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1 Kings 15

Abijam's wicked reign.

1 Kings 15:1 Therfor in the eiytenthe yeer of the rewme of Jeroboam, sone of Nabath, Abia regnede on Juda. 1 Kings 15:2 Thre yeer he regnede in Jerusalem; the name of his modir was Maacha, douyter of Abessalon. 1 Kings 15:3 And he yede in alle the synnes of his fadir, which he dide bifor hym; and his herte was not perfit with his Lord God, as the herte of Dauid, his fadir, was perfit. 1 Kings 15:4 But for Dauid his Lord God yaf to hym a lanterne in Jerusalem, that he schulde reise his sone after hym, and that he schulde stonde in Jerusalem; 1 Kings 15:5 for Dauid hadde do riytfulnesse in the iyen of the Lord, and hadde not bowid fro alle thingis whiche the Lord hadde comaundid to him, in alle the daies of his lijf, outakun the word of Urie Ethei. 1 Kings 15:6 Netheles batel was bitwix Abia and Jeroboam, in al the tyme of his lijf. 1 Kings 15:7 Sotheli the residue of wordis of Abia, and alle thinges whiche he dide, whether these ben not writun in the book of wordis of daies of the kyngys of Juda? And batel was bitwixe Abia and Jeroboam.

Asa succeedeth him.

1 Kings 15:8 And Abia slepte with his fadris; and thei birieden hym in the citee of Dauid; and Asa, his sone, regnede for hym.

Asa's good reign.

1 Kings 15:9 Sotheli Asa, king of Jude, regnede in the twentithe yeer of Jeroboam, kyng of Israel; 1 Kings 15:10 and Asa regnede oon and fourti yeer in Jerusalem. The name of his modir was Maacha, douyter of Abessalon. 1 Kings 15:11 And Asa dide riytfulnesse in the siyt of the Lord, as Dauid, his fadir, dide; 1 Kings 15:12 and he took awey fro the loond men of wymmens condiciouns, and he purgide alle the filthis of idols, whiche his fadris maden. 1 Kings 15:13 Ferthermore and he remouyde Maacha, his modir, that sche schulde not be princesse in the solempne thingis of Priapus, and in his wode which sche hadde halewid; and he distriede the denne of hym, and he brak the foulest symylacre, and brente in the stronde of Cedron; 1 Kings 15:14 sotheli he dide not awei hiy thingis; netheles the herte of Asa was perfit with hys Lord God, in alle hise daies. 1 Kings 15:15 And he brouyte in to the hous of the Lord tho thingis, whiche his fadir hadde halewid and auowid, siluer, and gold, and vessel.

The war between Baasha and him causeth him to make a league with Ben-hadad.

1 Kings 15:16 Forsothe batel was bitwixe Asa and Baasa, kyng of Israel, in alle the daies of hem. 1 Kings 15:17 And Baasa, kyng of Israel, stiede in to Juda, and bildide Rama, that no man of the part of Aza, kyng of Juda, myyte go out, ether go yn. 1 Kings 15:18 Therfor Asa took al the siluer and gold, that lefte in the tresouris of the hows of the Lord, and in the tresouris of the kyngis hows, and yaf it in to the hondis of hise seruauntis; and sente to Benadab, sone of Tabrennon, sone of Ozion, the kyng of Sirie, that dwellide in Damask, and seide, 1 Kings 15:19 Boond of pees is bitwixe me and thee, and bitwixe my fadir and thi fadir, and therfor Y sente to thee yiftis, gold, and siluer; and Y axe, that thou come, and make voide the boond of pees, which thou hast with Baasa, kyng of Israel, and that he go awey fro me. 1 Kings 15:20 Benadab assentide to kyng Asa, and sente the princes of his oost in to the citees of Israel; and thei smytiden Ahion, and Dan, and Abel, the hows of Maacha, and al Cenoroth, that is, al the lond of Neptalym. 1 Kings 15:21 And whanne Baasa hadde herd this thing, he lefte to bilde Rama, and turnede ayen in to Thersa. 1 Kings 15:22 Forsothe kyng Asa sente message in to al Juda, and seide, No man be excusid. And thei token the stoonys of Rama, and the trees therof, bi whiche Baasa hadde bildid; and kyng Asa bildide of the same stoonys and trees Gabaa of Beniamyn, and Maspha.

Jehoshaphat succeedeth Asa.

1 Kings 15:23 Sotheli the residue of alle wordis of Asa, and of al his strengthe, and alle thingis whiche he dide, and the citees whiche he bildide, whether these ben not writun in the book of wordis of daies of kingis of Juda? Netheles Asa hadde ache in feet, in the tyme of his eelde. 1 Kings 15:24 And Asa slepte with hise fadris, and he was biried with hem in the citee of Dauid, his fader; and Josophat, his sone, regnede for him.

Nadab's wicked reign.

1 Kings 15:25 Forsothe Nadab, the sone of Jeroboam, regnede on Israel, in the secunde yeer of Asa, king of Juda; and he regnede on Israel two yeer. 1 Kings 15:26 And he dide that, that was yuel in the siyt of the Lord, and he yede in the weies of his fadir, and in the synnes of hym, in whiche he made Israel to do synne.

Baasha conspiring against him executeth Ahijah's prophecy.

1 Kings 15:27 Forsothe Baasa, the sone of Ahia, of the hows of Ysachar, settide tresoun to hym, and smoot him in Gebethon, which is a citee of Filisteis; sothely Nadab and al Israel bisegiden Gebethon. 1 Kings 15:28 Therfor Baasa killide hym, in the thridde yeer of Asa, king of Juda, and regnede for hym. 1 Kings 15:29 And whanne he hadde regnede, he smoot al the hows of Jeroboam; he lefte not sotheli not o man of his seed, til he dide awei hym, bi the word of the Lord, which he spak in the hond of his seruaunt, Ahia of Silo, a profete, 1 Kings 15:30 for the synnes of Jeroboam whiche he synnede, and in whiche he made Israel to do synne, and for the trespas, bi which he wraththide the Lord God of Israel.

Nadab's acts and death.

1 Kings 15:31 Sotheli the residue of wordis of Nadab, and alle thingis whiche he wrouyte, whether these ben not writun in the book of wordis of daies of the kyngis of Israel? 1 Kings 15:32 And batel was bitwixe Asa and Baasa, kyng of Israel, in al the daies of hem.

Baasha's wicked reign.

1 Kings 15:33 In the thridde yeer of Asa, kyng of Juda, Baasa, sone of Ahia, regnede on al Israel, in Thersa, foure and twenti yeer. 1 Kings 15:34 And he dide yuel bifor the Lord, and he yede in the weies of Jeroboam, and in hise synnes, bi whiche he made Israel to do synne.

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