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2 Kings 23

Josiah causeth the book to be read in a solemn assembly.

2 Kings 23:1 And thei telden to the kyng that, that sche seide; which kyng sente, and alle the elde men of Juda, and of Jerusalem, weren gaderid to hym. 2 Kings 23:2 And the kyng stiede in to the temple of the Lord, and alle the men of Juda, and alle men that dwelliden in Jerusalem with hym, the preestis, and the prophetis, and al the puple, fro litil til to greet; and he redde, while alle men herden, alle the wordis of the book of boond of pees of the Lord, which book was foundun in the hows of the Lord.

He reneweth the Covenant of the LORD.

2 Kings 23:3 And the kyng stood on the grees; and he smoot boond of pees bifor the Lord, that thei schulden go aftir the Lord, and kepe hise comaundementis and witnessyngis and cerymonyes in al the herte and in al the soule, that thei schulden reise the wordis of this boond of pees, that weren writun in that book; and the puple assentide to the couenaunt.

He destroyeth idolatry.

2 Kings 23:4 And the kyng comaundide to Helchie, the bischop, and to the preestis of the secounde ordre, and to the porteris, that thei schulden caste out of the temple alle the vesselis, that weren maad to Baal, and in the wode, and to al the knyythod of heuene; and he brente tho vessels with out Jerusalem, in the euene valey of Cedron, and he bar the poudir of tho vessels in to Bethel. 2 Kings 23:5 And he dide awei false dyuynours that dyuynyden in the entrailis of beestis sacrified to idols, whiche the kingis of Juda hadden sett to make sacrifice in hiy thingis bi the citees of Juda, and in the cumpas of Jerusalem; and he dide awey hem that brenten encense to Baal, and to the sunne, and to the moone, and to twelue signes, and to al the knyythod of heuene. 2 Kings 23:6 And he made the wode to be borun out of the hows of the Lord without Jerusalem in the euene valey of Cedron, and he brente it there; and he droof it in to poudir, and castide it forth on the sepulcris of the comyn puple. 2 Kings 23:7 Also he distriede the litle housis of men turnyd into wommens condiciouns, whiche housis weren in the hows of the Lord; for whiche the wymmen maden as litil howsis of the wode. 2 Kings 23:8 And he gaderide alle the preestis fro the citees of Juda, and he defoulide the hiye thingis, where the preestis maden sacrifice, fro Gabaa til to Bersabee; and he distriede the auters of yatis in the entryng of the dore of Josie, prince of a citee, which dore was at the lift half of the yate of the cytee. 2 Kings 23:9 Netheles the preestis of hiye thingis stieden not to the auter of the Lord in Jerusalem, but oneli thei eten therf looues in the myddis of her britheren. 2 Kings 23:10 Also he defoulide Tophet, which is in the euene valey of the sone of Ennon, that no man schulde halewe his sone ether his douytir bi fier to Moloch. 2 Kings 23:11 Also he dide awei horsis, whiche the kyngis of Juda hadden youe to the sunne, in the entryng of the temple of the Lord, bisidis the chaumbir of Nathanmalech, geldyng, that was in Pharurym; forsothe he brente bi fier the charis of the sunne. 2 Kings 23:12 Also the kyng distriede the auteris, that weren on the roouys of the soler of Achaz, whiche auteris the kyngis of Juda hadden maad; and the kyng distriede the auteris, whiche Manasses hadde maad in the twei grete placis of the temple of the Lord; and he ran fro thennus, and scateride the askis of tho in to the strond of Cedron. 2 Kings 23:13 Also the kyng defoulide the hiye thingis, that weren in Jerusalem at the riyt part of the hil of offencioun, whiche Salomon, kyng of Israel, hadde bildid to Astroth, the ydol of Sidoneis, and to Chamos, the offencioun of Moab, and to Melchon, abhominacioun of the sones of Amon; 2 Kings 23:14 and he al to-brak ymagis, and kittide doun wodis, and fillide the places of tho with the boonys of deed men.

He burneth dead men's bones upon the altar of Beth-el, as was foreprophesied.

2 Kings 23:15 Ferthermore also he distriede the auter that was in Bethel, and he distriede the hiye thing, which Jeroboam, sone of Nabath, hadde maad, that made Israel to do synne; and he distriede that hiy autir, and brente it, and al to brak it in to poudir, and kittide doun also the wode. 2 Kings 23:16 And Josias turnyde, and siy there sepulcris that weren in the hil; and he sente, and took the boonys fro the sepulcris, and brente tho on the auter, and defoulide it bi the word of the Lord, which word the man of God spak, that biforseide these wordis. 2 Kings 23:17 And the kyng seide, What is this biriel, which Y se? And the citeseyns of that citee answeriden to hym, It is the sepulcre of the man of God, that cam fro Juda, and biforseide these wordis, whiche thou hast doon on the auter of Bethel. 2 Kings 23:18 And the kyng seide, Suffre ye hym; no man moue hise boonys. And hise boonys dwelliden vntouchid with the boones of the prophete, that cam fro Samarie. 2 Kings 23:19 Ferthermore also Josias dide awei alle the templis of hiye thingis, that weren in the citees of Samarie, whiche the kyngis of Israel hadden maad to terre the Lord to ire; and he dide to tho templis bi alle thingis whiche he hadde do in Bethel. 2 Kings 23:20 And he killide alle the preestis of hiye thingis, that weren there on the auteris, and he brente mennus boonus on tho auteris; and he turnede ayen to Jerusalem;

He keepeth a most solemn Passover.

2 Kings 23:21 and comaundide to al the puple, and seide, Make ye pask to youre Lord God, vp that, that is writun in the book of this boond of pees. 2 Kings 23:22 Forsothe sich pask was not maad, fro the daies of iugis that demyden Israel, and of alle daies of the kyngis of Israel and of Juda, 2 Kings 23:23 as this pask was maad to the Lord in Jerusalem in the eiytenthe yeer of kyng Josias.

He putteth away witches and all abomination.

2 Kings 23:24 But also Josias dide awei men hauynge fendis spekinge in her wombis, and false diuinouris in auteris, and he dide awei the figuris of idols, and alle vnclennessis, and abhomynaciouns, that weren in the lond of Juda and in Jerusalem, that he schulde do the wordis of the lawe, that weren writun in the book, which book Elchie, the preest, foond in the temple of the Lord. 2 Kings 23:25 No kyng bifor him was lijk hym, that turnede ayen to the Lord in al his herte, and in al his soule, and in al his vertu, bi al the lawe of Moises; nether aftir hym roos ony lijk hym.

God's final wrath against Judah.

2 Kings 23:26 Netheles the Lord was not turned awei fro the ire of his greet veniaunce, bi which his strong veniaunce was wrooth ayens Juda, for the terryngis to ire by whiche Manasses hadde terrid hym to ire. 2 Kings 23:27 Therfor the Lord seide, Y schal do awei also Juda fro my face, as Y dide awei Israel; and Y schal caste awei this citee, which Y chees, Jerusalem, and the hows of which Y seide, My name schal be there. 2 Kings 23:28 Forsothe the residue of wordis of Josias, and alle thingis whiche he dide, whether these ben not writun in the book of wordis of daies of the kyngis of Juda?

Josiah, provoking Pharaoh-nechoh, is slain at Megiddo.

2 Kings 23:29 In the daies of hym Farao Nechao, kyng of Egipt, stiede ayens the kyng of Assiriens, to the flood Eufrates; and Josias, kyng of Juda, yede in to metyng of hym, and Josias was slayn in Magedo, whanne he hadde seyn hym. 2 Kings 23:30 And hise seruauntis baren hym deed fro Magedo, and brouyte him in to Jerusalem, and birieden hym in his sepulcre; and the puple of the lond took Joachaz, sone of Josias, and anoyntiden hym, and maden hym kyng for his fadir.

Jehoahaz, succeeding him, is imprisoned by Pharaoh-nechoh, who maketh Jehoiakim king.

2 Kings 23:31 Joachaz was of thre and twenti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnede thre monethis in Jerusalem; the name of his modir was Amychal, douyter of Jeremye of Lobna. 2 Kings 23:32 And he dide yuel bifor the Lord, bi alle thingis which hise fadris hadden do. 2 Kings 23:33 And Farao Nechao boond hym in Reblatha, which is in the lond of Emath, that he schulde not regne in Jerusalem; and he settide peyne, ether raunsum, to the lond, in an hundrid talentis of siluer, and in a talent of gold. 2 Kings 23:34 And Farao Nechao made kyng Eliachim, sone of Josias, for Josias, his fadir; and he turnede the name of hym Joachym; forsothe Farao took Joachaz, and ledde hym in to Egipt. 2 Kings 23:35 Sotheli Joachym yaf siluer and gold to Farao, whanne he hadde comaundid to the lond bi alle yeeris, that it schulde be brouyt, bi the comaundement of Farao; and he reiside of ech man bi hise myytis bothe siluer and gold, of the puple of the lond, that he schulde yyue to Pharao Nechao.

Jehoiakim's wicked reign.

2 Kings 23:36 Joachym was of fyue and twenti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne, and he regnede eleuene yeer in Jerusalem; the name of his modir was Zebida, douyter of Phadaia of Ruma. 2 Kings 23:37 And he dide yuel bifor the Lord, bi alle thingis which hise fadris hadden do.

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