Matthew Bible

Ruth 1

Elimelech driven by famine into Moab, dieth there.

Ruth 1:1 In the tyme when the Iudges iudged, there felle a darth in the land. Wherfore a certayn man of Bethlehem Iuda went for to soiourne in the countrey of Moab wyth his wyfe and two sonnes. Ruth 1:2 The name of the man was Elymelec, and his wyfe Noemi, and the names of his two sonnes were, Mahalon and Chilion and they were Ephraites, oute of Bethlehem Iuda. And when they came into the lande of Moab, they contynued there. Ruth 1:3 And Elemilec Noemies husbande dyed, and she remayned with her two sonnes,

Mahlon and Chilion, having married wives of Moab, die also.

Ruth 1:4 which toke them wyues of the nacions of the Moabites: the ones name Orphah and the others Ruth. And when they had dwelleth there about a ten yere, Ruth 1:5 Mahalon and Chilion dyed also euen both two of them, so that the wyfe was lefte desolate of her two sonnes & of her husband therto.

Naomi returning homeward,

Ruth 1:6 Then she stode vp wt her doughters in lawe and returned from the countrey of Moab: for she had heard saye, beyng in the countrey of Moab, howe that the Lorde had visited his people and geuen them fode. Ruth 1:7 Wherfore she departed oute of the place where she was and her two doughters wyth her. And as they went by the waye returning vnto the land of Iuda,

dissuadeth her two daughters in law from going with her.

Ruth 1:8 Noemi sayd vnto her two doughters in lawe: go and returne eche of you vnto youre mothers house: the Lorde deale as kyndlye wyth you, as ye haue dealt wt the dead & with me. Ruth 1:9 And þe Lord geue you, that you maye fynde reast ether of you in the house of her husband: & so she kyssed them. Then they cryed & wepte Ruth 1:10 & sayd vnto her: we wil go with the vnto thy folke. Ruth 1:11 But Noemi said, turne again my doughters: for what cause would you go with me? thinke you that there be any more children in my bowelles, to be youre husbandes? Ruth 1:12 Turne again my doughters & go: for I am to olde to haue an husband. Yf I sayde I haue hope, also yf I toke a man this night, ye and though I had alreadye borne sonnes? Ruth 1:13 would ye tary after them, tyl they were of age? or would ye for them so long refrayne from takynge of husbandes? Not so my doughters: for it greueth me much for youre sakes, that the hande of the Lord is gone out against me.

Orpah leaveth her, but Ruth with great constancy accompanieth her.

Ruth 1:14 Therwyth they cryed and wepte agayne how be it Orphah kissed her mother in lawe but Ruth aboade still by her, Ruth 1:15 then she sayd: se, thy syster in lawe is gone backe againe vnto her people & vnto her God: returne thou after her. Ruth 1:16 But Ruth saide: entreate me not to leaue the, and to returne from after the, for whether thou goest, I will go, & where thou dwelleste, there I wil dwelle: thy people are my people, and thy God is my God. Ruth 1:17 Where thou dyest, I wil dye, and there wilbe buried. The Lorde do so and so to me, excepte that death onlye departe the and me a sondre. Ruth 1:18 When she saw that she woulde nedes go with her, she left speakinge vnto her.

They two come to Beth-lehem, where they are gladly received.

Ruth 1:19 And so they went both together vntyll they came to Bethlehem. And when they were come to Bethlehem, it was noysed thorow al the cyty and the wemen sayde: is not this Noemi? Ruth 1:20 But she said vnto them, calle me not Noemi: call me Mara, for the almightye hath made me very bitter. Ruth 1:21 I went oute full: but the Lorde hath brought me home emptye. Why should ye then calle me Noemi: seyng þe Lord hath humbled me, & the almighty hath brought me vnto aduersite? Ruth 1:22 And the time when Noemi wyth Ruth the Moabitesse her doughter in lawe returned out of the countreye of Moab and came to Bethlehem, was in the begynning of barley harueste.

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