Wycliffe Bible

1 Samuel 6

After seven months the Philistines take counsel how to send back the Ark.

1 Samuel 6:1 Therfor the arke of the Lord was in the cuntrei of Filisteis bi seuene monethis; 1 Samuel 6:2 and aftir these thingis Filisteis clepiden preestis and false dyuynours, and seiden, What schulen we do of the arke of God? Shewe ye to vs, hou we schulen sende it in to his place. 1 Samuel 6:3 Whiche seiden, If ye senden ayen the arke of God of Israel, nyle ye delyuere it voide, but yelde ye to hym that, that ye owen for synne; and thanne ye schulen be heelid, and ye schulen wite, whi his hond goith not awei fro you. 1 Samuel 6:4 And thei seiden, What is it, that we owen to yelde to hym for trespas? 1 Samuel 6:5 And thei answeriden to hem, Bi the noumbre of prouynces of Filisteis ye schulen make fyue goldun ersis, and fyue goldun myis; for o veniaunce was to alle you and to youre wise men, ether princes. And ye schulen make the licnesse of youre ersis, and the licnesse of myis that distriede youre lond; and ye schulen yyue glorie to God of Israel, if in hap he withdrawe his hond fro you, and fro youre goddis, and fro youre lond. 1 Samuel 6:6 Whi maken ye heuy youre hertis, as Egipt, and Farao made heuy his herte? Whether not after that he was smytun, thanne he delyuerede hem, and thei yeden forth? 1 Samuel 6:7 Now therfor take ye, and make o newe wayn, and ioyne ye twei kien hauynge caluys, on whiche kyen no yok was put; and close ye her calues at hoome. 1 Samuel 6:8 And ye schulen take the arke of the Lord, and ye schulen sette in the wayn; and ye schulen put in a panyere at the side therof the goldun vessels, whiche ye payeden to hym for trespas; and delyuere ye the arke, that it go. 1 Samuel 6:9 And ye schulen biholde, and sotheli if it stieth ayens Bethsames bi the weie of hise coostis, he dide to you this greet yuel; but if nay, we schulen wite for his hond touchide not vs, but if it bifelde bi hap.

They bring it on a new cart with an offering unto Beth-shemesh.

1 Samuel 6:10 Therfor thei diden in this manere; and thei token twei kien that yauen mylk to caluys, and ioyneden to the wayn; and thei closiden her caluys at hoome. 1 Samuel 6:11 And thei puttiden the arke of God on the wayn, and thei puttiden the panyere, that hadde the goldun myis, and the licnesse of ersis on the wayn. 1 Samuel 6:12 Sotheli the kien yeden streiytli bi the weie that ledith to Bethsames; and tho yeden in o weie goynge and lowynge, and bowiden not nether to the riyt side nether to the left side; but also the wise men of Filisteis sueden til to the termes of Bethsames. 1 Samuel 6:13 Forsothe men of Bethsames repiden whete in the valey, and thei reisiden the iyen, and sien the arke, and thei weren ioyful, whanne thei hadden sien the arke. 1 Samuel 6:14 And the wayn cam in to the feelde of Josue of Bethsames, and stood there. Forsothe a greet stoon was there; and thei kittiden the trees of the wayn, and puttiden the kien on tho trees, a brent sacrifice to the Lord. 1 Samuel 6:15 Sotheli dekenes token doun the arke of God, and the panyere, that was bisidis it, where ynne the goldun vessels weren; and thei settiden on the greet stoon. Forsothe the men of Bethsames offriden brent sacrifices, and offriden slayn sacrifices in that dai to the Lord. 1 Samuel 6:16 And fyue princes of Filisteis sien, and turneden ayen in to Accoron in that dai. 1 Samuel 6:17 Sotheli these ben the goldun ersis, whiche the Filisteis yeldiden to the Lord for trespas; Azotus yeldide oon; Gaza yeldide oon; Ascolon yeldide oon; Geth yeldide oon; Accaron yeldide oon; 1 Samuel 6:18 and Filisteis yeldiden golden myis bi the noumbre of citees of Filisteis of fyue prouynces, fro a wallid citee til to a town that was with out wal, and til to the greet Abel, on which thei puttiden the arke of the Lord, that was there til in that dai in the feeld of Josue of Bethsames.

The people are smitten for looking into the Ark.

1 Samuel 6:19 Forsothe the Lord smoot of the men of Bethsames, for thei hadden seyn the arke of the Lord, and he smoot of the puple seuenti men, and fifty thousynde of the porail. And the puple morenyde, for the Lord hadde smyte the puple with greet veniaunce. 1 Samuel 6:20 And men of Bethsames seiden, Who schal now stonde in the siyt of the Lord God of this hooli thing, and to whom schal it stie fro vs?

They send to them of Kirjath-Jearim to fetch it.

1 Samuel 6:21 And thei senten messangeris to the dwelleris of Cariathiarym, and seiden, Filisteis han brouyt ayen the arke of the Lord; come ye doun, and lede it ayen to you.

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