Matthew Bible

Jeremiah 27

Under the type of bonds and yokes, he prophesieth the subduing of the neighbour kings unto Nebuchadnezzar.

Jeremiah 27:1 In the beginninge of the raigne of Iehoakim the sonne of Iosiah kynge of Iuda, came this word vnto Ieremye from the Lorde, which spake thus vnto me: Jeremiah 27:2 Make the bondes & chaynes, & put them aboute thy necke, Jeremiah 27:3 & sende them to the kynge of Edom, the Kynge of Moab, the kynge of Ammon, the Kynge of Tyrus, and to the Kynge of Sydon: and that by the messaungers, whiche shall come to Ierusalem vnto Zedekiah the kynge of Iuda, Jeremiah 27:4 and byd them saye vnto theyr maisters Thus sayth the Lorde of Hostes the God of Israell, speake thus vnto youre maysters: Jeremiah 27:5 I am he that made the earthe, the men, & the catell that are vpon the grounde, with my great power and outstretched arme, & haue geuen it vnto whome it pleased me. Jeremiah 27:6 And nowe wyl I delyuer all these landes into the power of Nabuchodonosor the Kynge of Babylon, my seruaunt. The beastes also of the felde shall I geue hym to do hym seruyce. Jeremiah 27:7 And all people shall serue hym, and hys sonne, and hys chyldes chyldren, vntyll the tyme of the same lande become also: yea many people & greate Kynges shall serue hym.

He exhorteth them to yield, and not to believe the false prophets.

Jeremiah 27:8 Moreouer, that people and kyngedome whiche wyll not serue Nabuchodonosor, and that wyll not put theyr neckes vnder þe yock of the kynge of Babylon: the same people wil I vpset with the swearde, wyth honger, with pestylence, vntyll I haue consumed them in hys handes, sayeth the Lorde. Jeremiah 27:9 And therfore folowe not youre Prophetes, sothsayers, expounders of dreames, charmers and wytches whiche saye vnto you: ye shall not serue the Kynge of Babylon. Jeremiah 27:10 For they preache you lyes: to brynge you farre from your lande, and that I myghte caste you oute, and destroye you. Jeremiah 27:11 But the people that put theyr neckes vnder the yocke of the Kynge of Babylon, and serue hym, those I wyll let remayne styll in theyr owne lande (sayeth the Lorde) and they shall occupye it, and dwell therein.

The like he doeth to Zedekiah.

Jeremiah 27:12 All these thynges tolde I Zedekiah the Kynge of Iuda, and sayde: Put youre neckes vnder the yocke of the Kynge of Babylon, & serue hym & hys people, that ye maye lyue. Jeremiah 27:13 Why wylte thou and thy people perysh with the swearde, wyth honger, wyth pestylence: lyke as the Lorde hath deuysed for all people, that wyll not serue the kynge of Babylon? Jeremiah 27:14 Therfore geue no eare vnto those Prophetes that tell you: Ye shall not serue the kynge of Babylon, for they preache you lyes, Jeremiah 27:15 neyther haue I sente them, sayeth the Lorde: howebeit they are bolde, falsely to prophecye in my name, that I myghte the sooner dryue you oute, and that ye myghte peryshe wyth youre preachers. Jeremiah 27:16 I spake to the Pryestes also, and to all the people: Thus sayth the Lorde: Heare not the wordes of those Prophetes, that preache vnto you, and saye: Beholde, the vessels of the Lordes house shall shortly be brought hyther agayne from Babylon: For they prophecye lyes vnto you. Jeremiah 27:17 Heare them not, but serue the Kynge of Babylon, that ye maye lyue. Wherfore will ye make this citie to be destroyed? Jeremiah 27:18 But yf they be true Prophetes in very dede, and yf the worde of the Lorde be commytted vnto them, then let them praye þe Lord of Hoostes, that the remnaunte of the ornamentes (whiche are in the house of the Lorde, and remayne yet in the house of the King of Iuda and at Ierusalem) be not caryed to Babylon also.

He foretelleth the remnant of the vessels shall be carried to Babylon, and there continue until the day of visitation.

Jeremiah 27:19 For thus hath the Lorde of hostes spoken concerning the pylers, the lauer, the seate and the resydue of the ornamentes that yet remaine in this citie, Jeremiah 27:20 which Nabuchodonosor the King of Babylon toke not, when he caryed awaye Iechoniah the sonne of Iehoakim Kynge of Iuda, wyth all the power of Iuda and Ierusalem, from Ierusalem vnto Babylon, captyue. Jeremiah 27:21 Yea thus hath the Lorde of hoostes the God of Israell spoken, as touchynge the resydue of the ornamentes of the Lordes house of the kynge of Iudaes house, and of Ierusalem: Jeremiah 27:22 They shalbe caryed vnto Babylon, & there they shall remayne, vntyll I vpset them sayeth the Lorde. Then wyll I brynge them hyther agayne.

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