Matthew Bible

Genesis 10

The generations of Noah.

Genesis 10:1 These are the generations, of the sonnes of Noe: of Sem Ham, and Iapheth, which begat them children after the floude.

The sons of Japheth.

Genesis 10:2 The sonnes of Iapheth were: Gomyr, Magog, Madai, Iauan, Tuball, Mesech, & Thyras. Genesis 10:3 And the sonnes of Gomyr were Ascenas, Riphat and Togarma. Genesis 10:4 And the sonnes of Iauan were: Elisa Tharsis, Cithim, and Dodanim. Genesis 10:5 Of these came the Isles of the Gentils in theyr countryes, euery man in hys speach kynred, & nation.

The sons of Ham.

Genesis 10:6 The sonnes of Ham were: Chus, Misraim, Phut, & Canaan. Genesis 10:7 The sonns of Chus were Seba, Heuyla, Sabta, Rayma, and Sabtema. And the sonnes of Rayma were: Sheba, & Dedan.

Nimrod the first monarch.

Genesis 10:8 Thus also begat Nemrod which began to be myghty in þe earth. Genesis 10:9 He was a myghty hunter in the syghte of the Lorde: Wherof came þe prouerbe: he is as Nemrod that myghty hunter in the syght of the Lord. Genesis 10:10 And the begynnyng of hys kyngdome was Babell, Erech, Achad, & Chalne in the lande of Synear: Genesis 10:11 Oute of that land came Assur, & builded Niniue, & the citye Rehoboth, & Calah, Genesis 10:12 and Ressen betwene Niniue & Calah. That is a greate cytye. Genesis 10:13 And Mizrim begat Ludim, Enamim, Leabim, Naphtuhim, Genesis 10:14 Pathrusim, & Casluhim: from whence came the Philystyns, and the Capththerynes.

Genesis 10:15 Canaan also begat Zidon hys eldest sonne & Heth, Genesis 10:16 Iebusi, Emori, Girgosi, Genesis 10:17 Him, Arki. Sini, Genesis 10:18 Aruadi, Zemari, & Harmati. And afterward sprange the kinreds of the Cananites. Genesis 10:19 And the costes of the Cananites were from Sydon tyll thou come to Gerara & to Asa, & tyl thou come to Sodoma, Gomorra, Adama, Zeboim, euen vnto Lasa. Genesis 10:20 These were the chyldren of Ham in theyr kynredes, tonges, Landes, and nations.

The sons of Shem.

Genesis 10:21 And Sem the father of all the chyldren of Eber, & the eldeste brother of Iapheth begat children also. Genesis 10:22 And his sonnes were Elam, Assur, Arphachsad, Lud & Aram. Genesis 10:23 And the children of Aram were: Vr, Hul, Gether & Mas. Genesis 10:24 And Arphachsad begat Sala, & Sala begat Eber. Genesis 10:25 And Eber begat two sonnes. The name of the one was Peleg, for in his time the earth was deuided. And the name of his brother was Iaketan. Genesis 10:26 Iaketan begat Almodad, Saleph, Hyzarmoneth, Iarah, Genesis 10:27 Hadoram, Vsall, Dikela, Genesis 10:28 Obal, Abimael, Seba, Genesis 10:29 Ophir, Henila & Iobab. Al these are tho sonnes of Iaketan. Genesis 10:30 And the dwellynge of them was from Mesa vntyl thou come vnto Sephara a mountayne of the east lande. Genesis 10:31 These are the sonnes of Sem in their kinredes, languages, contryes, and nations. Genesis 10:32 These are the kinredes of the sonnes of Noe, in their generations & nations. And of these came the People that were in the worlde after the floude.

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