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1 Chronicles 4

The posterity of Judah by Caleb the son of Hur.

1 Chronicles 4:1 The sones of Juda weren Phares, and Esrom, and Carmy, and Hur, and Sobal. 1 Chronicles 4:2 Forsothe Reaia, the sone of Sobal, gendride Geth; of whom weren borun Achymai, and Laed. These weren the kynredis of Sarathi. 1 Chronicles 4:3 And this is the generacioun of Ethan; Jesrael, Jezema, and Jedebos; and the name of the sistir of hem was Asaelphumy. 1 Chronicles 4:4 Sotheli Phunyel was the fadir of Gedor, and Ezer was the fadir of Osa; these ben the sones of Hur, the firste gendrid sone of Effrata, the fadir of Bethleem.

Of Ashur the posthumous son of Hezron.

1 Chronicles 4:5 Sotheli Assur, the fadir of Thecue, hadde twei wyues, Haala, and Naara; 1 Chronicles 4:6 forsothe Naara childide to hym Oozam, and Epher, and Theman, and Aschari; these ben the sones of Naara. 1 Chronicles 4:7 Forsothe the sones of Haala weren Sereth, Isaar, and Ethan. 1 Chronicles 4:8 Forsothe Chus gendride Anob, and Sobala, and the kynredis of Arab, sone of Arym.

Of Jabez, and his prayer.

1 Chronicles 4:9 Forsothe Jabes was noble byfor alle hise britheren; and his modir clepide his name Jabes, and seide, For Y childide hym in sorewe. 1 Chronicles 4:10 Sotheli Jabes clepide inwardli God of Israel, and seide, Yf thou blessynge schal blesse me, and schalt alarge my termes, and if thin hond schal be with me, and thou schalt make me to be not oppressid of malice. And God yaf to hym that thing, that he preiede.

The posterity of Judah by Caleb the son of Hur.

1 Chronicles 4:11 Forsothe Caleph, the brother of Sua, gendride Machir, that was the fadir of Eston; 1 Chronicles 4:12 sotheli Eston gendride Beth, Rapha, and Phese, and Thena, the fadir of the citee Naas. These ben the sones of Recha. 1 Chronicles 4:13 Forsothe the sones of Cenez weren Othonyel, and Saraia. 1 Chronicles 4:14 Sotheli the sones of Othonyel weren Athiath, and Maonaththa, that gendride Opham. Forsothe Saraia gendride Joab, the fadir of the valey of crafti men; for there weren crafti men. 1 Chronicles 4:15 Sotheli the sones of Caleph, sone of Jephone, weren Hyn, and Helam, and Nahemi. And the sones of Helam weren Cenez. 1 Chronicles 4:16 Also the sones of Jaleel weren Zeph, and Zipha, Tiria, and Asrael. 1 Chronicles 4:17 And the sones of Esra weren Chether, and Merid, and Epher, and Jalon; and he gendride Marie, and Semmai, and Jesba, the fadir of Eschamo. 1 Chronicles 4:18 Also Judaia, hys wijf, childide Jared, the fadir of Gedor; and Heber, the fadir of Zocho; and Hieutihel, the fadir of Janon. Sotheli these weren the sones of Bethie, the douyter of Pharao, whom Mered took to wijf. 1 Chronicles 4:19 And the sones of the wijf of Odoie, sister of Nathan, fadir of Ceila, weren Garmy, and Escamo, that was of Machati. 1 Chronicles 4:20 Also the sones of Symeon weren Amon and Rena; the sone of Anam was Chilon; and the sones of Gesi weren Zoeth, and Benzoeth.

The posterity of Shelah.

1 Chronicles 4:21 The sones of Cela, sone of Juda, weren Her, the fadir of Lecha, and Laada, the fadir of Marasa; and these weren the kynredis of the hows of men worchynge biys in the hows of an ooth, 1 Chronicles 4:22 and which made the sunne to stonde, and the men of leesyng, sikir, and goynge, that weren princes in Moab, and that turneden ayen in to Bethleem; forsothe these ben elde wordis. 1 Chronicles 4:23 These ben potteris dwellinge in plauntyngis, and in heggis, anentis kyngis in her werkis; and thei dwelliden there.

The posterity and cities of Simeon.

1 Chronicles 4:24 The sones of Symeon weren Namyhel, and Jamyn, Jarib, Zara, Saul. 1 Chronicles 4:25 Sellum was his sone; Mapsan was his sone; Masma was his sone. 1 Chronicles 4:26 The sones of Masma; Amuel, his sone; and Zaccur, his sone; Semey, his sone. 1 Chronicles 4:27 The sones of Semey weren sixtene, and sixe douytris; sotheli hise britheren hadden not many sones, and al the kynrede myyte not be euene to the summe of the sones of Juda. 1 Chronicles 4:28 Forsothe thei dwelliden in Bersabee, and in Molada, and in Asarsual, 1 Chronicles 4:29 and in Balaa, and in Aason, and in Tholat,

Their conquest of Gedor, and of the Amalekites in mount Seir.

1 Chronicles 4:30 and in Bathuel, and in Horma, and in Sicheloch, 1 Chronicles 4:31 and in Betmarchaboth, and in Archasusym, and in Bethbaray, and in Saarym; these weren the citees of hem, til to the kyng Dauid. 1 Chronicles 4:32 Also the townes of hem weren Ethan, and Aen, and Remmon, and Techen, and Asan; fyue citees. 1 Chronicles 4:33 And alle the vilagis of hem bi the cumpas of these citees, til to Baal; this is the dwellyng of hem, and the departyng of seetis. 1 Chronicles 4:34 Also Mosobaly, and Jemlech, and Josa, the sone of Amasie, 1 Chronicles 4:35 and Johel, and Jehu, the sone of Josabie, and the sones of Saraie, the sones of Asiel, 1 Chronicles 4:36 and Helioneai, and Jacoba, and Sucua, and Asaia, and Adihel, and Hisemeel, and Banaia; 1 Chronicles 4:37 and Ziza, the sone of Sephei, the sone of Allon, sone of Abdaia, sone of Semry, sone of Samaia. 1 Chronicles 4:38 These ben princis nemyd in her kynredis, and ben multiplied greetli in the hows of her alies.

1 Chronicles 4:39 And thei yeden forth to entre in to Gador, til to the eest of the valei, and to seke pasturis to her scheep. 1 Chronicles 4:40 And thei fonden pasturis ful plenteuouse, and ful goode, and a ful large lond, and restful, and plenteuouse, wherynne men of the generacioun of Cham hadden dwellid bifore. 1 Chronicles 4:41 Therfor these men, whiche we discryueden bifore bi name, camen in the daies of Ezechie, kyng of Juda; and smytiden the tabernaclis of hem, and the dwelleris that weren foundun there; and thei diden awei hem til in to present dai; and thei dwelliden for hem, for thei founden there ful plenteuouse pasturis. 1 Chronicles 4:42 Also fyue hundrid men of the sones of Symeon yeden in to the hil of Seir, and thei hadden princes Faltias, and Narias, and Raphaias, and Oziel, the sones of Jesi; 1 Chronicles 4:43 and thei smytiden the relifs of Amalechites, that myyten ascape; and thei dwelliden there for hem til to this day.

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