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1 Chronicles 2

The sons of Israel. The posterity of Judah by Tamar.

1 Chronicles 2:1 Forsothe the sones of Israel weren Ruben, Symeon, Leuy, Juda, Isachar, and Zabulon, 1 Chronicles 2:2 Dan, Joseph, Beniamyn, Neptalym, Gad, Aser.

1 Chronicles 2:3 The sones of Juda weren Her, Onam, Sela; these thre weren borun to hym of Sue, a douyter of Canaan. Sotheli Her, the first gendrid sone of Juda, was yuel bifor the Lord, and he killide hym. 1 Chronicles 2:4 Forsothe Thamar, wijf of the sone of Judas, childide to hym Phares, and Zaram; therfor alle the sones of Judas weren fyue. 1 Chronicles 2:5 Sotheli the sones of Phares weren Esrom, and Chamul. 1 Chronicles 2:6 And the sones of Zare weren Zamry, and Ethen, and Eman, and Calchab, and Dardan; fyue togidere. 1 Chronicles 2:7 The sone of Charmy was Achar, that disturblide Israel, and synnede in the theft of thing halewid to the Lord. 1 Chronicles 2:8 The sone of Ethan was Azarie. 1 Chronicles 2:9 Sotheli the sones of Esrom, that weren borun to hym, weren Jeramael, and Aram, and Calubi. 1 Chronicles 2:10 Forsothe Aram gendryde Amynadab. Sotheli Amynadab gendride Naason, the prince of the sones of Juda. 1 Chronicles 2:11 And Naason gendride Salmon; of which Salmon Booz was borun. 1 Chronicles 2:12 Sotheli Booz gendride Obeth; which hym silf gendride Ysay.

The children of Jesse.

1 Chronicles 2:13 Forsothe Ysai gendride the firste gendride sone, Elyab, the secounde, Amynadab; the thridde, Samaa; 1 Chronicles 2:14 the fourthe, Nathanael; the fyuethe, Sadai; 1 Chronicles 2:15 the sixte, Asom; the seuenthe, Dauyd; 1 Chronicles 2:16 whose sistris weren Saruya, and Abigail. The sones of Saruye weren thre, Abisai, Joab, and Asahel. 1 Chronicles 2:17 Forsothe Abigail childide Amasa, whos fadir was Gether Hismaelite.

The posterity of Caleb the son of Hezron.

1 Chronicles 2:18 Sotheli Caleph, sone of Esrom, took a wijf, Azuba bi name, of whom he gendride Jerioth; and hise sones weren Jesar, and Sobab, and Ardon. 1 Chronicles 2:19 And whanne Azuba was deed, Caleph took a wijf Effrata, whiche childide Hur to hym. 1 Chronicles 2:20 Forsothe Hur gendride Hury; Hury gendride Beseleel.

Hezron's posterity by the daughter of Machir.

1 Chronicles 2:21 After these thingis Esrom entride to the douytir of Machir, fadir of Galaad, and he took hir, whanne he was of sixti yeer; and sche childide Segub to hym. 1 Chronicles 2:22 But also Segub gendride Jair; and he hadde in possessioun thre and twenti citees in the lond of Galaad; 1 Chronicles 2:23 and he took Gessur, and Aran, the citees of Jair, and Chanath, and the townes therof of seuenti citees. Alle these weren the sones of Machir, fadir of Galaad. 1 Chronicles 2:24 Sotheli whanne Esrom was deed, Caleph entride in to Effrata. And Esrom hadde a wijf Abia, which childide to hym Assir, fadir of Thecue.

Jerahmeel's posterity.

1 Chronicles 2:25 Forsothe sones weren borun of Jezrameel, the firste gendrid of Esrom; Ram, the first gendrid of hym, and Aran, and Ason, and Achia. 1 Chronicles 2:26 Also Jezrameel weddide anothir wijf, Athara bi name, that was the modir of Onam. 1 Chronicles 2:27 But and the sones of Ram, the firste gendrid of Jezrameel, weren Mohas, and Jamyn, and Achaz. 1 Chronicles 2:28 Forsothe Onam gendride sones, Semey, and Juda. Sotheli the sones of Semei weren Nadab, and Abisur; 1 Chronicles 2:29 forsothe the name of the wijf of Abisur was Abigail, that childide to hym Haaobban, and Molid. 1 Chronicles 2:30 Sotheli the sones of Nadab weren Saled and Apphaym; forsothe Saled diede without children. 1 Chronicles 2:31 Sotheli the sone of Apphaym was Jesi, which Jesi gendride Sesan; sotheli Sesan gendride Oholi. 1 Chronicles 2:32 Forsothe the sones of Jada, brother of Semei, weren Jether and Jonathan; but Jether diede with out sones; 1 Chronicles 2:33 treuli Jonathan gendride Phalech, and Ziza. These ben the sones of Jerameel.

Sheshan's posterity.

1 Chronicles 2:34 Forsothe Sesan hadde not sones, but douytris, and a seruaunt of Egipt, Jeraa bi name; 1 Chronicles 2:35 and he yaf his douyter to wijf to Jeraa, whiche childide Ethei to hym. 1 Chronicles 2:36 Forsothe Ethei gendride Nathan, and Nathan gendride Zadab. 1 Chronicles 2:37 Also Zadab gendride Ophial, and Ophial gendride Obed. 1 Chronicles 2:38 Obed gendride Yeu, Yeu gendride Azarie, 1 Chronicles 2:39 Azarie gendride Helles, Helles gendride Elasa, 1 Chronicles 2:40 Elasa gendride Sesamoy, Sesamoy gendride Sellum, 1 Chronicles 2:41 Sellum gendride Jecamya, Jecamia gendride Elisama.

Another branch of Caleb's posterity.

1 Chronicles 2:42 Forsothe the sones of Caleph, brothir of Jerameel, weren Mosa, the firste gendrid sone of hym; thilke is the fadir of Ziph; and the sones of Maresa, the fadir of Hebron. 1 Chronicles 2:43 Certis the sones of Ebron weren Chore, and Raphu, Recem, and Samma. 1 Chronicles 2:44 Forsothe Samma gendride Raam, the fadir of Jerechaam; and Recem gendride Semei. 1 Chronicles 2:45 The sone of Semei was Maon; and Maon was the fadir of Bethsur. 1 Chronicles 2:46 Sotheli Epha, the secundarie wijf of Caleph, childide Aram, and Musa, and Theser; forsothe Aram gendride Jezen. 1 Chronicles 2:47 The sones of Jadai weren Regon, and Jethon, and Zesum, Phalez, and Epha, and Saaph. 1 Chronicles 2:48 Matha, the secoundarie wijf of Caleph, childide Zaber, and Tharana. 1 Chronicles 2:49 Forsothe Saaph, the fadir of Madmenas, gendride Sue, the fadir of Magbena, and the fader of Gabaa; sotheli the douyter of Caleph was Axa.

The posterity of Caleb the son of Hur.

1 Chronicles 2:50 These weren the sones of Caleph. The sones of Hur, the firste gendrid sone of Effrata, weren Sobal, the fader of Cariathiarim; 1 Chronicles 2:51 Salma, the fader of Bethleem; Ariph, the fader of Bethgader. 1 Chronicles 2:52 Sotheli the sones of Sobal, fader of Cariatiarim, that siy the myddil of restingis, 1 Chronicles 2:53 and was of the kynrede of Caryathiarym, weren Jethrey, and Aphutei, and Samathei, and Maserathei. Of these weren borun Sarytis, and Eschaolitis. 1 Chronicles 2:54 The sones of Salma, fadir of Bethleem, and of Netophati, weren the corouns of the hows of Joab, and the half of restyng of Sarai. 1 Chronicles 2:55 And the kynredis of scryuens, dwellynge in Jabes, syngynge, and sownynge, and dwellynge in tabernaclis. These ben Cyneis, that camen of the heete of the fadir of the hows of Rechab.

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