Matthew Bible

Genesis 9

God blesseth Noah.

Genesis 9:1 And God blessed Noe & hys sonnes, and said vnto them: Encreace & multiply and fyll the earth. Genesis 9:2 The feare also & dreade of you be vpon all beastes of the earthe, and vppon all foules of the ayre, & vpon al that crepeth on the earth, and vpon all fyshes of the sea, whych are geuen vnto your handes. Genesis 9:3 And all that moueth vpon the earth hauynge lyfe, shall be your meat: Euen as the grene herbes so giue I you al thinge.

Blood and murder are forbidden.

Genesis 9:4 Onely the flesh with his lyfe whych is his bloude se that you eate not. Genesis 9:5 For verily the bloude of you wherin youre lyues are wyl I require: Euen of the hand of all beastes wyll I requyre it, and of the hande of man and of the hand of euerye mannes brother wyll I requyre the lyfe of man: Genesis 9:6 so that he whych sheadeth mans bloud shal haue his bloud shed by man againe: for God made man after hys owne lykenesse. Genesis 9:7 Se that ye encrease, and waxe, and be occupied vpon the earth, & multiply therin.

Genesis 9:8 Furthermore God spake vnto Noe & to hys sonnes with him, sayinge:

God's Covenant

Genesis 9:9 See, I make my bond with you & your seed after you, Genesis 9:10 & wyth all lyuynge thynge that is wyth you: both foule & cattel, & al maner beastes of the earth that is with you, of al that commeth out of the arcke, whatsoeuer beast of the earth it be. Genesis 9:11 I make my bonde wyth you, that hence forth all fleshe shal not be destroied with the waters of any floud, & that hence forth there shall not be a floud to destroy the earth. Genesis 9:12 And God sayd: This is the token of my bond which I make betwene me and you, & betwene all lyuyng thyng that is wyth you foreuer:

signified by the rainbow.

Genesis 9:13 I wyll set my bowe in the cloudes, & it shall be a sygne of the appointment made betwene me & the earth: Genesis 9:14 so that when I bring in cloudes vpon the earth, the bowe shal appere in the cloudes. Genesis 9:15 And then wyll I thinke vpon my testament whych I haue made betwene me and you, and all that lyueth whatsoeuer fleshe it be. So that henceforth there shall be no more waters to make a floude to destroy all fleshe. Genesis 9:16 The bowe shal be in the cloudes, & I wil loke vpon it, to remembre the euerlastynge testament betwene God & all that lyueth vpon the earth, whatsoeuer fleshe it be. Genesis 9:17 And God sayed vnto Noe: Thys is the sygne of the testament which I haue made betwene me and all fleshe that is on the earth.

Noah replenisheth the world,

Genesis 9:18 The sonnes of Noe that came oute of the arcke were: Sem, Ham and Iapheth. And Ham he is the father of Canaan. Genesis 9:19 These are the thre sonnes of Noe, and of these was all the world ouerspreade.

planteth a vinyard,

Genesis 9:20 And Noe beynge an husband man, went forth & planted a vineyarde,

is drunken, and mocked of his son,

Genesis 9:21 & dranke of the wyne & was droncke, and lay vncouered in the middest of hys tent. Genesis 9:22 And Ham the father of Canaan sawe hys fathers priueties, and told hys .ij. brethren that were without. Genesis 9:23 And Sem and Iapheth toke a mantyll, & put it on boeth theyr shoulders and went bacward, & couered theyr fathers secretes, but theyr faces were backewarde, so that they sawe not theyr fathers nakednes. Genesis 9:24 As sone as Noe was awaked frome hys wyne, & wyste what hys yongest sonne had done vnto him,

curseth Canaan,

Genesis 9:25 he said: Cursed be Canaan, & a seruant of al seruantes be he to hys brethren.

blesseth Shem,

Genesis 9:26 And he sayed: Blessed be the Lorde God of Sem, & Canaan be his seruant.

prayeth for Japheth,

Genesis 9:27 God encrease Iapheth, that he maye dwel in the tentes of Sem. And Canan be theyr seruant.

Genesis 9:28 And Noe lyued after the floud thre hundred and fyfty yere:

and dieth.

Genesis 9:29 so that all the dayes of Noe were .ix. hundred & fyfty yere & then he died.

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