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2 Samuel 20

By occasion of the quarrel, Sheba maketh a party in Israel.

2 Samuel 20:1 Also it bifelde, that a man of Belial was there, Siba bi name, the sone of Bothri, a man of the generacioun of Gemyny; and he sownede with a clarioun, and seide, No part is to vs in Dauid, nether eritage in the sone of Ysai; thou, Israel, turne ayen in to thi tabernaclis. 2 Samuel 20:2 And al Israel was departid fro Dauid, and suede Siba, the sone of Bothri; forsothe the men of Juda cleuyden to her kyng, fro Jordan til to Jerusalem.

David's ten concubines are shut up in perpetual prison.

2 Samuel 20:3 And whanne the kyng hadde come in to his hows in Jerusalem, he took ten wymmen, hise secundarie wyues, whiche he hadde left to kepe the hous, and he bitook hem in to keping, and yaf mete to hem; and he entride not to hem; but thei weren closid til to the dai of her deeth, and lyueden in widewehed.

Amasa, made captain over Judah, is slain by Joab.

2 Samuel 20:4 Forsothe Dauid seide to Amasa, Clepe thou to gidere to me alle the men of Juda in to the thridde dai, and be thou present. 2 Samuel 20:5 Therfor Amasa yede, that he clepe to gidere the puple of Juda; and he dwellide ouer the couenaunt, which the kyng hadde set to hym. 2 Samuel 20:6 Sotheli Dauid seide to Abisai, Now Siba, the sone of Botri, schal turmente vs more than Absolon dide; therfor take the seruauntis of thi lord, and pursue hym, lest in hap he fynde strengthid citees, and ascape vs. 2 Samuel 20:7 Therfor the men of Joab yeden out with Abisai, and Cerethi and Ferethi, and alle stronge men yeden out of Jerusalem to pursue Siba, the sone of Bochry. 2 Samuel 20:8 And whanne thei weren bisidis the greet stoon, which is in Gabaon, Amasa cam, and ran to hem; forsothe Joab was clothid with a streit coote at the mesure of his abit, and was gird aboue with a swerd, ether dagger, hangynge doun til to the entrayls in a schethe, which swerd maad craftily myyte go out bi liyt touchyng, and smyte. Therfor Joab seide to Amasa, 2 Samuel 20:9 Heil, my brother! And he helde with the riyt hond the chyn of Amasa, as kissinge him. 2 Samuel 20:10 Forsothe Amasa took not kepe of the swerd, which swerd Joab hadde, and Joab smoot Amasa in the side, and schedde out his entrailis in to the erthe, and Amasa was deed; and Joab addide not the secounde wounde. Forsothe Joab and Abisai, his brother, pursueden Siba, the sone of Bochri. 2 Samuel 20:11 In the meene tyme whanne sum men of the children of Dauid, of the felowis of Joab, hadden stonde bisidis the deed bodi of Amasa, thei seiden, Lo! he that wolde be the felowe of Dauid for Joab. 2 Samuel 20:12 Forsothe Amasa was bispreynt with blood, and lay in the myddil of the weie. Sum man siy this, that al the puple abood to se Amasa, and he remouyde Amasa fro the weie in to the feeld, and he hilide Amasa with a cloth, lest men passynge schulden abide for hym. 2 Samuel 20:13 Therfor whanne he was remouyd fro the weie, ech man passide suynge Joab to pursue Siba, the sone of Bochri.

Joab pursueth Sheba unto Abel.

2 Samuel 20:14 Forsothe Siba hadde passide bi alle the lynagis of Israel til in to Habela, and in to Bethmacha; and alle chosun men weren gaderid to hym. 2 Samuel 20:15 Therfor thei camen, and fouyten ayens hym in Habela, and in Bethmacha, and cumpassiden the citee with strengthingis; and the citee was bisegid. Sotheli al the cumpany, that was with Joab, enforside to distrie the wallis.

A wise woman saveth the city by Sheba's head.

2 Samuel 20:16 And a wijs womman of the citee criede an hiy, Here ye! here ye! seie ye to Joab, Neiye thou hidur, and Y schal speke with thee. 2 Samuel 20:17 And whanne he hadde neiyed to hir, sche seide to hym, Art thou Joab? And he answeride, Y am. To whom sche spak thus, Here thou the wordis of thin handmayde. Which Joab answeride, Y here. 2 Samuel 20:18 And eft sche seide, A word was seid in eld prouerbe, Thei that axen, axe in Habela; and so thei profitiden. 2 Samuel 20:19 Whethir Y am not, that answere treuthe to Israel? and sekist thou to distrie a citee, and to distrie a modir citee in Israel? whi castidist thou doun the eritage of the Lord? 2 Samuel 20:20 And Joab answeride, and seide, Fer be, fer be this fro me; Y caste not doun, nether Y distrye. 2 Samuel 20:21 The thing hath not so it silf; but a man of the hil of Effraym, Siba, sone of Bochri, bi surname, reiside his hond ayens kyng Dauid; bitake ye him aloone, and we schulen go awei fro the citee. And the womman seide to Joab, Lo! his heed schal be sent to thee bi the wal. 2 Samuel 20:22 Therfor the womman entride to al the puple, and sche spak to hem wiseli; whiche castiden forth to Joab the heed of Siba, sone of Bochri, gird of. And Joab sownede with a trumpe, and thei departiden fro the citee, ech man in to hise tabernaclis; forsothe Joab turnede ayen to Jerusalem to the kyng.

David's officers.

2 Samuel 20:23 Therfor Joab was on al the oost of Israel; forsothe Benanye, sone of Joiada, was on Cerethi and Ferethi; 2 Samuel 20:24 forsothe Adhuram was on tributis; forsothe Josaphat, sone of Achilud, was chaunceler; 2 Samuel 20:25 forsothe Siba was scryueyn; forsothe Sadoch and Abiathar weren preestis; 2 Samuel 20:26 forsothe Hira of Hiarith was preest of Dauid.

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