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2 Samuel 12

Nathan's parable of the ewe lamb causeth David to be his own judge.

2 Samuel 12:1 Therfor the Lord sente Nathan to Dauid; and whanne he hadde come to Dauid, he seide to Dauid, Answere thou doom to me; twei men weren in o citee; o man was riche, and the tother was pore. 2 Samuel 12:2 The riche man hadde ful many scheep, and oxun; 2 Samuel 12:3 sotheli the pore man hadde vttirli no thing, outakun o litil scheep, which he hadde bouyt, and nurschid, and which hadde wexid at hym with hise sones, and eet togidere of his breed, and drank of his cuppe, and slepte in his bosum; and it was as a douyter to hym. 2 Samuel 12:4 Forsothe whanne a pilgrym hadde come to the riche man, he sparide to take of hise scheep and oxun, that he schulde make a feeste to that pilgrym, that cam to hym; and he took the scheep of the pore man, and made redi metis to the man that cam to hym. 2 Samuel 12:5 Forsothe Dauid was ful wrooth with indignacioun ayens that man, and seide to Nathan, The Lord lyueth, for the man that dide this is the sone of deeth; 2 Samuel 12:6 he schal yelde the scheep in to foure folde, for he dide this word, and sparide not.

David, reproved by Nathan, confesseth his sin, and is pardoned.

2 Samuel 12:7 Forsothe Nathan seide to Dauid, Thou art thilke man, that hast do this thing. The Lord God of Israel seith these thingis, Y anoyntide thee in to kyng on Israel, and Y delyuerede thee fro the hond of Saul, 2 Samuel 12:8 and Y yaf to thee the hows of thi lord, and the wyues of thi lord in thi bosum, and Y yaf to thee the hows of Israel, and of Juda; and if these thingis ben litil, Y schal adde to thee myche grettere thingis. 2 Samuel 12:9 Whi therfor hast thou dispisid the word of the Lord, that thou didist yuels in my siyt? Thou hast smyte by swerd Vrye Ethei, and thou hast take his wijf in to wijf to thee, and thou hast slayn hym with the swerd of the sones of Amon. 2 Samuel 12:10 Wherfor swerd schal not go awey fro thin hows til in to with outen ende; for thou dispysidist me, and tokist the wijf of Vrye Ethei, that sche schulde be thi wijf. 2 Samuel 12:11 Therfor the Lord seith these thingis, Lo! Y schal reise on thee yuel of thin hows, and Y schal take thi wyues in thin iyen, and Y schal yyue to thi neiybore, and he schal slepe with thi wyues in the iyen of this sunne, that is, opynli bifor alle men, as in xv. chapitre. 2 Samuel 12:12 For thou hast do priueli; forsothe Y schal do this word in the siyt of al Israel, and in the siyt of this sunne. 2 Samuel 12:13 And Dauid seide to Nathan, Y haue synned to the Lord. And Nathan seide to Dauid, Also the Lord hath turned awei thi synne; thou schalt not die. 2 Samuel 12:14 Netheles for thou madist enemyes to blasfeme the name of the Lord, for this word the child which is borun to thee schal die bi deeth.

David mourneth and prayeth for the child, while it lived.

2 Samuel 12:15 And Nathan turnede ayen in to his hows. And the Lord smoot the litil child, whom the wijf of Vrye childide to Dauid, and he dispeiride. 2 Samuel 12:16 And Dauid preiede the Lord for the litil child; and Dauid fastide bi fastyng, and entride asidis half, and lai on the erthe. 2 Samuel 12:17 Sotheli the eldere men of his hows camen, and constreyneden hym bi meke preieris, that he schulde rise fro the erthe; and he nolde, nethir he eet mete with hem. 2 Samuel 12:18 Forsothe it bifelde in the seuenthe dai, that the yong child diede; and the seruauntis of Dauid dredde to telle to hym, that the litil child was deed; for thei seiden, Lo! whanne the litil child lyuede yit, we spaken to hym, and he herde not oure vois; hou myche more, if we seien the child is deed, he schal turment himsilf? 2 Samuel 12:19 Therfore whanne Dauid hadde herd his seruauntis spekynge priueli, ether moterynge, he understood that the yong child was deed; and he seyde to his seruauntis, Whether the child is deed? Whiche answeriden to hym, He is deed. 2 Samuel 12:20 Therfor Dauid roos fro the erthe, and was waischid, and anoyntid; and whanne he hadde chaungid cloth, he entride in to the hows of the Lord, and worschipide, and cam in to his hows; and he axide, that thei schulden sette breed to hym, and he eet. 2 Samuel 12:21 Sothely his seruauntis seiden to hym, What is the word which thou hast do? Thou fastidist, and weptist for the yong child, whanne he lyuede yit; sotheli whanne the child was deed, thou risidist and etist breed? 2 Samuel 12:22 And Dauid seide, Y fastide and wepte for the yong child, whanne he lyuyde yit; for Y seide, Who woot, if perauenture the Lord yyue hym to me, and the yong child lyue? 2 Samuel 12:23 Now forsothe for he is deed, whi fast Y? whether Y schal mow ayen clepe hym more? Y schal go more to hym, but he schal not turne ayen to me.

Solomon is born and named Jedidiah.

2 Samuel 12:24 And Dauid coumfortid Bersabee, his wijf; and he entride to hir, and slepte with hir. And sche gendride a sone, and Dauid clepide his name Salomon; and the Lord louyde hym. 2 Samuel 12:25 And he sente Salomon in the hond of Nathan, the prophete; and he clepide his name Amyable to the Lord, for the Lord louyde hym.

David taketh Rabbah, and tortureth the people thereof.

2 Samuel 12:26 Therfor Joab fauyt ayens Rabath, of the sones of Amon, and he fauyt ayens the kyngis citee. 2 Samuel 12:27 And Joab sente messangeris to Dauid, and seide, Y fauyte ayens Rabath, and the citee of watris schal be takun. 2 Samuel 12:28 Now therfor gadere thou the tother part of the puple, and bisege thou the citee, and take thou it, lest whanne the citee is wastid of me, the victorie be arettid to my name. 2 Samuel 12:29 Therfor Dauid gaderide al the puple, and he yede forth ayens Rabath; and whanne he hadde fouyte, he took it. 2 Samuel 12:30 And he took the diademe of the kyng of hem fro his heed, bi weiyte a talent of gold, hauynge preciouseste peerlis; and it was put on the heed of Dauid, that is, aftir that it was weldid and purgid bi fier; but also Dauid bar awey ful myche prey of the citee. 2 Samuel 12:31 Also he ledde forth the puple therof, and sawide, and dide aboute hem yrun instrumentis of turment, and departide with knyues, and ledde ouer bi the licnesse of tijl stoonus; so he dide to alle the citees of the sones of Amon. And Dauid turnede ayen, and al his oost, in to Jerusalem.

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