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1 Samuel 18

Jonathan loveth David.

1 Samuel 18:1 And it was doon, whanne Dauid hadde endid to speke to Saul, the soule of Jonathas was glued togidre to the soule of Dauid, and Jonathas louyde hym as his owne soule. 1 Samuel 18:2 And Saul took Dauid in that dai, and grauntide not to hym, that he schulde turne ayen in to the hows of his fadir. 1 Samuel 18:3 Forsothe Jonathas and Dauid maden boond of pees, that is, swerynge euerlastynge frenschip; for Jonathas louyde Dauid as his owne soule; 1 Samuel 18:4 for whi Jonathas dispuylide him silf fro the coote in which he was clothid, and yaf it to Dauid, and hise othere clothis, til to his swerd and bouwe, and til to the girdil.

Saul envieth his praise,

1 Samuel 18:5 Also Dauid yede out to alle thingis, to what euer thingis Saul hadde sent hym, and he gouernede hym silf prudentli; and Saul settide hym ouer the men of batel, and he was acceptid, ether plesaunt, in the iyen of al the puple, and moost in the siyt of the seruauntis of Saul. 1 Samuel 18:6 Forsothe whanne Dauid turnede ayen, whanne the Filistei was slayn, and bar the heed of the Filistei in to Jerusalem, wymmen yeden out of alle the citees of Israel, and sungen, and ledden queris, ayens the comyng of king Saul, in tympans of gladnesse, and in trumpis. 1 Samuel 18:7 And the wymmen sungen, pleiynge, and seiynge, Saul smoot a thousynde, and Dauid smoot ten thousynde. 1 Samuel 18:8 Saul was wrooth greetli, and this word displeside in his iyen; and he seide, Thei yauen ten thousynde to Dauid, and thei yauen a thousynde to me; what leeueth to hym, no but the rewme aloone? 1 Samuel 18:9 Therfor Saul bihelde Dauid not with riytful iyen, fro that dai and afterward.

seeketh to kill him in his fury,

1 Samuel 18:10 Sotheli aftir the tother dai a wickid spirit of God asailide Saul, and he propheciede in the myddis of his hows. 1 Samuel 18:11 Forsothe Dauid harpide with his hond, as bi alle daies; and Saul helde a spere, and caste it, and gesside that he myyte prene Dauid with the wal, that is, perse with the spere, so that it schulde passe til to the wal; and Dauid bowide fro his face the secounde tyme.

feareth him for his good success,

1 Samuel 18:12 And Saul dredde Dauid, for the Lord was with hym, and hadde go awei fro him silf. 1 Samuel 18:13 Therfor Saul remouide Dauid fro hym silf, and made hym tribune on a thousynde men; and Dauid yede out and entride in the siyt of the puple. 1 Samuel 18:14 And Dauid dide warli in alle hise weies, and the Lord was with hym; 1 Samuel 18:15 and so Saul siy that Dauid was ful prudent, and he bigan to be war of Dauid. 1 Samuel 18:16 Forsothe al Israel and Juda louyden Dauid; for he entride and yede out bifor hem.

offereth him his daughters for a snare.

1 Samuel 18:17 And Saul seide to Dauid, Lo! my more douytir Merob, Y schal yiue her wijf to thee; oneli be thou a strong man, and fiyte thou the batels of the Lord. Forsothe Saul arettide, and seide, Myn hond be not in hym, but the hond of Filisteis be on hym. 1 Samuel 18:18 Sotheli Dauid seide to Saul, Who am Y, ether what is my lijf, ether the meynee of my fadir in Israel, that Y be maad the sone in lawe of the kyng? 1 Samuel 18:19 Forsothe the tyme was maad whanne Merob, the douyter of Saul, ouyte to be youun to Dauid, sche was youun wijf to Hadriel Molatite. 1 Samuel 18:20 Forsothe Dauid louide Mychol, the douytir of Saul; and it was teld to Saul, and it pleside hym. 1 Samuel 18:21 And Saul seide, Y schal yyue hir to hym, that it be to hym in to sclaundir, and the hond of Filisteis be on hym. Therfor Saul seide to Dauid, In twei douytris thou schalt be my sone in lawe to dai.

David persuadeth to be the king's son in law, giveth two hundred foreskins of the Philistines for Michal's dowry.

1 Samuel 18:22 And Saul comaundide to hise seruauntis, Speke ye to Dauid, while it is hid fro me, and seie ye, Lo! thou plesist the king, and alle hise seruauntis louen thee; now therfor be thou hosebonde of the douytir of the kyng. 1 Samuel 18:23 And the seruauntis of Saul spaken alle these wordis in the eeris of Dauid. And Dauid seide, Whether it semeth litil to you to be sone in lawe of the kyng? Forsothe Y am a pore man, and a feble. 1 Samuel 18:24 And the seruauntis telden to Saul, and seiden, Dauid spak siche wordis. 1 Samuel 18:25 Sotheli Saul seide, Thus speke ye to Dauid, The kyng hath no nede to yiftis for spowsails, no but onely to an hundrid prepucies, that is, mennus yerdis vncircumcidid, of Filisteis, that veniaunce be maad of the kyngis enemyes. Certis Saul thouyte to bitake Dauid in to the hondis of Filisteis. 1 Samuel 18:26 And whanne the seruauntis of Saul hadden teld to Dauid the wordis, whiche Saul hadde seid, the word pleside in the iyen of Dauid, that he schulde be maad the kyngis son in lawe. 1 Samuel 18:27 And aftir a fewe daies Dauid roos, and yede in to Acharon, with the men that weren with hym, and he killide of Filisteis twei hundrid men; and brouyte the prepucies of hem, and noumbride tho to the kyng, that he schulde be the kyngis sone in lawe. And so Saul yaf Mycol, his douyter, wiif to hym.

Saul's hatred, and David's glory increaseth.

1 Samuel 18:28 And Saul siy, and vndirstood, that the Lord was with Dauid. 1 Samuel 18:29 Forsothe Mychol, the douyter of Saul, louide Dauid, and Saul bigan more to drede Dauid; and Saul was maad enemye to Dauid in alle daies. 1 Samuel 18:30 And the princes of Filisteis yeden out; forsothe fro the bigynnyng of her goyng out Dauyd bar hym silf more warli than alle the men of Saul; and the name of Dauid was maad ful solempne.

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