Tyndale Bible

Numbers 8

How the lamps are to be lighted.

Numbers 8:1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge: Numbers 8:2 speake vnto Aaron and saye vnto hym: when thou puttest on the lampes se that they lighte all seuen apon the forefront of the candelsticke. Numbers 8:3 And Aaron dyd euen so and put the lampes apon the forefrot of the candelsticke as the Lorde commaunded Moses Numbers 8:4 and the worke of the candelsticke was of stiffe golde: both the shaft and the floures thereof. And accordinge vnto the visyon whiche the Lorde had shewed Moses euen so he made the candelsticke.

The consecration of the Levites.

Numbers 8:5 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge: Numbers 8:6 take the leuites from amonge the childern of Israel and clense them. Numbers 8:7 And this doo vnto them when thou clensest them sprinckle water of purifyenge apon them and make a rasure to runne alonge apon all the fleshe of them and let them washe their clothes and then they shall be cleane. Numbers 8:8 And let them take a bollocke and his meatofferynge fyne floure myngled with oyle: and another bollocke shalt thou take to be a synneofferynge. Numbers 8:9 Than brynge the leuites before the tabernacle of witnesse and gather the hole multitude of the chyldern of Israel together. Numbers 8:10 And bringe the leuites before the Lorde and let the childern of Israel put their handes apon the leuites. Numbers 8:11 And let Aaron heue the leuites before the LORDE for an heueofferynge geuen of the childern of Israel ad the let them be appoynted to wayte apon the seruyce of the Lorde. Numbers 8:12 And let the leuites put their handes vpo the heedes of the bollockes and then offer them: the one for a synneofferynge and the other for a burntofferynge vnto the Lorde to make an attonement for the leuites. Numbers 8:13 And make the leuites stonde before Aaron and hys sonnes and heue them to be a heueofferynge vnto the Lorde. Numbers 8:14 And thou shalt separate the leuites from amonge the childern of Israel that they be myne: Numbers 8:15 and after that let them goo and do the seruice of the tabernacle of witnesse. Clense them and waue them Numbers 8:16 for they are geuen vnto me from amonge the childre of Israel: for I haue taken them vnto me for all ye firstborne that ope any matrice amoge the childern of Israel. Numbers 8:17 For all the fyrstborne among the childern of Israel are myne both man and beest: because the same tyme that I smote the fyrstborne in the lande of Egipte I sanctyfyde them for my selfe: Numbers 8:18 and I haue taken the Leuites for all the fyrstborne amonge the childern of Israel Numbers 8:19 and haue geuen them vnto Aaron and his sonnes from amonge the childern of Israel to doo the seruyce of the childern of Israel in the tabernacle of witnesse and to make an attonement for the chyldern of Israell that there be no plage amonge the childern of Ysraell yf they come nye vnto the sanctuary. Numbers 8:20 And Moses and Aaron and all the congregacion of the childern of Israel dyd vnto the leuites acordynge vnto all that ye Lorde commaunded Moses. Numbers 8:21 And the leuites purifyed them selues and wasshed their clothes. And Aaron waued them before ye Lorde and made an attonement for them to clense them. Numbers 8:22 And after that they went into doo their seruyce in the tabernacle of wytnesse before Aaron and his sonnes. And acordinge as the Lorde had commaunded Moses as concernynge the leuites euen so they dyd vnto them.

The age and time of their service.

Numbers 8:23 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge: Numbers 8:24 this shalbe the maner of the leuites: from xxv. yere vppwarde they shall goo in to wayte vppon the seruyce in the tabernacle of witnesse Numbers 8:25 and at fyftye they shall ceasse waytynge apon the seruyce thereof and shall laboure no moare: Numbers 8:26 but shall ministre vnto their bretheren in the tabernacle of witnesse and there wayte but shall doo no moare seruyce. And se that thou doo after this maner vnto the leuites in their waytynge tymes.

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