Matthew Bible

Isaiah 17

Syria and Israel are threatened.

Isaiah 17:1 This is the heauy burthen vpon Damascus: Behold Damascus shalbe no more a citie, but an heape of broken stones. Isaiah 17:2 The cyties of Aroer shalbe waste: the catell shal lye there, and no man shal fray them awaye. Isaiah 17:3 Ephraim shal no more be strong, and Damascus shal no more be a kingedom. And as for the glory of the remnaunt of the Sirians it shalbe as the glory of the children of Israel sayeth the Lorde of Hostes. Isaiah 17:4 At that tyme also shal the glory of Iacob be very poore, and his fatnes leane. Isaiah 17:5 It shal happen to them, as when one sheareth in haruest, which cutteth his handfull with the sickle, and when one gathereth þe sheaues together in the valley, of Raphaim

A remnant shall forsake idolatry.

Isaiah 17:6 there remaineth yet some eares ouer: Or as when one shaketh an olyue tre, whiche fyndeth but two or thre olyue beries aboue in the toppe, & foure or fyue in the braunches. Thus the Lorde God of Israel hath spoken. Isaiah 17:7 Then shall man conuerte agayne vnto his maker, and turne his eyes to the holy one of Israel. Isaiah 17:8 And shall not turne to the aulters that are the worcke of his owne handes, neyther shal he loke vpon groues & ymages, which his fingers haue wrought.

The rest shall be plagued for their impiety.

Isaiah 17:9 At the same tyme shall their stronge cities be desolate, lyke as were ones the forsaken plowes & corne, which they forsoke, for feare of the children of Israel. Isaiah 17:10 So shalt thou (O Damascus) be desolate because thou hast forgotten God thy Sauyoure, & hast not called to remembraunce the rocke of thy strength. Wherfore thou hast also set a fayr plat, & grafted a straung branch. Isaiah 17:11 In the day when thou diddest plant it, it was greate, and gaue sone the frute of thy sede. But in the daye of haruest, thou shalt reape and heape of sorowes and myseries.

The woe of Israel's enemies.

Isaiah 17:12 Wo be to the multitude of muche people, that rush in lyke the sea, and to the heape of folke, that runne ouer al lyke greate waters. Isaiah 17:13 For thoughe so manye people increase as the flowynge waters, and though they be armed yet they fle farre of, and vanyshe awaye lyke the dust with the winde vpon an hill, and as the whirle winde thorow a storme. Isaiah 17:14 Thoughe they be fearfull at night, yet in the morninge it is gone with them. This is their porcyon, that do vs harme, and heritage of them, that robbe vs.

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