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2 Chronicles 20

Jehoshaphat in his fear proclaimeth a fast.

2 Chronicles 20:1 Aftir these thingis the sones of Moab, and the sones of Amon, and with hem of Idumeis, weren gaderid togidere to Josaphat, for to fiyte ayens hym. 2 Chronicles 20:2 And messangeris camen, and schewiden to Josaphat, seiden, A greet multitude of tho placis that ben biyondis the see, and of Sirie, is comun ayens thee; and, lo! thei stonden in Asasonthamar, which is Engaddi. 2 Chronicles 20:3 Forsothe Josaphat was aferd by drede, and yaf hym silf al for to preye the Lord, and prechide fastynge to al Juda. 2 Chronicles 20:4 And Juda was gaderid togidere for to preye the Lord, but also alle men camen fro her citees for to biseche hym.

His prayer.

2 Chronicles 20:5 And whanne Josaphat hadde stonde in the myddis of the cumpeny of Juda and of Jerusalem, in the hows of the Lord, bifor the newe large place, 2 Chronicles 20:6 he seide, Lord God of oure fadris, thou art God in heuene, and thou art lord of alle rewmes of folkis; strengthe and power ben in thin hond, and noon may ayenstonde thee. 2 Chronicles 20:7 Whether not thou, oure God, hast slayn alle the dwelleris of this lond bifor thi puple Israel, and hast youe it to the seed of Abraham, thi freend, withouten ende? 2 Chronicles 20:8 And thei dwelliden therynne, and bildiden therinne a seyntuarie to thi name, and seiden, 2 Chronicles 20:9 If yuelis comen on vs, the swerd of doom, pestilence, and hungur, we schulen stonde bifor this hows withouten ende in thi siyt, in which hows thi name is clepid, and we schulen crie to thee in oure tribulaciouns; and thou schalt here vs, and schalt make vs saaf. 2 Chronicles 20:10 Now therfor lo! the sones of Amon and of Moab and the hil of Seir, bi whiche thou grauntidist not to the sones of Israel for to passe, whanne thei yeden out of Egipt, but thei bowiden awei fro hem, and killiden not hem, 2 Chronicles 20:11 thei doon ayenward, and enforsen to caste vs out of the possessioun, which thou, oure God, hast youe to vs; 2 Chronicles 20:12 therfor whether thou schalt not deme hem? Treuli in vs is not so greet strengthe, that we moun ayenstonde this multitude, that felde yn on vs; but sithen we witen not what we owen to do, we han oneli this residue, that we dresse oure iyen to thee. 2 Chronicles 20:13 Sotheli al Juda stood bifor the Lord, with her litle children and wyues and fre children.

The prophecy of Jahaziel.

2 Chronicles 20:14 Forsothe Hiaziel, the sone of Zacarie, sone of Ananye, sone of Hieyel, sone of Machanye, was a dekene, and of the sones of Asaph, on whom the Spirit of the Lord was maad in the myddis of the cumpeny, 2 Chronicles 20:15 and he seide, Al Juda, and ye that dwellen in Jerusalem, and thou, king Josaphat, perseyue ye, the Lord seith these thingis to you, Nyle ye drede, nether be ye aferd of this multitude, for it is not youre batel, but Goddis batel. 2 Chronicles 20:16 To morewe ye schulen stie ayens hem; for thei schulen stie bi the side of the hil, bi name Seys, and ye schulen fynde hem in the hiynesse of the stronde, which is ayens the wildirnesse of Jheruhel. 2 Chronicles 20:17 For it schulen not be ye, that schulen fiyte; but oneli stonde ye trustili, and ye schulen se the help of the Lord on you. A! Juda and Jerusalem, nyle ye drede, nether be ye aferd; to morewe ye schulen go out ayens hem, and the Lord schal be with you. 2 Chronicles 20:18 Therfor Josaphat, and Juda, and alle the dwelleris of Jerusalem, felden lowli on the erthe bifor the Lord, and worschypiden hym. 2 Chronicles 20:19 Forsothe the dekenes of the sones of Caath, and of the sones of Chore, herieden the Lord God of Israel with greet vois an hiy.

Jehoshaphat exhorteth the people, and setteth singers to praise the LORD.

2 Chronicles 20:20 And whanne thei hadden rise eerli, thei yeden not bi the deseert of Thecue; and whanne thei hadden gon forth, Josaphat stood in the myddis of hem, and seide, Juda and alle the dwelleris of Jerusalem, here ye me; bileue ye in youre Lord God, and ye schulen be sikur; bileue ye to hise prophetis, and alle prosperitees schulen come. 2 Chronicles 20:21 And he yaf counsel to the puple, and he ordeynede the syngeris of the Lord, that thei schulden herye hym in her cumpanyes, and that thei schulden go bifor the oost, and seie with acordynge vois, Knouleche ye to the Lord, for he is good; for his merci is in to the world.

The great overthrow of the enemies.

2 Chronicles 20:22 And whanne thei bigunnen to synge heriyngis, the Lord turnede the buyschementis of hem in to hem silf, that is, of the sones of Amon and of Moab and of the hil of Seir, that yeden out to fiyte ayens Juda; and thei weren slayn. 2 Chronicles 20:23 For whi the sones of Amon and of Moab risiden togidere ayens the dwelleris of the hil of Seir, to sle, and to do awey hem; and whanne thei hadden do this in werk, thei weren turned also in to hem silf, and felden doun togidere bi woundis ech of othere. 2 Chronicles 20:24 Certis whanne Juda was comun to the denne, that biholdith the wildirnesse, he siy afer al the large cuntrei ful of deed bodies, and that noon was left, that miyte ascape deeth. 2 Chronicles 20:25 Therfor Josaphat cam, and al the puple with hym, to drawe awey the spuylis of deed men, and thei founden among the deed bodies dyuerse purtenaunce of houshold, and clothis, and ful preciouse vessels; and thei rauyischiden in dyuerse maneres, so that thei myyten not bere alle thingis, nether thei myyten take awei the spuylis bi thre daies, for the greetnesse of prey.

The people, having blessed God at Berachah, return in triumph.

2 Chronicles 20:26 Sotheli in the fourthe dai thei weren gaderid togidere in the valey of Blessyng; forsothe for thei blessiden the Lord there, thei clepiden that place the valei of Blessyng til in to present dai. 2 Chronicles 20:27 And ech man of Juda turnede ayen, and the dwelleris of Jerusalem, and Josaphat bifor hem, in to Jerusalem with greet gladnesse; for the Lord God hadde youe to hem ioye of her enemyes. 2 Chronicles 20:28 And thei entriden in to Jerusalem with sawtrees, and harpis, and trumpis, in to the hows of the Lord. 2 Chronicles 20:29 Forsothe the drede of the Lord felde on alle the rewmes of londis, whanne thei hadden herd, that the Lord hadde fouyte ayens the enemies of Israel. 2 Chronicles 20:30 And the rewme of Josaphat restide; and the Lord yaf pees to hym bi cumpas.

Jehoshaphat's reign.

2 Chronicles 20:31 Therfor Josaphat regnede on Juda; and he was of fyue and thritti yeer, whanne he bigan to regne; sotheli he regnede fyue and twenti yeer in Jerusalem; and the name of his modir was Azuba, the douytir of Selathi. 2 Chronicles 20:32 And he yede in the weie of Asa his fadir, and bowide not fro it, and he dide what euer thingis weren plesaunt bifor the Lord. 2 Chronicles 20:33 Netheles he dide not awei hiy thingis; yit the puple hadde not dressid her herte to the Lord God of her fadris. 2 Chronicles 20:34 Forsothe the residue of the formere and the laste dedis of Josaphat ben writun in the book of Hieu, the sone of Anany, which he ordeynede in the book of kyngis of Israel.

His convoy of ships, which he made with Ahaziah, according to the prophecy of Eliezer, unhappily perished.

2 Chronicles 20:35 After these thingis Josaphat, kyng of Juda, made frendschipis with Ocozie, kyng of Israel, whose werkis weren ful yuele; 2 Chronicles 20:36 and he was parcener that thei maden schippis, that schulden go in to Tharsis; and thei maden o schip in to Asiongaber. 2 Chronicles 20:37 Sotheli Eliezer, sone of Dodan, of Maresa, profesiede to Josaphat, and seide, For thou haddist boond of pees with Ocozie, the Lord smoot thi werkis; and the schippis ben brokun, and myyten not go in to Tharsis.

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