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2 Kings 10

Jehu, by his letters, causeth seventy of Ahab's children to be beheaded.

2 Kings 10:1 Forsothe seuenti sones in Samarie weren to Achab. Therfor Hieu wroot lettris, and sente in to Samarie to the beste men of the citee, and to the gretter men in birthe, and to alle the nurschis of Achab, and seide, 2 Kings 10:2 Anoon as ye han take these lettris, ye that han the sones of youre lord, and the charis, and horsis, and stronge citees, and armeris, 2 Kings 10:3 chese the beste, and hym that plesith to you of the sones of youre lord, and sette ye him on the trone of his fadir, and fiyte ye for the hows of youre lord. 2 Kings 10:4 And thei dredden greetli, and seiden, Lo! twei kyngis myyten not stonde bifor hym, and how schulen we mowe ayenstonde hym? 2 Kings 10:5 Therfor the souereyns of the hows, and the prefect of the citee, and the grettere men in birthe, and the nurchis senten to Hieu, and seiden, We ben thi seruauntis; what euer thingis thou comaundist, we schulen do, and we schulen not make a kyng to vs; do thou what euer thing plesith thee. 2 Kings 10:6 Forsothe he wroot ayen to hem lettris the secunde tyme, and seide, If ye ben myne, and obeien to me, take ye the heedis of the sones of youre lord, and come ye to me in this same our to morewe in to Jezrael. Sotheli the sones of the kyng, seuenti men, weren nurschid at the beste men of the citee. 2 Kings 10:7 And whanne the lettris hadden come to hem, thei token the sones of the kyng, and killiden seuenti men, and puttiden the heedis of hem in coffyns; and senten to hym in to Jezrael.

He excuseth the fact by the prophecy of Elijah.

2 Kings 10:8 Forsothe a messanger cam to hym, and schewide to hym, and seide, Thei han brouyt the heedis of the sones of the king. Which answeride, Putte ye tho heedis to tweyne hepis, bisidis the entring of the yate, til the morewtid. 2 Kings 10:9 And whanne it was cleer dai, he yede out, and stood, and seide to al the puple, Ye ben iust men; if Y conspiride ayens my lord, and killide hym, who killide alle these? 2 Kings 10:10 Therfor se ye now, that noon of the wordis of the Lord felde doun in to the erthe, whiche the Lord spak on the hows of Achab; and the Lord hath do that, that he spak in the hond of his seruaunt, Elie. 2 Kings 10:11 Therfor Hieu smoot alle that weren residue of the hows of Achab in Jezrael, and alle the beste men of hym, and knowun men, and preestis, til no relikis of hym leften.

At the shearing house he slayeth two and forty of Ahaziah's brethren.

2 Kings 10:12 And he roos, and cam in to Samarie; and whanne he hadde come to the chaumbir of schepherdis in the weie, 2 Kings 10:13 he foond the britheren of Ocozie, kyng of Juda; and he seide to hem, Who ben ye? And thei answeriden, We ben the britheren of Ocozie, and we comen doun to grete the sones of the kyng and the sones of the queen. 2 Kings 10:14 Which Hieu seide, Take ye hem quyke. And whanne thei hadden take hem quyke, thei strangliden hem in the cisterne, bisidis the chaumbre, two and fourti men; and he lefte not ony of hem.

He taketh Jehonadab into his company.

2 Kings 10:15 And whanne he hadde go fro thennus, he foond Jonadab, the sone of Rechab, in to meetyng of hym; and he blesside hym. And Hieu seide to hym, Whether thin herte is riytful with myn herte, as myn herte is with thin herte? And Jonadab seide, It is. Hieu seide, If it is, yyue thin hond. Which yaf his hond to hym; and he reiside hym to hym silf in to the chare. 2 Kings 10:16 And he seide to hym, Come thou with me, and se my feruent loue for the Lord. 2 Kings 10:17 And he ledde hym, put in hys chare, in to Samarie. And he killide alle men that weren residue of Achab in Samarie til to oon, bi the word of the Lord, which he spak bi Elie.

By subtilty he destroyeth all the worshippers of Baal.

2 Kings 10:18 Therfor Hieu gaderide to gidere alle the puple, and seide to hem, Achab worschipide Baal a litil, but Y schal worschipe hym more. 2 Kings 10:19 Now therfor clepe ye to me alle the prophetis of Baal, and alle hise seruauntis, and alle hise preestis; noon be that come not, for grete sacrifice is of me to Baal; who euer schal faile, he schal not lyue. Forsothe Hieu dide this bi tresoun, that he schulde distrie alle the worschipers of Baal. 2 Kings 10:20 And he seide, Halewe ye a solempne day to Baal. 2 Kings 10:21 And he clepide, and sente in to alle the termes of Israel; and alle the seruauntis of Baal camen, noon was residue, and sotheli not oon was that cam not. And thei entriden in to the temple of Baal; and the hows of Baal was fillid, fro oon ende til to the tothir. 2 Kings 10:22 And he seide to hem that weren souereyns ouer the clothis, Bringe ye forth clothis to alle the seruauntis of Baal; and thei brouyten forth clothis to hem. 2 Kings 10:23 And Hieu entride, and Jonadab, the sone of Rechab, in to the temple of Baal. And Hieu seide to the worschiperis of Baal, Enquere ye, and se, lest perauenture ony of the seruauntis of the Lord be with you; but that the seruauntis be aloone of Baal. 2 Kings 10:24 Therfor thei entriden, to make slayn sacrifices, and brent sacrifices. Sotheli Hieu hadde maad redi to hym with outforth foure scoore men, and hadde seid to hem, Who euer schal fle of alle these, whiche Y schal brynge in to youre hondis, the lijf of hym schal be for the lijf of hym that ascapith. 2 Kings 10:25 Forsothe it was don, whanne the brent sacrifice was fillid, Hieu comaundide to hise knyytis and duykis, Entre ye, and sle hem, that noon ascape. And the knyytis and duykis smytiden hem bi the scharpnesse of swerd, and castiden forth. And thei yeden into the citee of the temple of Baal, 2 Kings 10:26 and thei brouyten forth the ymage fro the temple of Baal, 2 Kings 10:27 and brenten it, and al to braken it. Also thei destrieden the hows of Baal, and maden priuyes for it til in to this dai. 2 Kings 10:28 Therfor Hieu dide awei Baal fro Israel;

Jehu followeth Jeroboam's sins.

2 Kings 10:29 netheles he yede not awei fro the synnes of Jeroboam, sone of Nabath, that made Israel to do synne, nether he forsook the goldun caluys, that weren in Bethel and in Dan. 2 Kings 10:30 Forsothe the Lord seide to Hieu, For thou didist bisili that that was riytful, and pleside in myn yyen, and hast do ayens the hows of Achab alle thingis that weren in myn herte, thi sones til to the fourthe generacioun schulen sitte on the trone of Israel. 2 Kings 10:31 Forsothe Hieu kepte not, that he yede in the lawe of the Lord God of Israel in al his herte; for he yede not awei fro the synnes of Jeroboam, that made Israel to do synne.

Hazael oppresseth Israel.

2 Kings 10:32 In tho daies the Lord bigan to be anoyed on Israel; and Asahel smoot hem in alle the coostis of Israel, 2 Kings 10:33 fro Jordan ayens the eest coost, al the lond of Galaad, and of Gad, and of Ruben, and of Manasses, fro Aroer which is on the stronde of Arnon, and Galaad, and Baasan. 2 Kings 10:34 Forsothe the residue of wordis of Hieu, and alle thingis whiche he dide, and his strengthe, whether these ben not writun in the book of wordis of daies of the kyngis of Israel?

Jehoahaz succeedeth Jehu.

2 Kings 10:35 And Hieu slepte with hise fadris; and thei birieden hym in Samarie; and Joachaz, his sone, regnyde for hym. 2 Kings 10:36 Forsothe the daies, in whiche Hieu regnede on Israel in Samarie, ben eiyte and twenti yeer.

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