Matthew Bible

Jeremiah 30

God sheweth Jeremiah the return of the Jews.

Jeremiah 30:1 These are the wordes, that the Lorde shewed vnto Ieremye, sayenge: Jeremiah 30:2 Thus saith the Lorde God of Israell: Wryte vp dylygentlye al the wordes, that I haue spoken vnto the, in a boke. Jeremiah 30:3 For lo, þe time commeth (sayth the Lorde) that I wyl brynge agayne the presonners of my people of Israel and Iuda, sayeth the Lord: For I wyl restore them vnto the lande, that I gaue to theyr fathers, and they shall haue it in possessyon.

After their trouble they shall have deliverance.

Jeremiah 30:4 Agayne, these wordes spake the Lorde, concernynge Israell and Iuda: Jeremiah 30:5 Thus sayeth the Lord: We heare a terryble crye, fear & disquietnesse. Jeremiah 30:6 For what els doth thys sygnyfye, that I se? Namely, that al strong men smyte, euerye man hys hande vpon hys loynes, as a woman in the payne of her trauayle. Who euer sawe a man trauayle wyth chylde? Enquere thereafter, and se. Yea al theyr faces are maruelous pale: Jeremiah 30:7 Alas for this daye, whiche is so dredefull, that none maye be lykened vnto it: and alas for the tyme of Iacobs trouble, from the whiche he shall yet be delyuered. Jeremiah 30:8 For in that daye, sayeth the Lorde, I wyll take his yocke from of thy rocke, & breake thy bondes. They shall no more serue straunge Goddes vnder hym, Jeremiah 30:9 but they shall do seruyce vnto God their Lorde, and to Dauid theyr Kynge, whome I wyll rayse vp vnto them.

He comforteth Jacob.

Jeremiah 30:10 And as for the, O my seruaunt Iacob, feare not (sayth the Lord) and be not afrayed, O Israell. For lo, I wyll helpe the also from farre, and thy sede from the lande of theyre captiuite. And Iacob shall turne agayne, he shalbe in rest, and haue a prosperous lyfe, and no man shal make hym afrayed. Jeremiah 30:11 For I am wyth the, to helpe the, sayeth the Lorde. And thoughe I shall destroye all the people, amonge whome I haue scatred the, yet wyll I not destroy the but correcte the, and that with dyscrecion. For I knowe, that thou arte in no wyse wythoute faute. Jeremiah 30:12 Therfore thus sayeth the Lorde: I am sory for thy hurte and woundes. Jeremiah 30:13 There is no man to medle with thy cause, or to bynde vp thy woundes: there maye no man helpe the. Jeremiah 30:14 All thy louers haue forgotten the, and care nothynge for the. For I haue geuen the a cruell stroke, and chastened the roughly: and that for the multitude of thy mysdedes, for thy synnes haue had the ouer hande. Jeremiah 30:15 Why makest thou moue for thy harme? I my selfe haue pyte of thy sorowe, but for the multytude of thy mysdedes and synnes, I haue done this vnto the. Jeremiah 30:16 And therfore all they that deuoure the, shalbe deuoured, and all thyne enemyes shall be led into captiuite. All they that make the wast, shalbe wasted them selues: and al those that robbe the, wyl I make also to be robbed. Jeremiah 30:17 For I wyll geue the thy healthe agayne, and make thy woundes whole, sayeth the Lorde, because they reuyled the, as one caste awaye, and despysed, O Syon.

Their return shall be gracious.

Jeremiah 30:18 For thus sayth the Lorde: Beholde, I will set vp Iacobs tentes agayne, and defende his dwellynge place. The cytye shalbe buylded in her olde estate, and the houses shall haue theyr ryghte foundacyon. Jeremiah 30:19 And oute of them shall go thankesgeuynge, and the voyce of ioye. I wyll multyplye them, and they shall not mynishe: I shall endue them wyth honoure, and no man shall subdue them. Jeremiah 30:20 Theyr chyldren shalbe as a fore tyme, and theyr congregacyon shall continue in my syghte. And all those that vexe them, wyll I vyset. Jeremiah 30:21 A captayne also shall come of them, and a prince shall sprynge oute from the myddest of them: hym wyll I chalenge to my self, and he shall come vnto me. For what is he, that geueth ouer hys herte to come vnto me, sayth the Lorde. Jeremiah 30:22 Ye shalbe my people also, and I wylbe youre GOD.

Wrath shall fall on the wicked.

Jeremiah 30:23 Beholde, on the other syde shall the wrathe of the Lorde breake oute as a stormye water, as a myghtye whyrle wynde: and shall fall vpon the heades of the vngodly. Jeremiah 30:24 The terryble dyspleasure of the Lorde shall not leaue of, vntyll he haue done, and perfourmed the intente of hys herte, whiche in the latter dayes ye shal vnderstande.

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