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2 Samuel 11

While Joab besieged Rabbah, David committeth adultery with Bath-sheba.

2 Samuel 11:1 Forsothe it was doon, whanne the yeer turnede ayen in that tyme wherynne kyngis ben wont to go forth to batels, Dauid sente Joab, and with hym hise seruauntis, and al Israel; and thei distrieden the sones of Amon, and bisegiden Rabath; forsothe Dauid dwellide in Jerusalem.

2 Samuel 11:2 While these thingis weren doon, it befelde, that Dauid roos in a dai fro his bed after mydday, and walkide in the soler of the kyngis hows; and he siy a womman waischynge hir silf euen ayens on hir soler; sotheli the womman was ful fair. 2 Samuel 11:3 Therfor the kyng sente, and enqueride, what womman it was; and it was teld to hym, that sche was Bersabee, the douytir of Heliam, and was the wijf of Vrye Ethei. 2 Samuel 11:4 Therfor bi messangeris sent Dauid took hir; and whanne sche entride to hym, he slepte with hir, and anoon sche was halewid fro hir vnclenesse. 2 Samuel 11:5 And sche turnede ayen in to hir hows, with child conseyued; and sche sente, and telde to Dauid, and seide, Y haue conseyued.

Uriah, sent for by David to cover the adultery, would not go home neither sober nor drunken.

2 Samuel 11:6 Forsothe Dauid sente to Joab, and seide, Sende thou Vrye Ethei to me; and Joab sente Vrye to Dauid. 2 Samuel 11:7 And Vrie cam to Dauid; and Dauid axide, hou riytfuli Joab dide and the puple, and hou the batel was mynystrid. 2 Samuel 11:8 And Dauid seide to Vrye, Go in to thin hows, and waische thi feet. Vrye yede out fro the hows of the kyng, and the kyngis mete suede hym. 2 Samuel 11:9 Sotheli Vrye slepte bifor the yate of the kyngis hows with othere seruauntis of his lord, and yede not doun to his hows. 2 Samuel 11:10 And it was teld to Dauid of men, seiynge, Vrye yede not to his hows. And Dauid seide to Vrye, Whether thou camest not fro the weye? whi yedist thou not doun in to thin hows? 2 Samuel 11:11 And Vrie seide to Dauid, The arke of God, Israel and Juda dwellen in tentis, and my lord Joab, and the seruauntis of my lord dwellen on the face of erthe, and schal Y go in to myn hows, to ete and drynke, and slepe with my wijf? Bi thin helthe, and bi the helthe of thi soule, Y schal not do this thing. 2 Samuel 11:12 Therfor Dauid seide to Vrye, Dwelle thou here also to dai, and to morewe Y schal delyuere thee. Vrie dwellide in Jerusalem in that day and the tothir. 2 Samuel 11:13 And Dauid clepide hym, that he schulde ete and drynke bifor hym, and Dauid made drunkun Vrye; and he yede out in the euentid, and slepte in his bed with the seruauntes of his lord; and yede not doun in to his hows.

He carrieth to Joab the letter of his death.

2 Samuel 11:14 Therfor the morewtid was maad, and Dauid wroot epistle to Joab, and sente bi the hond of Vrye, 2 Samuel 11:15 and wroot in the pistle, Sette ye Vrye euene ayens the batel, where the batel is strongeste, that is, where the aduersaries ben stronge, and forsake ye hym, that he be smitun and perische. 2 Samuel 11:16 Therfor whanne Joab bisegide the citee, he settide Vrie in the place where he wiste that strongeste men weren. 2 Samuel 11:17 And men yeden out of the citee, and fouyten ayens Joab, and thei killiden of the puple of seruauntis of Dauid, and also Vrye Ethei was deed.

Joab sendeth the news thereof to David.

2 Samuel 11:18 Therfor Joab sente, and telde alle the wordis of the batel; 2 Samuel 11:19 and he comaundyde to the messanger, and seide, Whanne thou hast fillid alle wordis of the batel to the kyng, 2 Samuel 11:20 if thou seest, that he is wrooth, and seith, Whi neiyiden ye to the wal to fiyte? whether ye wisten not, that many dartis ben sent fro aboue fro the wal? 2 Samuel 11:21 who smoot Abymelech, sone of Gerobaal? whether not a womman sente on hym a gobet of a mylnestoon fro the wal, and killide hym in Thebes? whi neiyiden ye bisidis the wal? thou schalt seie, Also thi seruaunt, Vrye Ethei, diede.

2 Samuel 11:22 Therfor the messanger yede, and telde to Dauid alle thingis whiche Joab hadde comaundid to hym. 2 Samuel 11:23 And the messanger seide to Dauid, Men hadden the maistri ayens us, and thei yeden out to vs in to the feeld; sotheli bi fersnesse maad we pursueden hem til to the yate of the citee. 2 Samuel 11:24 And archeris senten dartis to thi seruauntis fro the wal aboue, and summe of the kyngis seruauntis ben deed; forsothe also thi seruaunt, Vrye Ethei, is deed. 2 Samuel 11:25 And Dauid seide to the messanger, Thou schalt seie these thingis to Joab, This thing breke not thee; for the bifallyng of batel is dyuerse, and swerd wastith now this man, now that man; coumforte thi fiyteris ayens the citee, that thou distrye it, and excite thou hem.

David taketh Bath-sheba to wife.

2 Samuel 11:26 Forsothe the wijf of Vrye herde, that Vrye hir hosebond was deed, and sche biweilide hym. 2 Samuel 11:27 And whanne the morenyng was passid, Dauid sente, and brouyte hir in to his hows; and sche was maad wijf to hym, and sche childide a sone to hym. And this word which Dauid hadde do displeside bifor the Lord.

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