Matthew Bible

Proverbs 26

Observations about fools,

Proverbs 26:1 Like as snow is not mete in sommer, nor raine in haruest: euen so is worship vnsemelye for a foole Proverbs 26:2 Like as the bryd and the swalowe take their flyght and fle here and ther, so the curse that is geuen in vayne, shall not lighte vpon a man. Proverbs 26:3 Vnto the horse belongeth a whyppe, to the Asse a brydle, and a rodde to the fooles backe. Proverbs 26:4 Geue not the foole an answere after hys folyshnesse, lest thou become lyke vnto hym: Proverbs 26:5 but make the fole an answer to his folishnes, lest he be wise in his own conceat. Proverbs 26:6 He is lame of his fete yea dronken is he in vanite, þt committeth any thing to a fole. Proverbs 26:7 Like as it is an vnsemely thing to haue legs & yet to halt euen so is a parable in þe foles mouthe. Proverbs 26:8 He that setteth a foole in hye dignity, that is euen as if a man did cast a precious stone vp on the gallous. Proverbs 26:9 A parable in a fooles mouth is lyke a thorne that prycketh a dronken man in the hand. Proverbs 26:10 A man of experience dyscerneth all thynges well, but whoso hyreth a foole, hyreth such one as will take no hede. Proverbs 26:11 Lyke as the dogge turueth agayne to hys vomyte, euen so a foole beginneth hys folishnesse agayne a fresh. Proverbs 26:12 If thou seiest a man that is wyse in his owne conceate, there is more hope in a fole then in him.

about sluggards,

Proverbs 26:13 The slouthful sayeth: there is a leopard in the way, and a lion in the myddest of the stretes. Proverbs 26:14 Lyke as the dore turneth aboute vpon the thresholde, euen so doth the slouthfull welter hym self in his bedde. Proverbs 26:15 The slouthful bodye thrusteth his hand into his bosome, and it greueth him to put it agayne to his mouth. Proverbs 26:16 The slogard thynketh hym selfe wyser then? .vij. men þt sit & teach.

and about contentious busybodies.

Proverbs 26:17 Who so goeth by & medleth wyth other mens stryfe, he is lyke one that taketh a dog by the eares. Proverbs 26:18 Lyke os one shutteth deadly arowes and dartes out of a preuy place, euen so doth a dissembler wyth his neighboure. Proverbs 26:19 And then saith he: I dyd it but in sporte. Proverbs 26:20 Where no wodde is, there the fyre goeth oute: and where the backcbyter is taken awaye, there the stryfe ceaseth. Proverbs 26:21 Coales kyndle heate, and wode the fire: euen so doth a braulynge felowe stere vp varyaunce. Proverbs 26:22 A slaunderers wordes are lyke flaterye, but they pearse the inwarde partes of the bodye. Proverbs 26:23 Venimous lippes and a wicked herte, are lyke a potsherde couered with syluer drosse. Proverbs 26:24 An enemy dissembleth with hys lyps, and in the meane season he ymagineth mischefe: Proverbs 26:25 but when he speaketh fayre, beleue hym not, for ther are seuen abhomynacons in hys herte. Proverbs 26:26 Who so kepeth euel wil, secretly to do hurte, his malice shalbe shewed before the whole congregacion. Proverbs 26:27 Who diggeth vp a pyt, shal fal therin: and he that weltreth a stone shal stomble vpon it him selfe. Proverbs 26:28 A dissembling tong hateth one that rebuketh hym, and a flattering mouth worketh mischefe.

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