Matthew Bible

Genesis 7

Noah, with his family, and the living creatures, enter into the ark.

Genesis 7:1 And the Lorde said vnto Noe: Go in to the arcke bothe thou and all thy houshold. For the haue I sene ryghteous before me in this generacyon. Genesis 7:2 Of all clene beastes take vnto the seuen of euery kynde, the male and female, & of vnclene beastes a payre, the male & his female: Genesis 7:3 lykewyse of the byrdes of the ayre seuen of euery kynde, male and female to saue seed vpon all the erth. Genesis 7:4 For seuen dayes hence wil I sende rayne vpon the erth .xl. dayes and .xl. nyghtes, and wyll destroy al maner of thynges that I haue made, from of the face of the erth. Genesis 7:5 And Noe dyd accordynge to all that the Lorde commaunded hym: Genesis 7:6 and Noe was .vi. hundred yere olde, when the floud of water came vpon the erth:

Genesis 7:7 and Noe went and hys sonnes and his wyfe & his sonnes wyues wt him, into the arcke from the water of the floud. Genesis 7:8 And of clene beastes & of the beastes that ware vnclene, & of byrdes and of al that crepeth vpon the erth, Genesis 7:9 came in by cooples of euery kynde vnto Noe into the arcke, a male & a female: euen as god commaunded Noe. Genesis 7:10 And the seuenth day the waters of the floude came vpon the erth.

Genesis 7:11 In the .vi. hundred yere of Noes lyfe, in þe seconde moneth, in the .xvij. daye of the moneth, that same day were al the founteynes of the great depe broken vp, & the wyndowes of heauen were opened, Genesis 7:12 & there fel a rayne vpon the erth .xl. dayes & .xl. nyghtes. Genesis 7:13 And the selfe same daye went Noe, Sem, Ham & Iapheth, Noes sonnes, & Noes wyf & the .iij. wyues of hys sonnes with them in to the arcke: Genesis 7:14 bothe they & al maner of beastes in theyr kynde, and all maner of catell in their kynd, & al maner of wormes that crepe vpon the erth in their kynde, & al maner of byrdes in there kynde, & all maner of foules what soeuer had feders. Genesis 7:15 And they came vnto Noe into þe arcke by couples, of al flesh þt had breth of lyfe in it. Genesis 7:16 And they that came, came male & female of euery flesh acordyng as God commaunded him: & the Lorde shut the dore vpon hym.

The beginning, increase, and continuance of the flood.

Genesis 7:17 And the floud came .xl. dayes and .xl. nyghtes vpon the erth, & the water increased & bare vp the arcke, & it was lyfte vp from of the erth. Genesis 7:18 And the water preuayled & increased exceadingly vpon the erth: & the arcke went vpon the toppe of the waters. Genesis 7:19 And the waters preuailed excedingly aboue mesure vpon the erth, so that all the hye hylles whych are vnder all the partes of heauen were couered Genesis 7:20 euen .xv. cubytes hye preuayled the waters, so that the hylles were couered. Genesis 7:21 And all flesh that moued on the erth, both birdes, catell and beastes perysshed, with al that crepte on the erth and al men: Genesis 7:22 so that al that had the breth of lyfe in the nostrels of it thorow out all that was on drye lande, dyed. Genesis 7:23 Thus was destroyed al that was vpon the erth, both man, beastes, wormes and foules of the ayre, so that they were destroyed from the erth: saue Noe was reserued onlye and they that were with him in the arck. Genesis 7:24 And the waters preuayled vpon the erth an hundred and .l. dayes.

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