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1 Kings 20

Ben-hadad, not content with Ahab's homage, besiegeth Samaria.

1 Kings 20:1 Forsothe Benadab, kyng of Sirye, gaderide al his oost, and two and thritti kyngis with hym, and horsis, and charis; and he stiede ayens Samarie, and fauyt, and bisegide it. 1 Kings 20:2 And he sente messangeris to Achab, kyng of Israel, in to the citee, and seide, Benadab seith these thingis, 1 Kings 20:3 Thi siluer and thi gold is myn, and thi wyues, and thi beste sones ben myn. 1 Kings 20:4 And the kyng of Israel answeride, Bi thi word, my lord the kyng, Y am thin, and alle my thingis ben thine. 1 Kings 20:5 And the messangeris turneden ayen, and seiden, Benadab, that sente vs to thee, seith these thingis, Thou schalt yyue to me thi siluer, and thi gold, and thi wyues, and thi sones. 1 Kings 20:6 Therfor to morewe, in this same our, Y schal sende my seruauntis to thee, and thei schulen seke thin hows, and the hows of thi seruauntis; and thei schulen putte in her hondis, and take awey al thing that schal plese hem. 1 Kings 20:7 Forsothe the kyng of Israel clepide alle the eldere men of the lond, and seide, Perseyue ye, and se, that he settith tresoun to vs; for he sente to me for my wyues, and sones, and for siluer, and gold, and Y forsook not. 1 Kings 20:8 And alle the gretter men in birthe, and al the puple seiden to hym, Here thou not, nether assente thou to hym. 1 Kings 20:9 And he answeride to the messangeris of Benadab, Seie ye to my lord the kyng, Y schal do alle thingis, for whiche thou sentist in the bigynnyng to me, thi seruaunt; forsothe Y may not do this thing. 1 Kings 20:10 And the messangeris turneden ayen, and telden alle thingis to hym. Which sente ayen, and seide, Goddis do these thingis to me, and adde these thingis, if the dust of Samarie schal suffice to the fistis of al the puple that sueth me. 1 Kings 20:11 And the kyng of Israel answeride, and seide, Seie ye to hym, A gird man, that is, he that goith to batel, haue not glorie euenli as a man vngird. 1 Kings 20:12 Forsothe it was doon, whanne Benadab hadde herd this word, he drank, and the kyngis, in schadewyng places; and he seide to hise seruauntis, Cumpasse ye the citee.

By the direction of a prophet, the Syrians are slain.

1 Kings 20:13 And thei cumpassiden it. And lo! o prophete neiyede to Acab, kyng of Israel, and seide to hym, The Lord God seith these thingis, Certis thou hast seyn al this multitude ful greet; lo! Y schal bitake it in to thin hond to dai, that thou wite that Y am the Lord. 1 Kings 20:14 And Achab seide, Bi whom? And he seide to Achab, The Lord seith these thingis, Bi the squyeris of the princes of prouynces. And Achab seide, Who schal bigynne to fiyte? And the prophete seide, Thou. 1 Kings 20:15 Therfor he noumbryde the children of the princes of prouynces, and he foond the noumbre of twei hundrid and two and thretti; and aftir hem he noumbride the puple, alle the sones of Israel, seuene thousynde. 1 Kings 20:16 And thei yeden out in myddai. Forsothe Benadab drank, and was drunkun in his schadewyng place, and two and thretti kyngis with hym, that camen to the help of hym. 1 Kings 20:17 Sotheli the children of princes of prouynces yeden out in the firste frount. Therfor Benadab sente men, whiche telden to hym, and seide, Men yeden out of Samarie. 1 Kings 20:18 And he seide, Whether thei comen for pees, take ye hem quyke; whether to fiyte, take ye hem quyke. 1 Kings 20:19 Therfor the children of prynces of prouynces yeden out, 1 Kings 20:20 and the residue oost suede; and ech smoot the man that cam ayens hym. And men of Sirie fledden, and Israel pursuede hem; also Benadab, kyng of Sirie, fledde on an hors with his kniytis. 1 Kings 20:21 Also the king of Israel yede out, and smoot horsis and charis, and he smoot Sirie with a ful greet veniaunce.

As the prophet forewarned Ahab, the Syrians, trusting in the valleys, come against him in Aphek.

1 Kings 20:22 Forsothe a prophete neiyede to the kyng of Israel, and seide, Go thou, and be coumfortid, and wyte, and se, what thou schalt do; for the kyng of Sirie schal stie ayens thee in the yeer suynge. 1 Kings 20:23 Sotheli the seruauntis of the kyng of Sirie seiden to hym, The Goddis of hillis ben the Goddis of the sones of Israel, therfor thei ouercamen vs; but it is betere that we fiyte ayens hem in feeldi placis, and we schulen geet hem. 1 Kings 20:24 Therfor do thou this word; remoue thou alle kyngis fro thin oost, and sette thou princis for hem; 1 Kings 20:25 and restore thou the noumbre of knyytis, that felden of thine, and horsis bi the formere horsis, and restore thou charis, bi the charis whiche thou haddist bifore; and we schulen fiyte ayens hem in feeldy places, and thou schalt se, that we schulen gete hem. He bileuyde to the counsel of hem, and dide so. 1 Kings 20:26 Therfor after that the yeer hadde passid, Benadab noumbride men of Sirie, and he stiede in to Affech, to fiyte ayens Israel. 1 Kings 20:27 Forsothe the sones of Israel weren noumbrid; and whanne meetis weren takun, thei yeden forth euene ayens, and thei, as twey litle flockis of geet, settiden tentis ayens men of Sirie. Forsothe men of Sirie filliden the erthe.

By the word of the prophet, and God's judgment, the Syrians are smitten again.

1 Kings 20:28 And o prophete of God neiyede, and seide to the kyng of Israel, The Lord God seith these thingis, For men of Sirie seiden, God of hillis is the Lord of hem, and he is not God of valeis, Y schal yyue al this greet multitude in thin hond, and ye schulen wite that Y am the Lord. 1 Kings 20:29 In seuene daies these and thei dressiden scheltruns euene ayens; forsothe in the seuenthe dai the batel was joyned togidere, and the sones of Israel smytiden of men of Syrie an hundrid thousynde of foot men in o dai. 1 Kings 20:30 Forsothe thei that leften fledden in to the citee of Affech, and the wal felde doun on seuene and twenti thousynde of men that leften. Forsothe Benadab fledde, and entride in to the citee, in to a closet that was with ynne a closet;

The Syrians, submitting themselves, Ahab sendeth Ben-hadad away with a covenant.

1 Kings 20:31 and hise seruauntis seiden to him, We herden that the kyngis of the hows of Israel ben merciful, therfor putte we sackis in oure leendis, and cordis in oure heedis, and go we out to the kyng of Israel; in hap he schal saue oure lyues. 1 Kings 20:32 Thei girdiden her leendis with sackis, and puttiden coordis in her heedis, and thei camen to the kyng of Israel, and seiden to hym, Thi seruaunt Benadab seith, Y preye thee, lete my soule lyue. And he seide, If Benadab lyueth yit, he is my brother. 1 Kings 20:33 Which thing the men of Sirie token for a graciouse word, and rauyschiden hastily the word of his mouth, and seiden, Thi brother Benadab lyueth. And Achab seide to hem, Go ye, and brynge ye hym to me. Therfor Benadab yede out to hym, and he reiside Benadab in to his chare. 1 Kings 20:34 Which Benadab seide to hym, Y schal yelde the citees whiche my fadir took fro thi fadir, and make thou stretis to thee in Damask, as my fadir made in Samarie; and Y schal be boundun to pees, and Y schal departe fro thee. Therfor he made boond of pees, and delyuerede hym.

The prophet, under the parable of a prisoner, making Ahab judge himself, denounceth God's judgment against him.

1 Kings 20:35 Thanne sum man of the sones of prophetis seide to his felowe, in the word of the Lord, Smyte thou me. And he nolde smyte. 1 Kings 20:36 To whiche felowe he seide, For thou noldist here the vois of the Lord, lo! thou schalt go fro me, and a lioun schal smyte thee. And whanne he hadde go a litil fro hym, a lioun foond hym, and slowy hym. 1 Kings 20:37 But also the prophete foond another man, and he seide to that man, Smyte thou me. Which smoot him, and woundide him. 1 Kings 20:38 Therfor the prophete yede, and mette the kyng in the weie; and he chaungide his mouth and iyen, by sprynging of dust. 1 Kings 20:39 And whanne the kyng hadde passid, he criede to the kyng, and seide, Thi seruaunt yede out to fiyte anoon, and whanne o man hadde fledde, sum man brouyte hym to me, and seide, Kepe thou this man; and if he aschapith, thi lijf schal be for his lijf, ether thou schalt paye a talent of siluere. 1 Kings 20:40 Sotheli while Y was troblid, and turnede me hidur and thidur, sodeynly he apperide not. And the kyng of Israel seide to hym, This is thi doom which thou hast demed. 1 Kings 20:41 And anoon he wipide awey the dust fro his face, and the kyng of Israel knew him, that he was of the prophetis. 1 Kings 20:42 Which seide to the kyng, The Lord seith these thingis, For thou deliueridist fro thin hond a man worthi the deeth, thi lijf schal be for his lijf, and thi puple schal be for his puple. 1 Kings 20:43 Therfor the kyng of Israel turnede ayen in to his hows, and dispiside to here, and cam wod in to Samarie.

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