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1 Samuel 14

Jonathan, unwitting to his father, the priest, or the people, goeth and miraculously smiteth the Philistines' garrison.

1 Samuel 14:1 And it bifelde in a day, that Jonathas, the sone of Saul, seide to his squyer, a yong man, Come thou, and passe we to the staciouns of the Filisteis, which is biyende that place; sotheli he schewide not this same thing to his fadir. 1 Samuel 14:2 Sotheli Saul dwellide in the laste part of Gabaa, vndur a pumgarnarde tre, that was in the feeld of Gabaa; and the puple as of sixe hundrid men was with hym. 1 Samuel 14:3 And Achias, sone of Achitob, brother of Icaboth, sone of Fynees, that was gendrid of Ely, preest of the Lord in Silo, bar ephod, that is, the preestis cloth; but also the puple wiste not whidur Jonathas hadde go.

1 Samuel 14:4 Sotheli bitwixe the stiyngis, bi whiche Jonathas enforside to passe to the stacioun of Filisteis, weren stonys stondynge forth on euer either side, and scarris brokun bifore bi the maner of teeth on ech syde; name to oon was Boses, and name to the tother was Sene; 1 Samuel 14:5 o scarre was stondynge forth to the north ayens Machynas, and the tother scarre to the south ayens Gabaa. 1 Samuel 14:6 Forsothe Jonathas seide to his yong squyer, Come thou, passe we to the stacioun of these vncircumcisid men, if in hap the Lord do for vs; for it is not hard to the Lord to saue, ethir in manye ethir in fewe. 1 Samuel 14:7 And his squyer seide to hym, Do thou alle thingis that plesen thi soule; go whidur thou coueitist, Y schal be with thee, where euer thou wolt. 1 Samuel 14:8 And Jonathas seide, Lo! we passen to these men; and whanne we apperen to hem, 1 Samuel 14:9 if thei speken thus to vs, Dwelle ye, til we comen to you; stonde we in oure place, and stie we not to hem. 1 Samuel 14:10 Sotheli if thei seien, Stye ye to vs; stie we, for the Lord hath bitake hem in oure hondis; this schal be a signe to vs. 1 Samuel 14:11 Therfor euer either apperide to the stacioun of Filisteis; and Filisteis seiden, Lo! Ebreis goen out of caues, in whiche thei weren hid. 1 Samuel 14:12 And men of the stacioun spaken to Jonathas and to his squyer, and seiden, Stie ye to vs, and we schulen schewe to you a thing. And Jonathas seide to his squyer, Stie we, sue thou me; for the Lord hath bitake hem in to the hondis of Israel. 1 Samuel 14:13 Forsothe Jonathas stiede crepynge on hondis and feet, and his squyer after hym; and whanne thei hadden seyn the face of Jonathas, summe felden doun bifor Jonathas, his squier killed othere, and suede hym. 1 Samuel 14:14 And the firste wounde was maad, which Jonathas and his squyer smoot, as of twenti men, in the myddil part of lond which a peire of oxun was wont to ere in the dai.

A divine terror maketh them beat themselves.

1 Samuel 14:15 And a myracle was don in the castels, and bi the feeldis, but also al the puple of the stacioun of hem that yeden out to take prey, dredde, and the castels weren disturblid; and it bifelde as a myracle of God. 1 Samuel 14:16 And aspyeris of Saul bihelden, that weren in Gabaa of Beniamyn, and lo! a multitude cast doun, and fleynge awei hidur and thidur.

Saul, not staying the priest's answer, setteth on them.

1 Samuel 14:17 And Saul seide to the puple that weren with hym, Seke ye, and se ye, who yede awei fro vs. And whanne thei hadden souyt, it was foundun, that Jonathas and his squyer weren not present. 1 Samuel 14:18 And Saul seide to Achias, Brynge the arke of the Lord; for the arke of God was there in that dai with the sones of Israel.

1 Samuel 14:19 And whanne Saul spak to the preest, a grete noise roos in the castelis of Filisteis; and it encresside litil and litil, and sownede cleerliere. And Saul seide to the preest, Withdraw thin hond. 1 Samuel 14:20 Therfor Saul criede, and al the puple that was with hym; and thei camen til to the place of batel, and, lo! the swerd of ech man was turned to his neiybore, and a ful grete sleynge was.

The captivated Hebrews, and the hidden Israelites, join against them.

1 Samuel 14:21 But also Ebreis that weren with Filisteis yistirday and the thridde dai ago, and hadde stied with hem in castels, turneden ayen to be with Israel, that weren with Saul and Jonathas. 1 Samuel 14:22 Also alle men of Israel, that hadden hid hem silf in the hil of Effraym, herden that Filisteis hadden fled; and thei felouschipiden hem silf with her men in batel, and as ten thousynde of men weren with Saul. 1 Samuel 14:23 And the Lord sauyde Israel in that day. Sotheli the batel cam til to Bethauen.

Saul's unadvised adjuration hindreth the victory.

1 Samuel 14:24 And men of Israel weren felouschipid to hem silf in that dai; forsothe Saul swoor to the puple, and seide, Cursid be the man, that etith breed til to euentid, til Y venge me of myn enemyes. 1 Samuel 14:25 And al the puple ete not breed. And al the comyn puple of the lond cam in to a forest, in which was hony on the face of erthe. 1 Samuel 14:26 And so the puple entride in to the forest, and flowynge hony apperide; and no man puttide hond to his mouth, for the puple dredde the ooth. 1 Samuel 14:27 Forsothe Jonathas herde not, whanne his fadir swoor to the puple; and he helde forth the ende of a litil yerde, whiche he hadde in the hond, and dippide in to a coomb of hony; and he turnede his hond to his mouth, and hise iyen weren liytned. 1 Samuel 14:28 And oon of the puple answeride, and seide, Thi fader boond the puple with an ooth, and seide, Cursid be the man that etith breed to dai. Forsothe the puple was feynt. 1 Samuel 14:29 And Jonathas seide, My fadir hath disturblid the lond; ye sien, that myn iyen ben liytned, for Y tastide a litil of this hony; 1 Samuel 14:30 hou myche more if the puple hadde ete the prey of hise enemyes, which prey it foond; whether not gretter veniaunce hadde be maad in Filisteis? 1 Samuel 14:31 Therfore thei smytiden Filisteis in that dai fro Machynas til in to Hailon. Forsothe the puple was maad ful wery; 1 Samuel 14:32 and the puple turnede to prey, and took scheep and oxun, and calues; and thei killiden in the erthe; and the puple eet with blood.

He restraineth the people from eating blood.

1 Samuel 14:33 And thei telden to Saul, and seiden, that the puple etynge with blood hadde synned to the Lord. And Saul seide, Ye han trespassid; walewe ye to me riyt now a greet stoon. 1 Samuel 14:34 And Saul seyde, Be ye spred abrood in to the comyn puple, and seie ye to hem, that ech man brynge to me his oxe and ram; and sle ye on this stoon, and ete ye, and ye schulen not do synne to the Lord, and ete with blood. Therfor al the puple brouyte ech man an oxe in his hond til to nyyt, and thei killiden there.

He buildeth an altar.

1 Samuel 14:35 Sotheli Saul bildide an auter to the Lord; and thanne firste he bigan to bilde an auter to the Lord.

Jonathan, taken by lot, is saved by the people.

1 Samuel 14:36 And Saul seide, Falle we on the Filisteis in the nyyt, and waste we hem til the morewtid schyne; and leeue we not of hem a man. And the puple seide, Do thou al thing that semeth good to thee in thin iyen. And the preest seide, Neiye we hidur to God. 1 Samuel 14:37 And Saul counselide the Lord, and seide, Whether Y schal pursue Filisteis? whether thou schalt bitake hem in to the hondis of Israel? And the Lord answeride not to him in that dai. 1 Samuel 14:38 And Saul seide, Brynge ye hidur alle the corneris of the puple, and wite ye, and se, bi whom this synne bifelde to dai. 1 Samuel 14:39 The Lord sauyour of Israel lyueth; for if it is don bi Jonathas my sone, he schal die with out ayen drawyng. At which ooth no man of al the puple ayenseide hym. 1 Samuel 14:40 And he seide to al Israel, Be ye departid in to o part, and Y with my sone Jonathas schal be in the tothir part. And the puple answeride to Saul, Do thou that, that semeth good in thin iyen. 1 Samuel 14:41 And Saul seide to the Lord God of Israel, Lord God of Israel, yyue thou doom, what is, that thou answerist not to dai to thi seruaunt? If this wickidness is in me, ether in Jonathas my sone, yyue thou schewyng; ether if this wickidnesse is in thi puple, yyue thou hoolynesse. And Jonathas was takun, and Saul; forsothe the puple yede out. 1 Samuel 14:42 And Saule seide, Sende ye lot bitwixe me and Jonathas my sone. And Jonathas was takun bi lot. 1 Samuel 14:43 Forsothe Saul seide to Jonathas, Schewe thou to me, what thou didist. And Jonathas schewide to hym, and seide, Y tastynge tastide a litil of hony in the ende of the yerde, that was in myn hond; and lo! 1 Samuel 14:44 Y die. And Saul seide, God do to me these thingis, and adde these thingis, for thou, Jonathas, schalt die bi deeth. 1 Samuel 14:45 And the puple seide to Saul, Therfor whethir Jonathas schal die, that dide this greet helthe in Israel? this is vnleueful; the Lord lyueth; noon heer of his heed schal falle in to erthe; for he wrouyte with God to dai. Therfor the puple delyuerede Jonathas, that he diede not. 1 Samuel 14:46 And Saul yede a wey, and pursuede not Filisteis; sotheli Filisteys yeden in to her places.

Saul's strength and family.

1 Samuel 14:47 And Saul, whanne the rewme was confermyd on Israel, fauyt bi cumpas ayens alle hise enemyes, ayens Moab, and the sones of Amon, and Edom, and ayens the kyngis of Soba, and ayens Filisteis; and whidur euer he turnede hym, he ouercam. 1 Samuel 14:48 And whanne the oost was gaderid, he smoot Amalech; and delyuerede Israel fro the hond of hise distrieris. 1 Samuel 14:49 Forsothe the sones of Saul weren Jonathas, and Jesuy, and Melchisua; the names of hise twei douytris, name of the firste gendrid douyter was Merob, and name of the lesse douyter was Mycol. 1 Samuel 14:50 And name of the wijf of Saul was Achynoem, the douytir of Achymaas; and the name of the prince of his chyualrye was Abner, sone of Ner, brother of the fadir of Saul. 1 Samuel 14:51 Forsothe Cys was the fadir of Saul; and Ner, the sone of Abiel, was fadir of Abner. 1 Samuel 14:52 Sotheli myyti batel was ayens Filisteis in alle the daies of Saul; for whom euere Saul siy a strong man and schapli to batel, Saul felouschipide to him silf that man.

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