee, and thou wolt ete fleischis, whiche thi soule desirith, Deuteronomy 12:21 forsothe if the place is fer, which thi Lord God chees, that his name be there, thou schalt sle of thin oxun, and scheep, whiche thou hast, as the Lord comaundide to thee; and thou schalt ete in thi citees as it plesith thee. Deuteronomy 12:22 As a capret and hert is etun, so thou schalt ete tho; bothe a cleene man and vncleene schulen ete therof in comyn.

Blood is forbidden.

Deuteronomy 12:23 Oneli eschewe thou this, that thou ete not blood; for the blood of tho beestis is for the lijf, and therfor thou owist not ete the lijf with fleischis, Deuteronomy 12:24 but thou schalt schede as watir the blood on the erthe, Deuteronomy 12:25 that it be wel to thee, and to thi sones after thee, whanne thou hast do that, that plesith in the siyt of the Lord.

Holy things must be eaten in the holy place.

Deuteronomy 12:26 Sotheli thou schalt take that that thou auowidist, and halewidist to the Lord, and thou schalt come to the place which the Lord chees; Deuteronomy 12:27 and thou schalt offre thin offryngis, fleischis, and blood, on the auter of thi Lord God; thou schalt schede in the auter the blood of sacrifices; forsothe thou schalt ete the fleischis. Deuteronomy 12:28 Kepe thou and here alle thingis whiche Y comaunde to thee, that it be wel to thee, and to thi sones after thee, with outen ende, whanne thou hast do that, that is good and plesaunt in the siyt of thi Lord God.

Idolatry is not to be enquired after.

Deuteronomy 12:29 Whanne thi Lord God hath distryed bifor thi face folkis, to whiche thou schalt entre to welde, and thou hast weldid tho folkis, and hast dwellid in the lond of hem, Deuteronomy 12:30 be thou war lest thou sue hem, aftir that thei ben distried, whanne thou entrist, and thou seke the cerymonyes of hem, and seie, As these folkis worschipyden her goddis, so and Y schal worschipe. Deuteronomy 12:31 Thou schalt not do in lijk manere to thi Lord God; for thei diden to her goddis alle abhomynaciouns whiche the Lord wlatith, and offriden her sones and douytris, and brenten with fier. Deuteronomy 12:32 Do thou to the Lord this thing oneli which Y comaunde to thee, nethir adde thou ony thing, nether abate.

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