Matthew Bible

Genesis 33

The kindness of Jacob and Esau at their meeting.

Genesis 33:1 Iacob lift vp hys eyes & sawe hys brother Esau come, & wyth hym .iiij. hundred men. And he deuided the chyldren vnto Lea and vnto Rahell, and vnto the two maydens. Genesis 33:2 And he put the maydens and theyr chyldren formost, & Lea & hir children after, & Rahell & Iosephe hindermost. Genesis 33:3 And he went before them & fell on the ground .vij. times, vntyll he came vnto hys brother. Genesis 33:4 Esau ranne to mete hym & enbraced hym and fell on his necke & kissed hym, and they wepte. Genesis 33:5 And he lyfte vp hys eyes & sawe the wyues & theyr chyldren, & said: what are these which thou there hast? And he sayd they are the children which god hath geuen thy seruaunt Genesis 33:6 Then came the maydens forthe, & dyd theyr obeysaunce. Genesis 33:7 Lea also & hir chyldren came and dyd theyr obeysaunce. And laste of all came Ioseph & Rahel and dyd theyr obeysaunce. Genesis 33:8 And he sayed: what meanest thou wt all the drooues which I mette. And he answered: to fynd grace in the syghte of my Lorde. Genesis 33:9 And Esau saied: I haue inough my brother, kepe that þu hast vnto thy selfe. Genesis 33:10 Iacob answered: Oh naye, but if I haue founde grace in thy syght, receyue my presente of my hande: for I haue sene thy face as though I had sene the face of god: Genesis 33:11 wherfore receiue me to grace & take my blessinge that I haue brought the, for god hath geuen it me. And I haue inough of al thinges. And so he compelled him to take it. Genesis 33:12 And he sayd: let vs take our iourney, and goo, and I wyll go in thy company. Genesis 33:13 And he said vnto him: my lord knoweth that I haue tender children, ewes, & kine with yong, vnder myne hand, whych if men shoulde ouerdriue but euen one day, the whole flocke wold dye. Genesis 33:14 Let my Lord therfore go before his seruaunte, and I wyl dryue fayre and softly, accordyng as the cattell that goth before me, & the chyldren, be able to endure: vntyll I come to my Lord vnto Seir. Genesis 33:15 And Esau said: let me yet leaue some of my folke with the. And he sayed: what neadeth it? let me find grace in the syght of my Lord.

Genesis 33:16 So Esau wente his waye agayne that same daye vnto Seyr.

Jacob cometh to Succoth.

Genesis 33:17 And Iacob toke hys iourney toward Sucoth, and built him a house, and made boothes for hys catell: wherof the name of the place is called Sucoth.

At Shalem he buyeth a field, and buildeth an altar called El-elohe-Israel.

Genesis 33:18 And Iacob came peasably into the cytye of Sichem in the Lande of Canaan, after that he was come from Messopotamia, & pytched before the citye, Genesis 33:19 & bought a percel of ground wher he pytched hys tent, of the chyldren of Hemor Sichems father, for an hundred lambes. Genesis 33:20 And he made ther an aulter, & there called vpon the myghty God of Israel.

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