Matthew Bible

Numbers 3

The sons of Aaron.

Numbers 3:1 These are the generations of Aaron & Moses, when the Lorde spake to Moses in mount Sinai Numbers 3:2 and these are the names of the sonnes of Aaron: Nadab the eldest sonne, and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. Numbers 3:3 These are the names of the sonnes of Aaron whiche were priestes anoynted & theyr handes fylled to minister, Numbers 3:4 but Nadab and Abihu dyed before the Lorde, as they broughte straunge fyre before the Lord in the wyldernes of Sinai, & had no children. And Eleazar & Ithamar mynystred in the syghte of Aaron theyr father.

The Levites are given to the priests for the service of the Tabernacle,

Numbers 3:5 And the Lord spake vnto Moses saying: Numbers 3:6 brynge the trybe of Leuy, and set them before Aaron the priest, & let them serue hym, & waite vpon him Numbers 3:7 & vpon al the multitude, before the tabernacle of witnes, to do the seruyce of the habitation. Numbers 3:8 And they shall wayte vpon all the apparell of the tabernacle of wytnesse, & vpon the chyldren of Israel, to do the seruise of the habitation. Numbers 3:9 And thou shal gyue the Leuites vnto Aaron & hys sonnes, for they are geuen vnto him of the children of Israel. Numbers 3:10 And thou shalt appoynt Aaron and his sonnes to wayte on theyr priestes office: & the straunger that cometh nye, shal dye for it.

instead of the firstborn.

Numbers 3:11 And the Lord spake vnto Moses saying: Numbers 3:12 behold I haue taken the Leuites from among the children of Israel, for al the fyrstborne þt openeth the matrice among the children of Israel, so þt the Leuites shall be myne: Numbers 3:13 bycause al the fyrst borne are myne: for the same day that I smote al the fyrst borne, in the land of Egypt, I halowed vnto me al the fyrstborne in Israel, both man and beaste, & myne they shalbe, for I am the Lord.

The Levites are numbered by their families.

Numbers 3:14 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses in the wyldernesse of Sinai sayinge: Numbers 3:15 Numbre the chyldren of Leuye in the houses of theyr fathers & kinredes, al that are males from a moneth old & aboue. Numbers 3:16 And Moses numbred them at the worde of the Lorde, as he was commaunded. Numbers 3:17 And these are the names of the children of Leuy: Gerson, Cahath and Merari. Numbers 3:18 And these are the names of þe children of Gerson in their kynredes: Libni & Semei. Numbers 3:19 And the sonnes of Cahath in theyr kinredes were Amram, Iezehar, Hebron, & Oziel. Numbers 3:20 And the sonnes of Merari in theyr kynredes were Maheli and Musi. These are the kynredes of Leuy in the houses of theyr fathers.

The families, number, and charge of the Gershonites,

Numbers 3:21 And of Gerson came the kinred of the Libnites and the Semeites, whiche are the kynreds of the Gersonites. Numbers 3:22 And þe summe of them (when all the males were tolde) from a moneth olde and aboue, were .vij. thousand and fyue hundred. Numbers 3:23 And the kynredes of the Gersonytes pitched behynd the habitation westwarde. Numbers 3:24 And the captaine of the most auncient house amonge the Gersonites, was Eliasaph the sonne of Lael. Numbers 3:25 And the office of the children of Gerson in the tabernacle of wytnes was to kepe the habitation & the tent with the couerynge therof and the hanginge of the dore of the tabernacle of wytnesse, Numbers 3:26 and the hangynges of the court, and the curtayne of the dore of the courte, whych court went round about the dwelling, and the aulter, & the cordes þt pertained vnto al the seruyce therof.

of the Kohathites,

Numbers 3:27 And of Cahath came the kynred of the Amramites and the kinred of the Iezeharites & of the Hebronites and of the Ozielites: And these are the kinreds of the Cahathites. Numbers 3:28 And the numbre of of all the males from a moneth olde and aboue, was .viij. thousand and sixe hundred which waited on the holy place. Numbers 3:29 And the kinred of the children of Cahath, pitched on the southside of the dwelling. Numbers 3:30 And the captayne in the moste auncient house of the kynredes of the Cahathites, was Elisaphan the sonne of Oziel, Numbers 3:31 & their office was to kepe the arcke, the table, the candilsticke, & the altare & the holye vessels to minister wt & the vayle wyth all that serued thereto. Numbers 3:32 And Eleazar the sonne of Aaron the prieste, was captaine ouer all the captaynes of the Leuites, & had the ouer syghte of them that waited vpon the holy thynges.

of the Merarites.

Numbers 3:33 And of Merari came the kynredes of the Mahelytes, and of the Musites: and these are the kynredes of the Merarites. Numbers 3:34 And the numbre of them (when all the males from a moneth olde and aboue was told) drewe vnto .vi. thousande, and two hundred. Numbers 3:35 And the captaine of the most auncient house among the kynredes of the Merarites, was Zuriel the sonne Abihael whyche pytched on the northsyde of the dwellynge. Numbers 3:36 And the offyce of the sonnes of merari was to kepe the bordes of the dwellyng & the barres, pyllers wt the sockets therof, and all the instrumentes therof & al that serued therto: Numbers 3:37 and the pillers of the court rounde aboute & their sockettes with their pynnes & cordes.

The place and charge of Moses and Aaron.

Numbers 3:38 But on the forefront of the habitacion & before the tabernacle of wytnesse eastward, shal Moses & Aaron & hys sonnes pytch, & wayte on the sanctuary in the steade of the chyldren of Israel. And the straunger that cometh nye, shal dye for it. Numbers 3:39 And þe whole summe of þe Leuites whiche Moses & Aaron numbred, at the commandement of the Lord thorow out their kynredes, euen of all the males of a moneth old & aboue, was .xxij. thousande.

The firstborn are freed by the Levites.

Numbers 3:40 And the Lorde sayd vnto Moses: Nombre all the fyrst borne that are males among the chyldren of Israel, from a moneth olde & aboue and take the nombre of their names. Numbers 3:41 And thou shalt appoynte the Leuites to me the Lorde, for all the fyrstborne amonge the chyldren of Israel, and the cattel of the Leuites for the fyrst borne of the chyldren of Israel. Numbers 3:42 And Moses numbred as the Lord commaunded hym, al the fyrstborne of the chyldren of Israel. Numbers 3:43 And all the fyrstborne males, in the summe of names, from a moneth olde and aboue, were nombred .xxij. thousande .ij. hundred and .lxxiij.

The overplus are redeemed.

Numbers 3:44 And the Lord spake vnto Moses saying: Numbers 3:45 take the Leuites for all the fyrstborne of the chyldren of Israell, and the cattel of the Leuites for their cattel: and the Leuites shalbe myne, which am the Lord. Numbers 3:46 And for the redemynge of the two hundred and .lxxiij. whych are moo then the Leuites in the fyrstborne of the children of Israel, Numbers 3:47 take .v. sycles of euery pece, after the sycle of the holy place .xx. geras the sycle. Numbers 3:48 And geue the money wherwith the odde nombre of them is redemed, vnto Aaron and hys sonnes. Numbers 3:49 And Moses toke the redempcion money of the ouerplus that were moo then the Leuites, Numbers 3:50 among the fyrstborne of the chyldren of Israell: and it came to a thousande .iij. hundred and .lxv. sycles, of the holy sycle. Numbers 3:51 And he gaue that redempcion money vnto Aaron & his sonnes at the word of the Lorde, euen as the Lorde commaunded Moses.

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